Facing Your Fears

If you’ve ever worked in a traditional office setting (cubicles, harsh lighting, soul-crushing monotony) then you know the saving grace to the otherwise dull environment are funny work emails exchanged between coworkers, especially during short weeks like this one. Every so often, the internet provides something so wondrous and inexplicable that it must be shared with everyone who sits around you. Herbie, whose birthday it was yesterday, actually gave us the best present of all, in the form of this video. Within 10 minutes it had been forwarded to everyone in the office. I had tears rolling down my face. If you heard riotous laughter followed by a giant ker-SPLAT, that was my entire office losing their shit followed by our collective productivity falling off a cliff.

The show is called “Killer Karaoke” and is everything the name implies. What follows is…well, you just have to watch it. Grab some tissues, brace your ribcage, and enjoy.

I keep thinking that it will get less funny the more times I watch it, but it doesn’t! Her pure and unadulterated abject terror and her insistence to keep singing even as she is screaming bloody murder…it’s a joy to watch. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood and watch that video. Also this one, of a baby Red Panda being surprised. You know, in case you’ve ever wanted to know how I react when someone startles me. This one came courtesy of my mom:

This post had no point, other than laughter is good for you.

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November 21, 2012 / random / LEAVE A COMMENT / 11


  • I almost died! ha ha ha. And the baby panda is so cute. I really miss being in an office, in advertising we spend half the time watching silliness.

  • OK….I wouldn’t have even attempted to stick my hand in the first, blind cage!
    I’ve watched the panda video at least 10 times and it still reminds me of you when I quietly say, “boo!” Perhaps, if you had ever given me a minute alone in the ladies room growing up, I wouldn’t have discovered your ability to crumble in a ball on the floor…screaming!

  • HAHAHAHA oh man that’s awesome. I had no idea there was a show like that. I think half of my enjoyment was just watching Steve-O laugh at her on camera

  • oh my god i love that stuff. it makes me happy to see people totally freak out like that – there’s a freedom in it, ya know ; ) and yes, i used to work in a cubical a long time ago and it really is a sub-culture. but seriously those that constantly have the candy so you grab a piece every time you walk by . . . not helpful.

  • Oh man, dying over here! How do they come up with these ridiculous ideas for new shows?!

  • The first one actually worried me for that woman’s safety: thought she might have a heart attack before it was over! The baby red panda (never seen these before!) was just adorable. Had to watch that one a few times.

  • Oh my goodness. The first one really did make my ribs hurt. But I couldn’t stop, I had to look up more episodes! Thank you for that <3

  • Annnd, this is why I miss working in an office. Good thing I know you. That was pretty hilarious.
    The red panda is too adorable, especially in his frightened state. (I’m so mean.) Thanks for sharing. This felt like “take your online friends to work day.”
    Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

  • My old colleague and I used to send funny stuff to eachother to. It cheered up the day sometimes :)

  • OMG! I would have passed out sticking my hand in the first box. Snakes are creeping me out. And the audience would have had bleeding ears, my (singing) voice is terrible. The pandas are super cute, I wouldn’t mind adopting one! Have a great Thanksgiving! xx

  • Can you imagine the pitch for that tv show! Bizarre. Are you going to watch it when it comes on TV?
    That panda is hilarious x