Friday Five

And suddenly, it was December. Are the months getting shorter while I’m not looking? Wasn’t it just August? I feel like this is an oft-repeated complaint, but it’s true. The year is flying by and it’s been completely unremarkable in its speed. I love winter, I’m thrilled tomorrow is December (my birthday month! And Hanukkah! And Christmas! And New Year’s! PRESENTS!), I just….I want it to slow down a bit.

1. Baby Monkey Print / 2. Dress / 3. Made in Chelsea / 4. French Baguette candle / 5. “Gone Girl”

Speaking of going by in a flash, I finished “Gone Girl” last night. It took about 9 hours over 3 days and I’m still sort of figuring out how I feel about it. A woman goes missing on her 5th wedding anniversary, and the book is told through her diary entries and her husband’s present-day account of what’s happening. I loved it for the first half, and then shit got CRAZY and ended on a really, really weird note. Unexpected. Not in a “It was all a dream!” unexpected, but just…different. People were calling it an easy beach-read when it first came out, and I can see why.

But back to the most important issue at hand: BABY MONKEY. Sweet Jesus, look at that face. I love Sharon Montrose’s work; I have a print of Baby Deer and a Macaw, and I adore them both. Technically the baby animals series is meant for nurseries, but that little monkey makes me so happy I might just have to buy it without a nursery to put it in. I literally burst into delighted giggles every time I see it. Look at his little scruff! His teeny lips all curled to one side! I could snuggle him so hard. I can’t even deal with how adorable he is. Baby monkey baby monkey baby monkey.

I’ve been wavering on buying that T by Alexander Wang hooded dress, and it finally went on sale. I still haven’t pulled the trigger, even though I love it, and think I could wear it in Paris or in the office, because (surprisingly!) it’s hard for me to spend money on myself this close to the holidays. This logic, however, is completely lost when it comes to candles. Crazy Candle Lady doesn’t care about things like holidays. I first wrote about these French Baguette candles in a My Inner French Girl post (a new one is coming next week!), and since then I’ve purchased 4 of them. I can’t stress enough how delicious they smell.  If you want your house to smell like a Parisian bakery without the carbs, go buy one. Pretend it’s a gift for someone else if it makes you feel better.

And finally, despite the protestations of both Annie and Sam, I’ve gone over to the dark side and am now addicted to Made in Chelsea. It’s like The Hills, but British, and without the excessive plastic surgery and back-stabbing. Everyone on the show seems genuinely nice, or as nice as 22 year olds with tons of cash and nothing to do can be. There’s Caggie, who’s in love with Spencer, who’s dating Funda (who was in a Harry Potter movie!), and best friends with Hugo, who’s caught between Rosie and Milly who are both best friends with Caggie. There’s also Francis, who inexplicably owns his own diamond empire at 21 and has a Lithuanian assistant who is dating his best friend Frederik, a male model. There’s also Binky and Cheska, who have the best and most ridiculous names of all time, who are best friends with Ollie, who flat-irons his shoulder length hair, wears makeup, posed half-nude in a park with a bunch of bananas in front of his crotch, and who surprised absolutely no one by announcing he was bisexual. Apparently I only watch English tv imports these days. It’s obviously less, um, esoteric than Downton Abbey, but as far as reality tv shows go, it’s glossy and pretty fabulous.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m doing some writing, obviously, and maybe buying our Christmas tree! Have a good one, kiddos.

27 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. i’m with annie & sam… your tv taste is diabolical! fortunately you also included a sweet baby monkey picture in this post, so you’re borderline forgiven! happy weekend noodle!

    1. :D It’s horrid, I know, but I can’t stop!! I think I find them so charming and I can forgive them for being so vapid because of their delightful accents. xo

  2. that baby monkey is painfully cute. i used lay in bed as a girl and dream myself up some pretty fierce fantasies of having my very own baby monkey. I would even go through the practicals like, would i diaper the baby monkey? what park would i take him to so he could climb trees? how would i get the monkey out of the trees (of course i decided we would have a special whistle and he’d just come back to me because we were inseparable).

    i really want to try one of those candles, especially because now that i am gluten-free i just miss the smell of bread! Haha, I fall victim to my own game of pretending to buy this or that for someone else with frequency. i might have to do this one more time . . . PS love. dress. buy. paris.

    Have a happy, happy weekend! And YES, time goes by so flipping fast these day!

    1. Sometimes I think we were separated at birth, or split from the same cell, or something. Because I used to do the exact same thing! I considered all the logistics of my fantastical schemes, just to be sure I had covered every base. And obviously your pet monkey would come if you called him, that’s how it works, right?

      “love. dress. buy. paris.” just about made me choke on my tea. You are the cutest! xo

  3. Must. Have. That. Candle! I didn’t expect it to be from Bath and Body Works, but I am definitely going to make a trip to the mall on a quiet day just for that gem! I can smell it now..

    Looking forward to hearing from your Inner French Girl!

