Friday Five

I had the weirdest dream last night. Some stray, gray cat with patches of hair missing on its legs and bright blue eyes followed me home and waited outside the house while I went and bought cat food for it. It looked like this cat, that has been showing up all over my Pinterest homepage. Only it talked. And it was gross, it had fleas and other diseases and gave me giant hives but I loved it anyway. Then I woke up and told Boyfriend who promptly told me I was weird and that it was a nightmare, because he hates cats. To be fair, he’s actually allergic to cats, but there’s a fair amount of hatred in there, too. I don’t know, I kind of thought dream-cat was adorable.

Anyway, today is Friday which means a Friday Five is in order. It also means that tomorrow is Saturday and that means my French Immersion class is here! I AM SO PUMPED. I’m totally going to show up in a beret.

1. Dress / 2. French dictionary / 3. Painting / 4. Humidifier / 5. Homestilo

My work Christmas party is in a few weeks, and what everyone is planning on wearing was a big topic of discussion at girl’s dinner this week. I’m not the fanciest of people, nor am I the most fashion forward. I’m fine in leggings and an oversized sweater, but I’ve been looking for a new dress for the party since it’s at the Ritz and you know, leggings aren’t really black-tie. I found this little navy sequined number from Piperlime, and I’m sold. I’ll pair it with a bright red lip and to-be-determined heels (heels! I’m probably going to break an ankle) and voila: Christmas party dress acquired. And thanks to a 15% off coupon, it came to a cool $83. Not too bad, right?

I finally signed up for One King’s Lane (adding it to my memberships to Gilt, Rue La La, Haute Look, etc) and was struck by a featured artist in their “Emerging Artists” sale a few weeks ago. Michelle Armas’ work is so vibrant and beautiful and I find more and more to love the longer I stare at this piece, entitled “Laura.” I’m not a huge fan of abstract art (like, at all), but I’ve made a special exception for her work. When designers talk about a “focal point” in a room, this is what I envision. Swoon.

I know I can’t be alone in this, but I sleep with the window cracked open even though the heat is on. I need a little bit of a chill. Otherwise it gets too stuffy, but either way I end up completely congested and the inside of my nose is about as crusted as it gets. TMI? My mom has an adorable penguin-shaped humidifier, and I think it’s high-time I invested in one of my own. Who doesn’t want to breath better and have a cute elephant on their night table? It blows air out of its trunk. Holy adorable.

The French dictionary should require no further explanation other than I AM SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED. French class! All day! Six hours! Free lunch! Do you think they’ll give out baguettes and butter? Can I bring my own? I have so many questions! I better leave the class with a tighter grip on the language, that’s for sure. The class isn’t exactly cheap (it’s about half the cost of the 10 week, 20 hour course I’m signed up for this winter, for a single day) so I better be able to come home and watch Amelie with the subtitles off. That’s cheating though, I know that movie by heart. And speaking of France…

And finally, I’m guest-posting over at Homestilo today! Santa is featuring a holiday gift guide and was so sweet to include me. Head on over to her amazing blog and check out my (surprise!) Paris themed holiday guide. My repertoire of French products is so expansive that I’ve never featured any of the goodies on my own blog before. Go go go! And thank you, Santa! I had so much fun. 

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone want to come to French class with me?!

15 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I love that cat too. awww.

    Your new dress is beautiful, you’re gonna look HOT! Of course you got a coupon to use, duh! Now have lots of fun at your French lessons, you are going to be top of the class I’m sure, especially for enthusiasm. Let us know how you get on.

    BTW so sorry i didn’t get to deliver Gary Oldman to you yesterday but hubster is working on it and and I promise to get the ad to you before the weekend is out. Sneaky peek to get you going – he looks really really handsome in it, all swoony and lush x

  2. ok, hilarious {again}… i was going to suggest you turn up to french class with a french stick, but then as i read on i discovered you’d already thought of that! maybe tuck a wheel of tasty camembert into your purse just in case! ;)
    the blue dress is divine {wish i could squeeze my bits into an outfit like that, but me thinks that ship has sailed}… the cat is not! {divine, that is}… that thing turning up at my door might make me feel like i had the devil on my tail…
    as for sleeping with the window ajar & the heating on… tick, tickety tick… can’t help it, as a libran i strive for balance… what’s more balanced than an artificial heat source & nature’s air con?
    :) happy immersion class & weekend to you!

  3. Don’t forget about the reference book 501 French Verbs! Its was my savior for essays and papers in college.

    Also, that humidifier is adorable. LOVE IT!

  4. Cats can be so polarizing (but that is one funny looking cat!) I only wish I had an occasion to wear such a dress too- the sequence and the cut- gorgeous. AND I didn’t realize the class was for one day (no seriously, I thought it was every Saturday, 6 hours for a number of Saturdays..but in retrospect, that would be more of a boot camp than immersion I guess). Nonetheless, hope you have a great time!

  5. holy cow that sounds like one expensive saturday class. maybe they actually teleport you to france for the day. and please wear a beret. no, maybe you should just wear you whole halloween outfit – now i am getting all giggly.

    in seriousness that dress does not look like it cost $83!!! it’s really beautiful. love the color and it is going to look crazy with your red lipstick! fun. hope you don’t fall. i have the same reaction to heels.

    happy weekend! xo (oh and just give the humidifier a good cleaning like every other day – i saw a something or other about how you really, really want to do that).

  6. Sequins are slowly starting to enter my life, albeit not in a dress like that. You’ll look stunning, my darling as you totter from bar to buffet. Pictures, please. I say this as if I know what walking in heels is like. I sort of sometimes do.

    The idea of a French class terrifies me, but I am beyond thrilled for you! Can’t wait to hear your recap, come Monday. Oui?

  7. Guest post @ Homestilo!? J’adore! Two favorites in one. Anyway, I’m heading over to Homestilo, see you there, and have a great French class tomorrow! Bonne chance!

  8. I think you should totally show up to class tomorrow wearing a beret, and carrying a baguette. OH, and a mustache and striped shirt. Hee-hee!
    Please don’t wear heels. I want you back in one peace so you can tell us about the fancy party. Hm, I could see that dress working with black tights and patent leather oxfords, just to mix things up. OR, ballet flats with a t-strap. Sorry. #UnsolicitedAdvice
    Ok, have fun tomorrow and a great weekend, Erin. I’m off to check you out on Santa’s site.

  9. Yay! I totally saw your guest post on Santa’s blog and love it. French class sounds like so much fun – I would narf on baguettes in class with you if I lived in Philly

  10. I hope you got the dress. Leggings would be bad. How can you be a shopping addict (I read the Homestilo post) and not be fashion forward? We must change that. What do you shop for if not clothes? Hmmm. I’m curious. Like the cat dream. I love cats. They can be de-flea’d. I think you should move to Paris for a few months and get it out of your system. You need to do it while your young! Why not? I have regrets that I didn’t do something like that in my 20s. I’ll come visit! Good luck in French class. xo Teri

  11. Loooove the blue sequin dress, in fact I’d even throw a party for an excuse to wear it! PS Love your guest post on Homestilo!

  12. Love that dress! Love that you’re going to wear a beret to french class! (did you…?)
    You should try living over here, our houses are so drafty we don’ tnee dto leave the windows open!
    Can’t wait to hear how you got on in french x

  13. I have to sleep with the windows open as well. Only that we have electric heating which is sooo expensive (we pat like 50-60 euros per month, is it as expensive as that in the US? It’s NOT that expensive in Sweden) so we don’t have the heat on during the night. So I hate going out of bed in the morning because the apartment is freezing cold!

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