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I’ll tell you up front that you are really lucky I stumbled across this song, because I saved you from what I was going to post (this throwback, (un?)surprisingly sexual boy-band song from like, 2002). I went out for happy hour last week and the bar had this Massive Attack song playing. Being as I’m always on the hunt for new, non-embarrassing music, I asked the bartender who the band was. I know it’s the height of un-cool to not know every hip band, but you forget I once lost my shit over George Michael’s eyebrows. And Ace of Base.

And of course, I would be remiss to let today pass without noting its significance. Today is election day. Voting is such an important right, I don’t care who you vote for (okay, that’s a lie, I totally care, don’t be an asshole and vote for the rich white guy who doesn’t care about 47% of this country) as long as you get out and vote. My earliest memories are of standing in the voting booth with my mom and having her stress the importance of using our voice as women. I’ve refrained from getting political on my blog because that’s not what it’s about, but today is a monumentally important day in this country’s history. I am voting for Barack Obama, because I have a uterus and a conscience and because I am phenomenally better off now than I was 4 years ago. I am grateful for what he has accomplished in the last 4 years and excited about what he can do in another 4. And because of the Affordable Care Act, I cannot be denied health insurance because of a weird esophageal disorder I didn’t know I had. Because of Obamacare, a friend of mine undergoing chemotherapy can’t be denied coverage or capped at a lifetime benefit. I am pro-choice, pro-gay rights, and pro-not-being-a-Republican. How could you vote for a party that has tried to define “legitimate rape” and said “rape babies are a gift from God” as a means to legislate morality from a fictional book about a mythical man in the sky and chip away at my reproductive rights? I can’t, not in good faith. I don’t believe in God. I certainly don’t want a President who would force his God into my everyday life, or worse, into my body. That’s what this election has become. The economy matters little to me if old religious men can tell me I have to carry a rape baby to term. And for that, I’m voting for Obama.

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  1. Sing it, sister. I love it. Love your liberal rage. When did “liberal” become a bad word? Hate that. We voted first thing this morning, and I’m always so very proud to do that. Behind us in line were two women who were voting for the first time. Now *that* was exciting. I saw a video of how Obama started on his “Fired up! Ready to go!” And I watched it with tears streaming from my eyes. That’s how I feel. Fired up and ready to go.

    1. Pretty sure “liberal” became a “bad word” around the same time racist, old white folks decided to bastardize “Tea Party” and claim it was patriotism instead of bigotry.

  2. First let me just say that Ace of Base was awesome. They had some beats going on. I think it may have been the same beat for all of their songs, but it didn’t matter because it was that good.

    Second, why do you always make me feel crying? You are a beautiful writer and person and I agree with all you said and definitely couldn’t have said it better myself. (personally i am just afraid of the rage that will boil inside me if anyone disagrees with this opinion and I will toil over “how?” and “why” and “they seems so normal and sweet” for days on end.) I love that photo by the way. I also love that Obama loves his wife and family and never talks negatively about them (like some people…) treats her as an equal, makes time for his children. I think in and of itself is so very valuable for this country! xoxo crossing my fingers!

    1. Oh, Christine, you wonderful woman. You made me so teary-eyed! Not about Ace of Base (though I’m SO HAPPY to have someone else understand my obsession!). You’re right, the way he treats his wife and daughters is so telling about the kind of man he is, and the kind of leader he is. In his speech last night he said, “Michelle, I’ve never loved you more” and went on to say that he’s been so happy to watch the nation fall in love with her, too. I love the way they love each other. It’s inspiring to see. We did it, C! xoxo

    1. This warms my heart. Thank you for raising me right, for teaching me about the value of my voice, the strength of my body, and to never, ever vote for some rich white asshole who preaches about rape babies. Thank you for canvassing tirelessly over the past few weeks and for working the polls yesterday. We did it, mama.

  3. Love that your momma comments! I totally agree with two things:
    1. I don’t care who you vote for (okay, that’s a lie, I totally care, don’t be an asshole and vote for the rich white guy who doesn’t care about 47% of this country)
    2. I am voting for Barack Obama, because I have a uterus and a conscience and because I am phenomenally better off now than I was 4 years ago.

    And I will add I am voting for the one that cares about the majority of my friends, gays and students. I couldn’t finish college without a president like Obama who pushes for more government grants. Glad to be a part of his election!

    1. Teehee, my mom is my biggest fan, not gonna lie. It’s cool, I’m almost 26 and I still call my mom Mommy. Ain’t no shame! I’m so happy to have such supportive, like-minded friends like you, girl. I have too many gay and lesbian friends and too many intelligent friends to do them a disservice. So proud of the road we’re on! xoxo

  4. You go girl, Obama woop woop! The election has had so much airtime here in the UK and a lot of it given to that wally Mitt. I’m glad you all saved the day :-) Congratulations.

    BTW I love Massive Attack, their Blue Lines album plays regularly at my desk x

    1. HA! “That wally Mitt.” I can’t believe the election got so much coverage across the pond! Saner heads prevailed yesterday, thankfully, but we’re still one very divided nation. So cool you listen to Massive Attack! I’ll have to pick up that album you mentioned, I needed a good place to start! Thanks, lovely! xoxo

    1. Atta girl! So nice they made concessions for Sandy-affected voters. And happy you had power to watch the coverage last night!

  5. I don’t know which to address first; I’m so excited on many levels.
    Ok, the serious stuff first, thank you for writing this post…For summing up exactly why Obama won last night. The rhetoric and hate that comes from the other side makes me incredibly sad. Now that the President has four more years and no re-election to worry about, I hope he wrecks shop. “Fired up. Ready to go!” Get it done, Mr. President!
    I L.O.V.E. Massive Attack. Right up there with Portishead. Glad you found them. You must listen to Live with Me, Teardrop, and Unfinished Symphony.
    PS~Sorry I didn’t pop by yesterday. I was getting drunk on the election and macarons, which I know you totally understand! ;)

  6. I’m so proud of you for writing this post and making it clear when you stand on such things. I just cannot understand why any woman, unless she is a crazy Christian, would vote for the republicans with their repugnant misogyny. Good for you xxx Yeay we’re all so pleased over there that Obama got in! x

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