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Yesterday was our office holiday potluck, which meant I spent the entire day eating. Eating crepes for breakfast, piles of carbs for lunch, and then dessert. Thus, I crashed at 9:30 after I was able to roll myself into bed, and still feel like a truck full of sugar ran over me. Thankfully, since it was an at-work event, alcohol was understandably not allowed, which was the only saving grace to me not falling asleep under my desk at 3pm. This is what the holiday season is all about, right? And I forget every year to pace myself.

For the past two years, Boyfriend I would spend some time around New Year’s Eve down in Brigantine, NJ. This year we won’t be, and frankly I have no idea what we’re doing for the festivities (pacing myself!), but you’ll be interested to know that my abject hatred for the beach (sun! sand! hell!) doesn’t extend to the winter. I love the beach in the winter. It’s cold! There are no people! I can wear as many layers as I want! I have some really fond memories of walking Fitz along the beach in the early morning (okay, this is a lie, I might have watched Boyfriend walk Fitz along the beach in the early morning from the comfort of the balcony) and the icy chill in the air and the sound of the ocean uninterrupted by screaming children. The fog, the sea foam, the wind.

So when I saw this picture, my heart leapt a little bit. It captures that memory perfectly, and I couldn’t resist using it for a new Like a Picture.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

“Rust” might be my new favorite color. I even love the way the word sounds. Rust. It sounds moody and full, and yes, this is my delirium speaking. I wonder how many more of these series I can come up with. The possibilities seem endless.

8 thoughts on “Like a Picture

  1. You should come see us! We’d have to drive, but we have a beach very near by… So ha. What’s funnier is that the first time or two I looked at that photo, I thought the woman was facing the camera and therefore being all moody and difficult and goth. When I realized that she was facing the camera and that the photographer just caught her pulling her hair back as she stared at the sea, I liked her much better.

  2. Being in Florida, I am totally over the beach. I remember when we first moved down here we lived 5 minutes from the beach and would go every weekend. But it never felt the same as Point Pleasant, the beach that we always went to growing up. I am totally with you, the beach in winter is something I couldn’t get sick of. The beach in Florida in the perpetual summer, I’m over it.

    1. Yelle let’s trade places- I live about 1.5 hours from Point Pleasant but still, you won’t hit up any traffic in the Winter- I promise :-)

  3. strangely i have to agree. though i do love the sun and warmth because i hate being cold – it’s one of those deductive argument type things. but the beach here is never warm in the summer, it’s not tropical or beachy in the least. it’s windy and the sand blows up and around you and feels like little glass shards. i can never look at my surrounding to enjoy them because i am huddled into myself protecting my eyes. but in the winter, it’s dark and stormy and moody and all those winds make sense. it feels all nautical and timeless. thus the only time i ever want to go to the beach is in the winter. maybe it’s also because it’s not weird if i stay in my hotel room the whole time and just look at the beach??

  4. “I love the beach in the winter. It’s cold! There are no people! I can wear as many layers as I want!”

    we are actually twins… this is getting ridiculous… those words up there (yes, the ones directly above these ones i’m typing now), well they could have come from my own chubby fingers swooshing across my own crumb-infested keyboard…

    it’s like you’re in my head…


    (p.s. love today’s colours)

  5. Of course, I have to agree with you regarding the beach during the winter. It’s so moody and full of angst. Though, I have to admit, I don’t actually go out to the beach during the winter. I suppose I like the idea of it. ;) I really love this Like a Picture. Like you, I’m loving brown/rust/wood/gold/brass and black together. The color black can really do no wrong in my book.

  6. Erin- You actually HATE the beach? I really must get you to change your mind about this. I’ve never heard of anyone who HATES it. I think there must be some deep-rooted issue there, but it’s okay. I won’t push it. You would fall in love with our little beach town if ever visited. The beach is wonderful anytime of year, but yes lovely in the winter. I agree.
    We can talk about color another time. xo Teri

  7. I really do like that picture – rust may be one of my favourite colours, only because it’s pretty much the identical twin of burnt orange

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