Packing. Already.

I could stare at this for hours. Here’s an Erin fun-fact: my book begins on New Years in Paris, so this is particularly magical. Everything is glittering! I remember our last night in Paris in May, we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower at 11pm after dinner at an amazing restaurant Süsk recommended, La Mascotte. We took the metro from Charles de Gaulle Etoile down to the Champs de Mar station, and I remember as the train crossed the Ponte Bir-Hakeim, it was pitch black and then the Eiffel Tower just appeared, sparkling, in the window. It was just there, magically, out of no where. I wasn’t prepared for it and it knocked the wind out of me. And then we took an elevator to the top of the tower, and I panicked the entire ride because I am terrified of elevators, and Boyfriend panicked the entire time we were on the observation deck because he is afraid of heights. It went something like this: “OPEN THE DOORS OPEN THE DOORS OPEN THE DOORS.” “GET AWAY FROM THE RAILING GET AWAY FROM THE RAILING.” I can’t wait to relive that.

So because I’m super anxious (you’re talking to the girl who ironed her trench coat before the last trip) I’ve already started packing for Paris in March. I just bought a new carry-on suitcase (it’s one of those spinners you can push in any direction) and I’ve been making list after list of outfit options. I’m going with light layers because the weather could be anywhere between 45 and rainy to 60 and sunny (based on the last two years of weather records for the dates we’re going in March. Yes, I’ve done my research). I bought a new coat (in black! waterproof! with a hood! just don’t tell anyone I own something from Bebe) and have apparently become even more allergic to color than I’d thought was possible. As I type this I’m sitting in black pants and a black turtleneck. So it should be no surprise that I’ve packed the following layerable basics:

1. Turtleneck / 2. Blouse / 3. Long sleeve shirt / 4. Cardigan / 5. Dress / 6. Black skirt / 7. Maroon skirt / 8. Boots / 9. Pants / 10. Leggings / 11. Purse / 12. Tights / 13. Tights / 14. Suitcase

With the exception of the boots and the long sleeve shirt, I have everything else. I didn’t buy anything with the specific intention of wearing it in Paris (lies, but for the most part I had all of these pieces already), but because everything is simple and basic, they can be mixed and matched and layered as needed. This obviously isn’t everything, because I’m still short a few days and at least one night dinner outfit. And who knows, I might end up having to revise my entire strategy as it gets closer to our departure date (ahem, not 4 months out) and we have a better idea of the weather. I’m oddly at peace being this neurotic and over-planning months in advance. It’s how I roll. I even bought travel-size face wash and I could be ready to go by the end of the week if I had to.

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  1. My question is this. Will you not need any of these things in the next four months? I mean the suitcase, yes. But I could see all of those things becoming necessary. Are they already sitting in your suitcase? ;)

    1. I mean, I will probably need to wear those leggings or pants at some point, but I’m going to try to refrain from over-wearing them. I did buy two new pairs of good black leggings that I’m not planning on touching before the trip, though! And my suitcase is still sitting under my desk at work, haha, I haven’t brought it home yet. Once I do…consider it packed. :) xo

  2. Ha, ha I had the same thought as Lauren that you might need any of these items in the upcoming months ;) I love planning for trips too but never pack, not even mentally, until the last minute. Any of the items would look great in my closet too. Even though I am trying not to buy any clothes until the end of the year I had to click on the links for the striped turtleneck & blouse as well as the chelsea boots. Luckily the blouse is sold out in my size and boots are not clothes, right? ;)

    1. Boots are totally not clothes! You need those boots. NEED! I need those boots. We could be boot twins! Think of how chic we would look in them. And they’re functional! I’m such an enabler :) I can’t believe you don’t pack until the last minute! I’d be so anxious! Obviously. xoxo

  3. So funny. I love it, you know if being neurotic about it floats your boat pack on (it could be interpreted at excited too). Sometimes what looks more difficult to others is actually really enjoyable to you. That’s pretty much how I roll too. What? You think it’s weird that I need to vacuum real quick even though I just sat down to eat dinner? No, trust me my food will taste better and I won’t be bothering anyone with weird bird movements as I continually glance at that string on the floor and the crumb on the area rug. I swear. The elevator/observation deck made me laugh and the fact that you mentioned you are wearing a turtleneck made me giggle. xo

