Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, kiddos. I meant to post this earlier but I slept until 11am (dude, I am so thankful for that). I am thankful for so many things and I couldn’t let the day pass without taking a moment to be grateful (pains me though it does to stop talking about Paris and Gary Oldman and buying stuff for even a moment). I’m thankful for the successful dinner party we hosted last night (no one got food poisoning!); I’m thankful for the wide and wonderful group of friends, old and new, that I have; I’m thankful for the stable job I have, even if I wish I could stay and home and write all day; I’m thankful for the incredible, supportive family I get to spend the day with; I’m thankful for the two adorable boys I live with (Boyfriend and Fitz, duh) who put up with me on a daily basis; and I’m thankful for all of you, who stop by here and make this all worthwhile. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you spend it surrounded by love. And cranberry sauce from a can. Because I’m sorry, there is just no acceptable alternative.

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  • Oooh, I wish you love and canned cranberry sauce, too! :D

    Have a super Thanksgiving weekend, kiddo! xoxo

  • Oh my goodness Thanksgiving is today? Wow. I don’t know why I always expect it to be on a weekend! Well I hope you have a wonderful day and I’m very thankful you’re in my life, even though technically I don’t have to be thankful for anything today x

  • Lucky you for sleeping in! I was woken up by somebody ringing our doorbell at 8:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep after but I am still hanging out in sweatpants at home and should start to get ready for going over to Thanksgiving dinner at a friends place…Have a happy Thanksgiving! xx

  • Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The picture is so nice, I can almost feel the warmth…

    xoxo, Femke

  • Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you had a fab day. I think us Brits should have an equivalent actually. xx

  • Happy thanksgiving! I hope your weekend is as cosy and lovely as this picture. /Niki

  • how lovely to have a whole day dedicated to thanks! that’s pretty damned special when you think about it! hope yours was filled with good times!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! (one day late…) Can’t wait to hear about your dinner party!

  • Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend (and that it involves sleeping in till 11 some more!)

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Erin! Yay for successful dinner parties. Hope the rest of your weekend went just as well. I shall soon find out when I read the next two posts [wink].