Sunday Brunch

The most revered of weekly rituals, Sunday Brunch is like my religion. And like most observations of faith, I’m rarely up in time to experience it. But when my lovely friend Aisling suggested we meet on Sunday to have brunch and do some shopping, I couldn’t say no. We had walked by this adorable cafe a few weeks before and I’m so happy we made it a point to go in and enjoy a sun-soaked meal. La Petite Dauphine is simple in its decor (black ceiling, white walls, stark decorations save for the table of French magazines by the door) and menu offerings (certainly don’t come here looking for something greasy or Americanized like pancakes) but it gets it right in every other way. The service is laid back (they are French, after all) but sweet, and despite the line of patrons queuing by the door, we were never once rushed. We both ordered a large pot of tea (white peony for me and peach apricot for her) and stuffed ourselves on French carbs.

I had a croissant and then smoked salmon with capers, red onion, and toasted brioche, and Aisling had the largest omelet I’ve ever seen, stuffed with brie and asparagus, with toast and butter and preserves. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos our food, as we were too busy eating and gabbing. We each had four cups of tea and made out for under $20 a person with tip. La Petite Dauphine’s website promised macarons, but I sadly didn’t see any in the cafe. Either they didn’t have them or my macaron-radar is broken. Afterwards we made the rounds to Barney’s Coop, J. Crew, and Paper Source. It was a totally restorative afternoon; thanks for planning, A!

Aisling and I are going to organize a girl’s outing for their afternoon tea service (tea sandwiches!) closer to Christmas. I can’t wait to go back.

La Petite Dauphine is located at 2029 Walnut Street /

23 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch

    1. I magically bought nothing! Well, that’s not true. I did spend like $200 at J. Crew Factory online when I got home, haha. xo

    1. Brunch is the most important meal of the day! :) I wish I was one of those wealthy women who could have brunch everyday with girlfriends at places like this. Sigh! xo

  1. Looks like my brunch heaven! Your meal sounds absolutely delicious. I haven’t had a true French croissant in a while, Floridians just don’t understand! I do like how they bring in the French culture even in the way they serve, not rushing you. I do wish we had a bit more restaurants like that here.

    1. Oh, if I had to live without good croissants for any length of time I’d throw a fit. I’m a carb-hound, and the French really get it right with their bread. I will say we are getting more and more cute options like this in Philly. Growing up here nothing like this existed! xoxo

  2. I’m calling unfair on this whole post. Wah, I want to join. Seriously, sounds and looks amazing! See, I needed your camera magic at Bottega Louie. On top of all that you went to Coop, J.Crew and Paper Source! My kind of Sunday, for shore.

    1. I did have quite the Theresa-inspired afternoon! If you ever make it over to the east coast I’ll take you here and to Parc. Parc is my go-to, haha. Just ask Lauren! And I need to visit Bottega Louie! It looked tres charmant. xo

  3. That sounds like a pretty PERFECT morning. Gulp, I visited COOP for the first time in a long time this past weekend and it inspired me to make some not-so-smart purchases

    1. Oh, Coop is so dangerous. They have so much T by Alexander Wang goodness that I’ve been eyeing. I escaped purchase-free…this time!

    1. I’ve missed you so! I hope you’ve been up to fun things offline. The white peony tea was delicious; herbal and floral without being overpowering. I pretty much will drink any tea. Except mint and chamomile (allergic!). xoxo

  4. Much as I would have liked to have seen photos of your food, I can’t say that it’s unfortunate at all that you were too busy eating and chatting to take them. I think sometimes we’re too focused on our blogs and on sharing what we did with the world that we forget to live life right now…and you didn’t! Good for you. This sounds like a divine Sunday to me (although one of my favorite brunches was at a certain Philadelphia condo, but that’s neither here nor there…).

    And I’m with Sam…how was the Peony Tea? I’d love to try that. I went to J. Crew after my Sunday brunch yesterday too. :)

    1. D’aw! That was one of my favorite brunches, too! You have to come back for a repeat ;) And I totally know what you mean about worrying about the blog. Sometimes I worry I get so caught up trying to document life I miss actually enjoying it. Not this time! But I can attest that everything was delicious. Including the tea. But I’m a humongous tea-lover, so I’m not the most critical judge. xoxo

    1. Haha, yes! That is why I love 24 diners. Breakfast anytime of day, even 4 in the afternoon! Not that I’ve slept that late, or anything….

  5. That cafe sounds fabulous! I love brunch on Sundays, it’s the best way to start the day. I can never take photos of my food because I’m always hungry and have to dig right in…Did you just do some browsing through the stores or did you walk out with something?

    1. Surprisingly I didn’t buy anything! At least until I got home and went online to J. Crew Factory, haha. I exercised some restraint. I’m with you, though, I’m always too hungry to wait once my plate arrives! xoxo

  6. What a nice place to have a brekkies. I love simple places without too much fuss. If I ever open a restaurant, the menus are gonna be printed on newspaper, dark wood and metro tiles everywhere, and plain white enamelware everything. Sorted.

    1. Umm, can I work there? Or just have a special table reserved just for me? Because that sounds like my dream restaurant. And we haven’t even gotten to the food!

  7. And like most observations of faith, I’m rarely up in time to experience it. – that’s so funny!!!
    what a lovely place. your photos are stunning. I wish I could take photos like that :(

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