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I’ve mentioned many times my musical ineptitude, but the story behind today’s Tuesday Tunes makes me look even worse, in a funny way. The other day at work, I was checking out Young House Love, specifically this adorable video of their daughter Clara dancing better than I ever have. I was struck immediately by the music in the video. It was the end of the day and it was only me, Herbie, and Brett left in the office. That’s important to mention because those two have an extensive music collection between the two of them, and both have significantly better taste in tunes than I do. Case in point: I’ve apparently been living under a rock the past 6 years while the indie duo Matt & Kim have been making music and, you know, generally being amazing. So impressed with myself for finding a new song and thinking Matt & Kim were some brand new artist, I pop up out of my cube, throw my hand jauntily on my hip and ask the boys, “Have you guys heard of a band called Matt & Kim?!” Oh, the pitying stares I received. There was a pause while they both surveyed me to see if I was being facetious, and then they both asked varying versions of the same question: “You’re just now hearing about Matt & Kim?” Cue the next half hour of, “Have you heard of this really awesome band, _____?” only they’d fill it in with obvious choices. Though I shouldn’t say obvious because again, I live in a tiny little impenetrable bubble where I only have 9 albums on my iPod, and 4 are by Keane.


Here is today’s song, courtesy of my cluelessness.

Come on. The beat in this song is amazing. I’ve listened to it approximately 45 times since discovering it. Aren’t they just the cutest band in the world? What other bands have I completely missed? What are you listening to this week?

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Yay! I listen to their song “Yeah Yeah” on my running playlist. Basically they just say YEAH YEAH yeah yeah YEAH YEAH yeah yeah over and over, with a perfect sprint beat. Funnest!

    Also, if you like them, you might like Mates of State. They’re married, and when they play (him on drums, her on rockin’ Casios) they look at each other and smile and stuff, too cute. And harmonies! And both with sculptural cheekbones! Sigh.

  2. ok, well i guess i live under a rock too because this is the first time that i am hearing of them. it’s a hierarchy of coolness/those-in-the-know, herbie and brett are on the top, you in the middle and me on the very bottom ; ) but i could move myself up by further passing this info on to someone else who doesn’t know – then you will move up too. ps, i like it.

  3. Sweet song. I have never heard of them either. Hey, this rock we’re all living under is a pretty happening place. ;) I bet Herbie and Brett don’t know of Young House Love. Ok, I admit, that’s not on the same level. But, still. This whole post reminded me that I haven’t listened to The XX in awhile. Off I go…Thank you, DJ E.

  4. This week – I’m already listening to jazz in prep for Thanksgiving! That’s our family’s soundtrack for T-Day: Frank Sinatra and Sonny Rollins. Although… I will now take the time to just walk away and not mention how I’ve known about Matt + Kim for years now and have had 2 opportunities to see the live but passed up both.. I’m walking away..

  5. I didn’t know the band or the song before either. Guess that rock we’ve been living under is pretty big ;) Thanks for introducing me to them! Always look for new bands to listen to…

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