Friday Five

This post is a shout out both to my wallet (Get ready, yo!) and to Lauren,who earlier in the week lamented her lack of cute winter-weather footwear. Seeing as I wear the same pair of shoes until the soles come flapping off, I too am in need of some new shoes that can hold up to daily trudging to and from the subway. If the weather is inclement, I’ll obviously switch to the super insulated Bean Boots my mom bought me as an early birthday present. Suede is not perhaps the most functional in slushy, wet weather, but if this coming winter is anything like last winter, I won’t have to worry, as it was relatively dry. Here are 5 pairs of cute ankle boots I’m refraining from buying immediately.

1. Sam Edelman “Petty” / 2. Unlisted “Beyond Me” / 3. ASOS “Chelsea” / 4. Madden Girl “Dontee” / 5. Nine West “Sosie”

Okay, so that’s a lie, because I totally bought #2, the Kenneth Cole cognac boots. I can see myself wearing them in Paris (oh, yeah, by the way, I’m already outfit-planning and mentally packing. Congratulations to all of you who get to deal with this neurosis until March) or with sweater dresses in December and January. I’m completely, totally in love with every single pair of those shoes. The Sam Edelman pair have long been on my radar, but I have a logistical question: what kind of socks do you wear with those? Pair #4, the Steve Madden chukkas, remind me of a much pricier J. Crew pair, but are just as cute and can be worn with anything. Lauren: are any of these striking your fancy? Did I totally miss the mark? And everyone else, what do you guys think? Which pair is your favorite? The best part: with the exception of the Sam Edelmans, they’re all under $75.

13 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. no.s 2 & 5 would be my choice! no. 2 looks more resilient, every day & no.5 just looks damned foxy & i think the colour is a nice variation on the black or tan theme! i can see you doing the rounds in paris with no.5 with a slinky sweater dress & a nutella & banana crepe in hand ;)

  2. I can’t believe they are all under $75, that is crazy and amazing. Gosh, they look similar but they are really all so different it’s really difficult to choose. I am a classic girl because as much as I would love to have 800 million pairs of shoes that’s not something I can make as a goal right now, so I am always inclined to go with what I think will last the longer both in style and quality. I think I like the look of #2 the best. I love the ones you already bought too!

  3. You TOTALLY hit the mark. I am always late to come to current trends and all of last year scoffed at ankle boots. Until this year. J. Crew models do that to me. And it was the idea of wearing them with skirts and dresses too that helps. Right now I’m debating between #2 and #4…I really like the lace up. And brown, I don’t have enough of that! Seriously, though, brown was what I was going for in foot wear (to match all those pants). I love zappos free shipping. My cart is about to get weighter. :) Like that’s bad.

  4. Those cognac ones = awesome. I’m the most useless winter boot person – I have a ton but it never ever snows here. I guess they still keep my toes nice and toasty :)

  5. I like #2 and see them going really well with what I imagine would make up your wardrobe. I can also see these looking great on Lauren. Hint, hint. Well, I just bought those Sam Edelmans ankle boots in black. I actually haven’t worn them yet, but I envision wearing them with no-show socks or black socks that hit right above the ankle. Then, there’s always tights. Though, I should add that I can’t decide how I feel about the cowboy heel, so I’m still on the fence.
    So happy you did this roundup. Way better idea than trying to send Lauren ideas over Twitter. ;)
    Have a great weekend, Erin!

  6. Beauties! Love no 1 and 2. I got a pair from Anthropology last year and I wear them every day, all seasons. I am hankering after a pair from Ash right now.

  7. #1 Sam Edelman, I just ordered them in Putty taupe color. I love #4 and #5 as well. :) Actually, I love them all. Hmmmm…..

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