Friday Five, Best of 2012

So apparently it’s the end of 2012? I don’t know how this happened. I’m half-tempted to stomp my feet about it and put up a fight; wasn’t it just May? But as this is the last Friday of the year, today’s Friday Five will be (as you could guess from the title) my 5 favorite highlights from the past year. I did the same thing last year, too. It might have flown by in a flash, but this year was chock-full of absolutely incredible experiences. Without further ado:

1. I went to Belgium! / 2. And Paris! / 3. AND I MET GARY OLDMAN THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS! /
4. I’m writing a book! / 5. I blogged every day for the whole year!

I can safely say this year was all sorts of amazing. I visited Belgium (and fell madly in love with the Flemish-speaking side of the world, to the point that Boyfriend and I agreed it would be awesome to own a house in Ghent one day) and Paris (this needs no explanation other than to say that if Paris ceased to exist, I would, too). What else? I MET GARY OLDMAN, thus fulfilling my life’s mission to successfully stalk him down and tell him I loved him (the year would have been better if by some stroke of magic Gary Oldman told me he loved me, too). I also started writing a book! I’ve never written 16,000 words of anything before, and there are still thousands more to come. I keep thinking that if I don’t get it all down on paper immediately, it will disappear from my brain, but every time I sit down to write, the entire story is still there. Fully formed, waiting to be translated into words. As much as I love Paris, my happy place this year has been sitting at my little desk, typing away for hours on this story.

And yes, I put my own blog on the list because (barring some freak accident over the weekend that prevents me from blogging on Monday) this year I will have blogged every single weekday. I made a commitment to do that at the beginning of the year, and while it wasn’t always easy or fun to feel obligated to churn a post out (especially when I wasn’t feeling creative or talkative, see: yesterday), it has been seriously rewarding in ways I never thought possible. This year I fostered new friendships and blog connections, and I’m grateful for every single one of you. Taking the time to read here, to comment, to be involved, to care about my materialistic blabber. So yeah, my own blog was a highlight, but so were each of yours. Will I blog every day next year? Hopefully! It was a fun accomplishment, and it’s something I want to cross off my 26 in 26 list.

What are your top five of this year? Any personal goals you checked off? Fun celebrity encounters? Have a wonderful weekend, kiddos.

26 thoughts on “Friday Five, Best of 2012

  1. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing year! I still think it’s so great that you were able to track down GO. Kudos for blogging every weekday and starting to write your book. I managed to almost double my posts this year, tried to post three times a week. Maybe I should up the ante and go for 5 posts a week for 2013…

    Have a great start into the new year and may it be equally amazing or even better than 2012! Here is to a great new year!

    1. Thank you Nina! I hope I can track down GO again in 2013 and make him love me ;) Kidding! Kind of. Here’s to a great 2013! Can’t wait to see what it brings you. xo

  2. Your top five is really good, Paris, Belgium, writing a book . . . I think I need to make a goal/resolution to be able to come up with a top 5 for 2013! I just can’t think of what I would add to my top 5 for this year – it was a good year but not groundbreaking or too exciting, though that can be a good thing!

    Have a lovely weekend. (I hope you continue blogging 5 days a week!!)

    1. Sometimes nothing off-the-charts is a good thing! Because I did have some off-the-charts BAD experiences this year too! Paying through the nose for a useless endoscopy would be one of them. I’ll take a quiet year over a crazy one any day :) Here’s to 2013 and I’m so happy to be able to “share” it with you, lovely. xo

  3. This list is amazing, Erin. My favorite part is the fact that we all got the wonderful opportunity to travel the journey with you. Sappy? I guess, but I mean it. 2012 has been a great year, for sure. I will have to think about my own top five. Though, I’m certain this crazy blogging journey will make the list. You have a great weekend too, Erin. You’ve earned it!

    1. Sappy? Never! I’m beyond thrilled to have had you along for the ride, each step of the journey. It’s been a great year, hasn’t it? You’ve done some awesome traveling this year, too! I hope 2013 brings you tons more happiness and lots of adventures. Can’t wait to read all about it. xo

  4. I didn’t even realize that you’ve been posting every weekday! I guess I just like every post that much! Paris two years in a row is a dream!

    1. Aw, you’re so sweet! Glad my daily ramblings didn’t burn you out ;) And yes, Paris two years in a row is such a treat, I’m phenomenally grateful to be able to have that opportunity. My goal is to be able to do it every year (ambitious and spoiled, I know!) for as long as I can afford it. Otherwise, why am I working so hard, you know? Happy 2013, Yelle! I’m so happy we found each other this year. xo

  5. What an amazing year you’ve had ducky! I’m so glad to have read along (almost glad enough to not be miffed that meeting us didn’t get a mention, ahem) and been with you for every amazing event. I can’t wait for 2013, just can’t wait. I think even greater things are in store. XOXO

    1. Well DUH of course that was a highlight. That was such a special weekend and it has to be repeated in 2013 or I’m going to throw a fit. Maybe I’ll come to YOU this time?? Anything is possible. Here’s to a wonderful new year! xo

    1. Thank you, sweet thing! Here’s to an amazing 2013 and all it entails. Can’t wait to read all about your adventures! xo

  6. Hi Erin,

    I found you through Ashley’s Favorite Things link up! Looks like you had an amazing year this year, as did I! I’m hoping next year will be just as great!

    I love your blog and writing style and look forward to reading more, take care :) and happy new year!!!

    1. Man, that blog-link-up is awesome! I’m meeting all sorts of new, fun people! I hope you had a wonderful New Year, Nicole! Thanks for stopping by :) xo

  7. Erin, no one I know has a celebrity encounter (and picture) that beats yours. :) It has been a real pleasure reading your blog this year!

    1. Hahaha, thanks girl. It’s my crowning achievement thus far in my life, I have to be honest ;) xo

  8. The husband and I are going to Belgium and Paris later this year! So glad you loved it!! Good luck with your book and Happy New Year!!

    1. You are going to LOVE IT. Belgium is such an amazing, underrated country. I can’t wait to go back! Make sure to take lots of pictures and I can’t wait to read all about it! xo

    1. Aw, thanks Carrie! Don’t be jealous, just make sure to do lots of fun stuff in 2013! :) xo

  9. Well done dear! I’m very proud of you, can’t believe you didn’t miss a day you nutter. Every day we get to know you a little bit more and that is a privilege indeed xxx

  10. Well done you! That’s an amazing achievement, you have a lot of discipline. Here’s to more posts everyday in 2013.

    BTW I’m going to ignore the fact that our meeting was not in the top 5 (sorry Lauren). Oooops looks like I just stopped ignoring it, ha!


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