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Last night, I had a girl’s dinner with the A-Team (I work with a disproportionate amount of people whose names start with A; last night was Aisling, Audrey, and Anna) at a sweet BYOB for no reason other than that we could. Anna and Aisling split a bottle of Malbec, Audrey brought Pumpkin beer, so I was left to finish almost an entire bottle of Vinho Verde (yes, the same kind I mentioned in my very first post. I like what I like, what can I say?) by myself. Audrey pitched in at the end when the waiter, obviously opposed to me taking the bottle home, took it upon himself to empty it into our two glasses. Needless to say I went home and got into bed at 9:15. I love girl’s nights.

But before I met up with them, I had a few errands to run in town. I needed a new notebook for my French Immersion class this Saturday (it’s definitely happening this time! It’s not postponed again!) and since I can never walk past Barnes & Noble without at least stopping in and, more often than not, buying a new book, I want to share a new read I picked up. I attempted to start it last night, but wine happened.

1. Murder on the Eiffel Tower / 2. The Montmartre Investigation / 3. The Assassin in the Marais / 4. The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise / 5. In the Shadows of Paris

I bought “Murder on the Eiffel Tower” to start, but I seriously had to restrain myself from buying all 5. Consider the remaining 4 officially on my Christmas list this year (are you paying attention, Boyfriend?). Books set in Paris? Check! During La Belle Epoque? Check! Old fashioned whodunnits? Check! What’s not to love? Except the part where I’m terrified of murders, so this might be a book I can only read during the day time (much like this one). I’ll owe you a more detailed book review other than “It’s so pretty and it’s set in PARIS!” once I, you know, actually start reading it. Until then, seriously, how pretty are those covers?! Also, totally naming my first born Claude.

What are you reading these days?

15 thoughts on “New French Reads

  1. I am intrigued! Please follow up after you finish the first book and let me know how you liked it!

  2. Ah, I love me some girls nights. I’ve had a couple lately, unexpectedly because we don’t usually manage to pull it off. They make me better for all of my other relationships though, so I should do it more. I don’t adore mysteries, but I am looking for some reading material for an upcoming trip, so maybe, maybe… Plus, the covers are so appealing! I totally judge books by covers, don’t you?

  3. You have to tell us how the book turns out. I’d love a good mystery set in Paris. Last night I had a girl’s dinner as well that ended in cheesecake. NOM – best thing about dinner with the girls is never being shy about dessert

  4. I love how they all have a similar type treatment- some typefaces (and diagonals, apparently) just scream “Pareeeeeee!”.

    [Sidenote, my folding bike to tootle around on is called Claude. Hur.]

    If you can find it, for a dose of technicolour Paris cuteness, watch the film Le Petit Nicholas. It’s really charming, and very Fraaanch. The father’s boss’ name is Monsieur Moucheboum. Which I love. And say way too often. If you can’t find it, I will post it you- though only with French subtitles! I’m sure after this Saturday you’ll speak enough to get it though. :)

  5. I am not one for the mystery genre but these books are so pretty. They do have an allure that makes me want to know what goes on in their pages. With that I can’t wait for your review!! xo (ps i want to know what you think about a certain place you mentioned today that you don’t like – inquiring minds . . .) xoxo

  6. I am totally sucked in by the cover! Looking forward to your review. I am re-reading Wuthering Heights again as I got it free on my Kindle, it’s been perfect for stormy winter nights! P.S – there are not enough BYOB places here in London so I am so jealous of your night out!

  7. Wait, wait, wait, I thought your first born was going to be named Emerson? I know BF nixed it, but really he doesn’t get a say, not after you do all the work (shh). :)
    Aw, I love a good girls night out, or day. Please keep us posted on how this book turns out. You know I’m always on the look out for good books for my own book club. (Though, you’ve already given me some good ones I still need to read.) Oh, and Malbecs have been a new favorite. I like your girlfriends already.

  8. I’m the same, I can only read scary things in the day time! Looks like great reads! Hope you’ll report back on whether you like them :)

  9. How do I not know about these books!? As if my life wasn’t already consumed with textbooks, nonfiction books, and four fiction books I now learn about these! I will have to get these.

  10. Well, you know about me and reading (and how it doesn’t happen). But, I really like the covers on all of these. And actually several of them (including the one you’ve chosen) sound intriguing.

  11. You can’t call your first born Claude because that’s what I’m calling my French Bulldog when I have worn Richard down into letting me have one (he’s agreed so far as long as he ‘never has to touch it and never has to see it’).

    My favourite french book is Les Belles Images. I’ve only read two french books so it wasn’t hard.

    btw the little french girl is a huge hit in our house, we watch it a lot. Arthur in particular loves that the animals get put in a zoo because they’re poor.xx

  12. I am reading the Jeeves and Woosters series and have a lot of fun with it but when in Poland I reached for some very depressing short stories about the misery of peasants and the blind, totally Easter European reads, we like the sadness.

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