Gift Guide: Color

This is something I’ve mentioned before, but I am basically allergic to color. As colorful as I get is navy blue. And even then I start to worry people are staring. I like black, gray, and white. Hence last week’s Gift Guide in all monochrome. Today’s Gift Guide is the complete opposite, and despite the fact that I started breaking out in hives, I sort of love everything on the list. Nothing is overtly flashy or tacky (the two things I assume colors are, ha), and almost everything is under $50. Damn Diptyque candles, being so pretty and pricey.

1. Bookends / 2. Pink Salt / 3. Blanket / 4. Book / 5. Ring / 6. Candle /
7. Gin / 8. Serving Spoons / 9. Vase / 10. Perfume / 11. Colored Pencils

All of these gifts are practical (well, okay. Gold pig bookends and giant pink plastic serving spoons might not qualify as a necessity) and fun. When in doubt, give a handle of my favorite gin (distilled in Philly!). Are you done all your Christmas shopping? I wrapped everything last night while Fitz stood by helping/shedding on everything. Apologies in advance if your present includes rogue dog hair.

Tonight is my office Christmas party (at the Ritz!) and tomorrow night is Boyfriend’s. Last year, my company gave away door-prizes in a raffle, including a flat screen tv, several iPads, game systems, and Amex gift cards. MAMA WANTS TO WIN. Sunday I’m having brunch with Aisling and Audrey (who insists on commenting here as “Gary Oldman” so that every time I get an email alerting me to a new comment my heart stops beating) at the same place Aisling and I went before. I love the holidays. Have a great weekend, everyone! What are you up to?

12 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Color

  1. I haven’t bought one present yet! duh. I’ve not even written a list. But I have bought some pussy willow. The name of which makes me snigger.

    Have a lovely weekend I like that yellow blanket x

  2. I rarely like everything on gift guides, but this one takes the cake. I would use EVERYTHING on this post.

  3. i like everything on here. i really love color, i just don’t know how to use it very well with it feeling cluttered. i love those piggy bookends and gold can slide as a non-color too : ) i would for sure wear that yellow scarf, it looks so soft and i love a good muted yellow that is not hideous, it’s a difficult color to achieve.

    i hope you have a good weekend and win lots of tvs and ipads. i loooove working from home but i do miss things that i thought i hated before like, secret santas and holiday parties. oh, and leaving work was awesome too ; ) i will be working all weekend a few more 15 hour days and i think i will be ready for that gin bottle and singing of christmas songs. xoxo (have fun tonight!)

  4. i just about peed my pants… do your friends really comment as ‘gary oldman’ just to get your motor humming? oh, that cracks me up humongously… that has made my day!!! that beats my hiding behind doors to scare the crap out of my boyfriend when he comes home from work on a night! and annie, funny you should mention pussy willow & sniggering as i was going to use that very term this week in someone’s comment box and stopped myself because it made me snigger too! how very childish of us both (snigger, snigger, snigger!!!)

  5. Of course, I love all the things you selected. For whatever reason, I love the most impractical thing on this guide – the gold pig book ends. I really am waiting for my current obsession with gold to stop. (Anytime, Au.) The colored pencil set is so pretty.
    Your weekend sounds fun! Two parties and brunch with Gary Oldman? I mean, that’s the pinnacle right there. Wish we could see you all dolled up. Have so much, Erin! Keeping my fingers crossed that you win a big prize.

  6. I am one of those that is allergic to color as well. I think it stems from when I was a hair dresser and black was the safest color to where in a salon. And good luck tonight! May your win EVERYTHING. I really hope you do!

  7. Hey girlie. All this news has me feeling so, so blue, but your post cheered me immeasurably. That and the fact that I think Christine is my new twin. Please win lots tonight, and don’t drink so much that you can’t have fun at brunch! Also, pink salt and pink serving spoons: pink perfection!

  8. Heather grey and navy are my go to’s. But even I have a few things in my closet that I’m sure would make your head implode (signal red tank top, anyone?)
    Can’t wait to hear all about the party/parties!

  9. Loving your picks Erin. I’d love that vase, got my eye on it already! And I purchased the candle at the weekend when hubs and I stayed over with Annie.

    Soz for being slow to comment but I hope you had a lovely time at your Christmas do. With just two of us full time in our business and being married, do’s are non-existent. BUT, if we did have one, I’d be happy to go home with the boss ;-) x

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