Live-blogging the Election

I’m just a staunch liberal with a bottle of wine and the tv tuned to CNN. This should be fun.

6:38pm First glass of wine poured. Peach wine, from a small vineyard in south Jersey. I’m starting light, saving the hard liquor for later.

7:00pm Obama takes Vermont (woo!) and Romney takes Kentucky (SURPRISE). Wolf Blitzer is already yelling at me, I don’t know if I can make it to midnight. Candy Crowley looks pissed to be at the Romney headquarters in Boston. Her hair looks GREAT though.

7:10pm CNN projecting Florida with 55% Obama. I inadvertently sprayed Boyfriend with spittle from yelling.

7:23pm Romney takes Indiana. That state is useless. I’m of the belief that everything between the coasts is irrelevant.

8:00pm Obama takes Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island. Second glass of wine, complete.

8:11pm Me: “Just checking, are you a moderate or a liberal?” Boyfriend: “I’m a liberal.” Me: “That’s so sexy, say it again.”

8:29pm Boyfriend has politely requested I scale back on the amount of f-bombs I yell at the tv at full volume. Should’ve stopped me after my first glass of wine, dude. It only goes downhill from here.

8:32pm Boyfriend: “You don’t understand math….I’m sorry but it’s true.”

9:00pm Romney takes Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska (I always forget this state exists), North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and Mississippi. A total of 72 electoral votes. Also the average IQ amongst inhabitants of those states. Obama takes Michigan, New York, and New Jersey.

9:18pm I want to love anything as much as John King loves his touch-maps.

9:31pm Television just froze and I had a heart-attack. Florida is giving me horrible anxiety. Also finished my third glass of wine.

10:00pm Well that bottle of wine was delicious. Boyfriend reminds me I have an 8am phone conference, woops. Obama takes Pennsylvania (way to go, Philadelphia! Holding it down 85% democratic) and New Hampshire. Can’t believe that was even a question. Romney takes Utah, Colony of Mormons.

10:28pm Called my mom, she said I should stop drinking. Moms are no fun. She worked the polls today and now she’s hosting a big viewing party with a bunch of friends. My mom is officially cooler than me. Rape Homies Akin and Mourdock both lost, THANK YOU. Guess the female body has a way of “shutting the whole thing down” after all.

10:45pm Wine headache. Please just call this thing so I can go to sleeeeep.

11:00pm Obama takes California, Hawaii (I’d say his “home state” but enough a-holes believe he was totally born in Kenya as a Muslim), and Washington. I’ve switched to water, fyi.

11:11pm Iowa and New Mexico! You’re supposed to make a wish at 11:11, right? I can’t tell you my wish or it won’t come true, but I bet you can guess what it is.

11:14pm Did I go to the bathroom and miss it????


11:25pm It might be the alcohol, but I’m crying uncontrollably out of joy. I am so excited about the next 4 years and SO PROUD of America for getting it right. I made the following earlier in the night but was waiting until he won to post it. Actually, I’ve been waiting my entire life to post this. Anything to make a Mean Girls reference.

12:00am Taking this party from the couch to the bed.

12:08am Not election related but OH MY GOD, I totally just got why that rapper is named FLO RIDA. FLORIDA! Oh my god I am delirious.

12:14am DUDE concede already. Game over, Big Bird would like to go to sleep happy. Gay marriage passed in Maine and Maryland!!

12:58am Wow, Romney’s concession speech was surprisingly human and sincere. If THAT Mitt had showed up during the election maybe he would be giving a different speech right now….lolol nah jk.

1:12am It’s like an all-out dance party at the Obama headquarters. So jealous.

1:17am I am so tired I actually hurt. This is 4 hours past my bedtime. I’ve been up this late like, 7 times in my life.

1:36am Aren’t Sasha and Malia exhausted?? They have school in the morning! Why am I still awake?! Oh right, to watch this historic moment. Aaand I’m crying again.

2:00am Confetti canons!!!!!! God that man can really give a speech, can’t he? And now I’m going to sleep. It’s been an amazing night, America.

11 thoughts on “Live-blogging the Election

  1. Yeah, reading this was pretty much awesome. Almost as awesome as last night. We have kind of different takes on the day, same take on the outcome. Love you, ducks. xoxo

  2. I wish I was at an Obama party too! My brother-in-law actually worked on the campaign team doing secret stuff that I wasn’t allowed to know about on election day, but he told me today that he had a party for his team at midnight at his place to celebrate this victory of an election! I was quite jealous + he is in a different county so I couldn’t attend :(
    PS. For some reason, I am in love with the photo of your wine glass + computer + TV in the background. It’s a gorgeous photo of a simple moment in time, and very true to what was happening at my house too :)

  3. LOL this is hilarious! Hubs and I were glued to the TV all night, and then we decided to take the dog out around 11pm. While walking back home, we heard massive cheering from all the bars. So bummed we missed THE moment, but overjoyed for 4 more years :-)

  4. I love this, I feel like I just relived it all over again but in a much more manageable time frame and with a bottle of wine. Geez, that was a long night but for awhile there with all that focus on FL I was having flashbacks to 2000. All along I have thought MItt was probably a very kind person and that’s why his opinions change so often – he just wants to make people happy. aw, it is such a great quality but just not for the prez. Go, go now romeny, and be that super duper grandpa i just know you are :) OOOOOH Obama’s speech had hot tears streaming down my cheeks. Geez, I don’t know what is wrong with me this week but just thinking about let loose another.

  5. you crack me up! nothing like a bit of passion on a subject, but can’t believe your loo break timing chick! i stayed up until 5.00am, which is saying something because i’m flu-riddled & feeling absolutely wretched… it was amazing watching it unfold though! when you look at the percentage breakdown in many states i still think this was a lot closer than people are giving it credit for, regardless of the outcome!

  6. So, who do you think called ME to tell me that Channel 10 declared Barack the winner? Your 87 year old grandmother! It must be something on the X chromosomes…
    We were anxiously watching CNN’s results! Of course, my poll watching/victory party wouldn’t believe it until we got results from 3/4 of the major stations.

  7. I have to re-live last night through you because I feel asleep pretty much right after dinner after telling P I will take a power nap and join him on the couch after. That never happened because I power napped until this morning ;) But first thing this morning was checking online who had won…

  8. Aw, really enjoyed reading this recap! Before we left for dinner last night, Mitt had won two states and Obama had won one. I’m not going to lie, I got a little nervous. I know it was early, but still.
    We heard the announcement on the car radio on our way home, and through Twitter! It was such an amazing night.
    You’re mom is way cool! I want to be – scratch that – will be that kind of mom. (Lauren inspires me, too!)
    You must be operating on adrenaline today.

  9. What a brilliant post I love this! But you are a spac-au-lait for not knowing about Flo Rida. Even I knew that am I’m twice as old as you.

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