    1. One is always burning in my house. I have the full size 3 wick ones and the mini ones, and there’s always one somewhere in the house burning. Let me know if you like it! I’m obviously a huge fan :) xo

  4. I am not a fan of monkeys, but apparently I’m the only one? Hmmm. Still, that one is pretty cute. Give me a puppy any day. Yes, you must have the dress, and actually the TV sounds like the perfect antidote to real life (or at least my real life), so I say go for it! Our weekend includes our tree (tonight), decorating our tree (tomorrow night), Elf (perhaps tonight AND tomorrow night) and a LOT of rest and recovery. We’ve earned it. xo

    1. I’m reading all about your weekend right now! It’s okay that you don’t like monkeys, I don’t understand it but I can accept it. I guess. Keep talking about puppies and all will be forgiven :) xo

  5. MiC. Ugh. Nothing more to say about that. Bet they’re all ruddy. At least in Downton they have decent clothes and dame maggie. MiC has neither.
    I’m going for dinner in Chelsea tonight though.
    I’m not convinced about that candle, that sounds weird! I will have to trust you on it.
    but I keep hearing amazing things about AWang dresses. I just think my hips would look huge but everyone says they’re really flattering so I might have to try one on.
    Baby monkey baby monkey baby monkey. Richard’s boss looks like a baby orang-utan. It makes me giggle ever time I see him.
    Have an awesome weekend sweetness! xx

    1. I googled him per your Twitter DM and you are so right! Unfortunate, that. Baby money is way cuter. We should buy matching Alexander Wang dresses and be twins! I’ll buy it if you do?
      I have no defense on MiC other than I love the accents and I love any sort of escapism that involves people my age not working and only having to go to garden parties or Cannes for the weekend. Forgive me? :) xoxo

  6. Baby animal photos in a nursery > pink and blue pom poms in a nursery

    Leave it you to find classy wall hangings for a hypothetical nursery!

    1. :D You can’t say I’m not prepared when the need arrives! If I see one more nursery with pompoms, I’mma flip. Animals are far more educational. Baby monkeys are just adorbs.

  7. I like most Alexander Wang things, this dress is great, perfect for a Christmas party??

    But Made in Chelsea??? For the love of God step away from the remote control now! x

    1. I love that it can be dressed up or down with the right shoes and accessories! Ugh, the more I talk about it the more I want it!

      I love how much everyone in England hates Made in Chelsea! It’s how we feel about The Hills/Kardashians, I totally understand. xo

  8. Aww, that monkey is cute. I love all her baby animal shots. I want to cuddle the little porcupine (ouch!) and the basset hound puppy so badly…I am not sure what would happen if I had a french baguette candle, I might be tempted to eat it, nothing is better than warm baguette with butter. And another TV series I have never heard of ;) Binky isn’t that the name of one of the tele tubbies? Have a great weekend! I’ll be spending mine sewing my chair cover and hopefully pick out bathroom colors and of course relax.

    1. You should treat yourself to a print or two! File it under your design budget for the bathrooms and then, oops! A print of a baby basset hound?? How did that wind up in here?! :)
      Binky I think is a nickname (good god, I hope it is) but it is totally Teletubbie-esque, you’re right! The 5th, lost Teletubbie. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La, Po. And Binky. Now I’m cracking up at my desk!
      Hope you had an awesome weekend! xo

  9. I felt the same way you did about Gone Girl – It started off with so much potential and then the author got lazy, or went crazy. Oh well.
    I think you should totally get that T by Alexander Wang dress. I just got a T by Alexander Wang ‘twisted’ skirt, and I love it. (It was also super marked down, which made it even sweeter.) I love the quality and the man is a great designer. It makes me happy to own one of his pieces. (It’s also really flattering, Annie!) OH, and a new Inner French Girl post!!
    Made in Chelsea, huh? Might have to try it on. I recently started watching The Startups: Silicon Valley on Bravo. The premise sounds a tad similar – Very rich, very young, trying to create startups. There’s a girl named Hermoine (how’s that for a name?) and her brother Ben on the show from London, I believe.
    Let’s see, I’ve got a birthday party, memorial, and a concert. Gosh, that makes me tired just writing about it. Have a wonderful weekend, Erin! Oh, and baby monkey, baby monkey, baby monkey!!

    1. Oh, the twisted skirt! I love the twist top (long AND short sleeve) and the twisted dress. So basically everything he makes for the T line, haha. This is a sign, right? That I have to buy that dress? Right? That’s how I’m reading it, because you and I always share similar tastes in things like candles and books and clothes. :)

      How is that Startups show on Bravo? I thinkI like Made in Chelsea because they DON’T DO ANYTHING. They aren’t trying to start companies or be productive, haha. Well, with the exception of Francis, who is busy enough for all of them! I hope you had a fun-filled weekend and are feeling better! xoxo

    1. Well, shit. There goes any and all of my productivity for the next 3 weeks. Thank you for sharing that, gorgeous! HE LOOKS SO YUM. I might have giggled out loud at the fact that I’ve influenced enough people to believe he ought to be photoshopped into Parisian backdrops. My work here is done. xoxo

    1. Ha! It is a bit hot, isn’t it? I’ll have to dress it down if I end up buying it to wear to work! Made in Chelsea is on Style Network, not sure if you get that, but it comes in my normal cable package. They only ever play Sex and the City or Gossip Girl reruns. It’s like my dream channel.

  10. My bookclub for Gone Girl is tomorrow and I haven’t finished reading it – but I sneaked a peek at the end. YEAH – talk about bat sh*t crazy! I think the girls and I are going to have a really good discussion tomorrow

    1. Let me know how your book club goes!! And you should still read the whole thing even though the ending is so insane. Like, actually insane.

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