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I’ll keep this brief, but here is a small moodboard to sum up how I’m feeling this week. I’m one of those rare birds that enjoys when it gets dark outside at 4:30pm; it gives me more time to snuggle up under blankets with Fitz. I also hate the sun (don’t ask) so moody and rainy weather is welcomed with open arms. It makes me want to take long baths, write, sleep, and just be. Do you ever feel that way? Where you just want to shut off everything around you and just soak up the silence? Or, in my case, talk out loud to yourself in character to help write dialogue. Can someone pay me a full salary + benefits to be a stay-at-home writer? That’s all I want to do these days, and there is just never enough time. C’est la vie, non?

26 thoughts on “Feeling Moody

  1. Yesterday was blustery and rainy. Gray all day. I loved it. Every minute of it. Except when I had to go pick up Callum at twilight when it really started to pour. (Thank goodness for heated seats!) I love this weather. It’s sunny today (oh well!), but still blustery and cool. Bring it.

    1. Heated seats! Whenever I get to experience them I’m so into it, until it gets too warm and I feel like I’ve wet myself. I can’t believe i just said that. xo

  2. stunning imagery selection erin… and quite frankly there are days where i have to force myself to actually leave the house (for instance, today)… snuggling at home and just being comes all too naturally for me i’m afraid, especially when it’s pitch black, blustery as all hell & threatening to rain :) happy days!!!

    1. Oh, Sue! I feel your pain! If I didn’t have to, I would never leave my house. Or my couch. Or my bed. I’d pull a Howard Hughes, but without the insanity part. :) xoxo

  3. Gorgeous photos, duckie! I can’t profess to embrace the early darkness as enthusiastically as you do but I’m not much of a sun worshipper either. The sun is streaming through my window as I type this, by the way and its just the right side of crisp and chilly for me, fusspot that I am! :)

    I guess you could say I don’t like either extreme – too hot and I feel irritated and lethargic, too cold and I surround myself with home comforts and never leave the house.

    I love picturing you curled up with Fitz and your laptop, talking aloud in a French accent. You’re nutty in the nicest possible way. :D xo

    1. Haha I promise it wasn’t in a French accent! Though it totally will be next time, now that I think about it ;) My friends joke that I must be part Vampire for how much I hate the sun/love the dark and cold, haha. I think they might be on to something. But you’re right about striking a delicate balance. Not too hot and not too cold! Apparently I’m only useful within a very small margin of temperatures :D xoxo

  4. i love your mood board. i used to like the somber (for lack of a better word more) and then i had my twins and all that moody reflection and going deep into your inner thoughts, yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore. which is awesome on one hand, i have this constant level of happiness. on the other, i miss that moody self. you need it to do things like write books. p.s. someday you are going to get paid to stay home and write.

    1. Haha, I can imagine having kids means you can’t mope on the sofa and contemplate how deep and meaningful your art is. ;) I’m indulging in that side of me all I can, haha. So cute to think you gave birth to two happy pills, though, when you think about it! Motherhood clearly suits you. And one day, when they’re all out of the house, you can be somber if you want. xoxo

  5. I can totally relate. I too love when it’s dark out and to be home and snuggly. But, I love when it’s early and dark in the morning, and there is no traffic noise from the road, and the world is so still. That’s when I love to “just be” :)

    1. I don’t drive (I mean, I can drive, I just have never owned a car), but I’ve been a passenger on one of those special quiet mornings on the road. So beautiful! xo

  6. Lovely lovely images. You’re the first person I’ve heard say they enjoy when it gets darker earlier- but I hadn’t thought of it as giving me extra time to snuggle ;-)

  7. Oh, it’s beautiful! Although I do love the sun, at the end of summer I long for these autumn and winterdays too. I love to spend time on the couch, reading, drinking hot chocolate and just feeling comfortable with myself. I think it’s a very natural feeling to have, every now and then. Nothing wrong with that!

    xoxo, Femke
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    by the way, I’m now following your blog with bloglovin!

    1. Oh, thank you Femke! That’s so sweet to hear! And thank you for reminding me about hot chocolate; the entire moodboard is incomplete without it. That’s another great thing about this time of year. You can’t have hot chocolate in August! Though I will admit that the sunlight in the middle of the summer when it’s 9pm out? Magical. xoxo

  8. Oh, love the photo selection. I agree, it can just be one of those days where you’re happy doing nothing or living the simple life.

  9. Oh, yes, I love a moody moodboard, and all these beautiful images together really paint the perfect picture. I love dark and moody anything. However, not too much for too long otherwise melancholy will set in. Right? It’s a fine balance. :) Now, if we could only get fall to stick around in these parts, this mood might feel a bit more appropriate.
    PS~I don’t doubt you’ll get that full time gig as a writer someday soon.

    1. Haha, yes, we do need a balance to appreciate either extreme. Except for me, obviously, since I am such a Serious Writer, we’re supposed to welcome melancholy, right? ;) I hope fall sticks for you guys soon, it’s gotta be so weird to not have all those leaves to crunch through! xoxo
      Ps. And thank you, you dear, sweet thing. xo

  10. Such beautiful pictures, these are the kind of evenings I enjoy when my man is away! If you enjoy darkness you should be living here in Sweden in the winter, you could do this everyday!

    1. Just one of the MANY reasons I adore Sweden is for how dark it gets in the winter! If you ever want to do a home-swap one vacation…. :) xoxo

  11. lovely moodboard. I’m with you, I like all the snuggly weather. all the leaves have dropped and it’s all crunch here :) x

  12. When you find that gig, check and see if they want another person to do that out of Texas as well. Or Australia. I’d move to Australia. :)

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