    1. Oh my god, Christine, I know EXACTLY what you mean about needing to clean so you can relax!! I see dirt from across the room and I cannot (CANNOT) relax until I know it’s gone. I’m on your side about this one! We had a contractor install our drum pendant light and he got finger prints all over the chrome ceiling plate. Not a big deal, only our ceilings are 12 feet tall and we can’t reach them on our own…so I stood on a chair and attached a Windex-soaked paper towel to the end of a Swiffer stick and got rid of them. THEY WERE ALL I SAW! The finger smudges haunted my life, I swear. Hahah. So maybe I’m neurotic in other ways, too :) xoxo

  4. Looks like everything that I packed for my trip to Paris in May! Love the black and white, and the one maroon skirt. Now, all you have to do it forget to pack make up and every day you will look like a Parisian!

    1. Can’t forget my red lipstick! That was a staple on my last trip. Strolling through an old castle in Belgium I still felt chic as could be :) Monochrome wardrobe is my go-to. So easy and timeless!

  5. Well, it sounds like you’re currently dressed for a heist. My kind of outfit! ;) I love the new anorak – great choice. All of these pieces are going to serve you well, mix-and-match and all that. You’re smart, and stylish. I want to pack for Paris to see how neurotic I am. As it stands, I pack for our annual trip to Hawaii, but all I need is some bathing suits and tunics. Not the same kind of challenge. I love all your craziness; It makes me feel not so alone. Ha-ha!

    1. Hahahaha. An ART heist, I hope :) I definitely got my style from my dad, this is exactly the way he dressed (err, minus the skirts and leggings and dress, obviously!). My mom has way better style than I do, and she always is coordinated and can pull off color. I’m a lost cause! Your Hawaii-packing sounds so much fun. So simple! Good to know I’m not alone in my craziness though xoxo

  6. so excited for you and i love the pieces you’ve included. but hold on… i think our inner french girls would be disappointed if you went without packing some seriously fine lingerie and a dress (or two!).

    1. See, this is why your Inner French Girl is way more chic than mine! Underwear! I totally forgot the fancy underwear. Gotta do some more shopping! :)

  7. That’s awesome – there’s nothing like being prepared. I mean, what would happen if someone called you and asked you to write a travel blog based on an American’s Adventures in France? You wouldn’t want to turn down that opportunity for lack of face wash!

    1. Hahah, I love that scenario! You are so funny. I need to sign up for that American’s Adventures in France thing. That’s like my dream job right there. xo

  8. You’ve totally nailed Parisien chic here. So many bloggers I see going to Paris pack these colourful, patterny, flowery, neon ensembles and I want to gently point out to them that wearing more than one (two at most) bright colours on a Parisien street will get you looks. It may be the fashion capitol, but it’s understated, elegant fashion on the streets- not neon clown-barfed-on-me couture. I once wore a bright yellow trench coat with red wellies in Ternes. Never again. Old women were cringing away from me, screaming “Quelle HORREUR!” and shading their pomeranian’s eyes. It’s not even an exaggeration. Trenchcoat, flats, dark denim, hint of colour (a la Birdcage, ha)- that’s all. Of course, you knew that! Which I salute. You’re awesome.

    Also dommage the flat is still an empty dusty MESS nightmare- otherwise I could have let you stay there! I need to get my finger out about that place. FORCE ME, ERIN!

    1. GIRL, you have 4 months to get that place un-dusty and mail me the keys so I can stay there! Your place is in the 17th, right? I remember walking by the building when you pointed it out and waving like an idiot even though you weren’t inside, haha. OR you could ditch Ban and move to Paris and renovate! I’m sure you’d both LOVE that! The third option is obviously just to give it to me and let me live there while I clean it and make it beautiful. Duh.

      I’m actually laughing at the mental image of some old French biddy shielding her precious pooch from your technicolor ensemble. Armand was right about the hint of color. Thankfully my entire wardrobe only has the slightest hint so I won’t have to tone it down for Paris. I want to blend in, after all! xo

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