Gift Guide: Black & White

Tis the season! Every Friday between now and Christmas, I’ll post a gift-guide round-up. Last year I rolled it into my normal Friday Fives, but this year I apparently have my eye on a lot more stuff, so 5 things wasn’t just going to cut it. Here’s the first in the series: Black & White. Have a monochromatic holiday season.

1. Calendar / 2. Glasses / 3. Blanket / 4. Candle / 5. Folio / 6. Gin
7. Book / 8. Radio / 9. Print / 10. Shampoo / 11. Bag

I wouldn’t particularly mind if that calendar or glasses showed up under my Christmas tree, which!, by the way!, I’m picking up tomorrow. Today though, I’m spending the day baking with my Mommom. It’s a tradition. We spend one entire day each December baking Christmas cookies (yes, my Jewish grandmother is in charge of baking all the Christmas cookies). I wrote about it last year but shamefully didn’t take any pictures (even though I said “n between baking and decorating I’ll be taking lots of pictures, trying not to get flour all over my camera.” LIES). This year, I will be. We make thousands. I’m so excited to skip a day of work and hang out with the sassiest lady I know, eating sweetened carbohydrates. What are you up to this weekend?

14 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Black & White

  1. I wouldn’t mind those glasses too, and the print – how much fun is that?! My fave is the bag, that’s gorgeous. I’ve got a bag (well a few options) on my list to Father Christmas, I’ve been waiting very patiently to hand it over to hubby when he returns tomorrow from over your side of the pond :-)

    Have fun baking those cookies, we look forward to seeing the results. Happy weekend xx

  2. That’s a lovely idea for a day off – I need to find more cookie recipes so if you have some favourites, pass them on this way. PS – Really love those glasses as well. My place is not chic enough for them though :(

  3. well, i pretty much love everything on here. oh dear my list is getting ridiculously long but i forgot i really wanted that tom ford book. i want that calendar now too.

    how fun does your day sound?! that is so great. i DO hope you take lots of pictures. this weekend i will be working, working, working and watching lots of christmas movies and other random tv marathons i am sure. oh and i have to put up my tree. damn fake tree it just feels like a “wah wah” afterthought. getting your tree from your storage locker just doesn’t have that “ooooo” vibe tree trimming is suppose to have. next year, real tree. have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. glorious, is this the grandmother who gets cranky without coffee? love it! i wouldn’t kick those glasses, the radio or the print out of my christmas morning bed! can’t go wrong with a bit of b&w!

  5. Ok, just put all those items in a box and send them over. I’ll have my assistant call your assistant.
    Baking cookies all day with your mom sounds like barrels of fun, not to mention yummy. Just send a couple my way when you’re done. My address is …
    In all seriousness, have a blast today and the rest of the weekend, Erin! Happy Hanukkah! I’ve got to get some holiday happiness happening in our house, so that’s where you’ll find me, making a general mess and decorating. Cheers!

  6. I’ll take one of everything from your round up, pretty please! Love black and white…I will be painting our new bathrooms this weekend, not sure about the exact color yet but it will be some kind of gray. It fits right with today’s black & white theme because so far both rooms are black and white only ;) Have a great weekend!

  7. with the exception of the ikea blanket (only because I already own it!) I want ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! esp. that print! well done erin!

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