Have you ever played Tangoes? It’s sometimes called Tangrams. It’s an ancient Chinese logic game my dad and I used to play all the time and something I found over the weekend while cleaning. Talk about a flood of memories. The cards have different shapes on them, and you have to recreate them using little plastic triangles (his version had two sets of pieces, one red, one black). Needless to say, he beat me every time.

I completely cheated on this one and used the solution on the back of the card to help me out. Look, it’s been years since I’ve played and my brain isn’t what it used to be. I blame the internet. I played for a while the other night and managed to get into a good rhythm, but then couldn’t figure out how to put all the pieces back in the case. They’re supposed to make a square. Unfortunately, there are no cheating instructions for that, and I ended up laughing by myself, knowing my dad was somewhere laughing at me, too.

I think I’ll buy a set for my nieces for Christmas, though I’m sure they won’t have any interest. At 8, my oldest niece already has a Kindle Fire, a Nintendo DS, a point-and-shoot camera, and is asking for an iPod touch for Christmas. Kids these days…


6 thoughts on “Tangoes

  1. i want to play that game right now. how have i not heard of this? well, i shall be breaking my no shopping-big-stores-this-weekend rule and getting on amazon to get one of these mind games (the great thing about having kids is you can buy “them” stuff you want. and then force them to play with you), hahahaha. have you ever played “set?” it kind of reminds me of that. it’s a “fun” one too ; ) hope you had a most fabulous day yesterday!

  2. what a cool game… i love that it makes you use the grey matter! we used to play card games & my parents were into dominoes (especially my dad), but i couldn’t get into that as much :) i think i need to get me a couple of games like this to play on a friday night with the boy in front of a roaring fire, glass of wine in hand!

  3. My daughter would absolutely love this – she’s mad about puzzles – but the best thing about this one is that The Hubster and I would really enjoy too.

    Scrabble was the intellectual “family game” of choice in our household as a child. TV was limited to educational programmes only and we had to write essays on topics my Dad chose once a week. Aaaah, simpler times …….. *glazes over*

    L has never watched TV or played with/on my iPad,etc. and I don’t foresee us caving in to pressure from her for the latest “it” gadget. Didn’t do me any harm! :D

    P.S. I love reading about your memories of your Dad – he sounds like he was a lot of fun. :) xo

  4. Oooh I’ve never heard of those but they look fun. We’d like those I think.
    I can remember my parents having Mah Jong parties. Oh the glamour! xx

  5. I’ve never heard of this game. I think I would really like it. I do enjoy puzzles. You’re right, kids ARE so connected these days. Maybe you can be the aunt that plays old school games with them. Even if they only last for five minutes, at least you tried. T&E have just started liking board games, and it’s fun playing all these old school games again.

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