White Room, pt 2

Well, I promised you a big room reveal once the guest room was all decorated, and though it’s a few days late, voila!

Yep, that’s the bookshelf I so obsess over. It’s sitting against an angled wall that wasn’t there 3 months ago, which is still blowing my mind. We built walls! The closet door still has enough clearance to open to at least a 90 degree angle.

My dad’s easel and a painting he did of Smith Civil War Memorial in Fairmount Park.

Look, Sam! I made the bed! The linen duvet is so incredibly soft. An old window I bought at Pier 1 a year ago, securely hung so it doesn’t come crashing down and kill our guests. Death by faux-antiques.

A map of Paris my brother gave me years ago, finally framed and hung. Jennifer wrote about the same print here!

I haven’t decided on whether or not to hang curtains yet, because the room gets such amazing natural light (a rarity in the house), and I’m still picking out some more art and narrowing down candle choices (important business), but I’d say it’s finished. I love hanging out down here and find the space so inspiring (if a little heartbreaking). We bought flooring for the other room, on the other side of the french doors, and are going to install them this weekend. Well, not me. Aside from decorating, I am not good for much. Then all we have to do is paint and move the furniture that’s been taking up real estate in the bedroom all piled up. Baby steps!

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  1. Oh! Oh! It looks so beautiful! I can’t believe it’s the same room you gave us a tour of just a few weeks ago! I love the chair (still looking at those for me, ssssshhhhhh), and the duvet and, oh, everything! Great job! Can we come sleep in it sometime? Callum can bunk with you guys. ;)

    1. Get the chairs!! You’ll love them, I promise. And then we can be chair twins!! You guys won’t have to get a hotel now when you come back :)

  2. yay!!! i love a before & after!!! this looks like a lovely retreat you have made for your guests {and you}… all the more so because you planned it with some heart & soul… i particularly love your dad’s painting {amazing, intense colours & yet the subject & composition is very soothing} and easel {love me an easel!}… do you still have some of his old paint brushes per chance? they would look lovely framed or sitting in a jar on the dresser! also this paris print would fit in a treat too as the colours would pick up those in the painting and your vase! http://follyhome.co.uk/famille-summerbelle-paris-map-print

    this really is so lovely… well done chick!

    1. Aw, thank you Sue! You’re so sweet. And you always find the best stuff for me! Remember all those fantastic knobs you found (I believe they were for the dresser!)? I love that Paris print. And I do have some of my dad’s old brushes, I never even thought to display them. They’re in storage but I think after the winter my brother and I are going to go through everything and sort stuff out. We made a quick trip a few months ago and that’s when I rescued the easel and a chest of drawers and a drafting table. And some art. Still plenty of goodies in there! xoxo

  3. It looks really lovely Erin, well done you x

    The bed is now perfect ha!, look at those sheets, the colour works so well and they are best friends with your chair. LOVE your dad’s painting and easel, look how majestic it is there. Your little touches are fab, especially the deep red flowers in the little blue vase and the spotted cushion. I’d want to spend loads of time here too love – perhaps one day, yes?

    I vote no curtains or blinds, the natural light streaming in is beautiful

    LOVE IT xx

    1. You have to come visit! Now that I have a proper spot to put you in, you and Annie have to come stay. And Chi! It’s a queen size bed but you guys and squeeze, right? Right. ;)

      Thank you so much, lovely. Haha, the whole time I was making the bed I was laughing to myself. It’s quite hard to tuck the sheet into the bottom between the mattress and the bedframe! xo

  4. Yay!! it looks fab!! So many great things…I love the spotty cushion on the chair too. In sweden people rarely have curtains (there may be a few swedes to contest this here – it’s a hot talking point whenever I mention this!! but seriously..maybe compared to england?!). The only thing is you may never see your guests, they’ll just want to hang out in their room?!

    1. Thanks, Niki! The pillow is from West Elm a while ago and is really soft silk. The dots are paint dollops with the color name handwritten next to them. It’s really sweet, and one of those things I had sitting around waiting for the perfect spot to put it in. That’s so interesting about Swedes and their lack of curtains! Maybe because they’re all about tons of natural light and they don’t want to block it?? Curious! xo

  5. “We built walls!” All I hear is that old classic by Jefferson Starship: we built that city. :) Good job Erin, it looks beautiful. Love the chest of drawers, is it Hemnet by ikea?

    1. Hahah we built this city, err, room! Yes, good eye, Mia, the dresser is from Ikea! So roomy and not that difficult to put together, surprisingly. xo

    1. Thanks Rooth! Boyfriend did all the big stuff (flooring, painting, building walls) and I just threw a duvet on the bed and claimed victory :) xo

  6. I love that bureau (is that how you say? had to google that word, haha) from IKEA. The color looks great with everything else in the room! Love how you’ve decorated it.

    Yes it will be great to get away a bit. Paris and it’s inhabitants is getting on my nerves right now…

    I don’t hink I’ve gotten your comment on the camera post. Usually I can still see comments that don’t get through and get stuck as spam even though they don’t show up on amongst the comments until I aprove them. This one I haven’t gotten at all! Sorry about that. Just know that it’s not you, it’s the blog ;)

    1. Haha, yep a bureau works! A dresser, bureau, chest of drawers, any will work. I had my eye on it at IKEA for a while and then it went on sale! It was clearly meant to be :)

      I wonder why your blog hates me sometimes! Haha, maybe it’s because it feels smothered by my constant attention?? My comment on your camera post was that I like the Nikon 1, I used a Nikon DSLR in college and loved it. I recently switched to a Canon DSLR, but you’re right, DSLRs can be really bulky. The Nikon 1 is smaller but accomplishes a lot of the same stuff as a bigger camera. You should also look at the Olympus Pen series, they are similar, but I don’t know how they compare price-wise. Good luck! And have fun on your little vacation! xoxo

  7. All prepped for when we pop over. Bless!

    It looks lovely- almost like I shouldn’t ever go in there. It would be like a tramp in a top hat.


    1. Hahaha, you goof. You would be welcome anytime! Just let me know so I can set up the George Michael playlist for you. And seriously, I make myself take off my shoes and socks before I even go in there, so don’t feel bad. I’m neurotic!

  8. Erin, job well done! It came out so good, you. Every last detail works so well together. I’m with Sam, that window doesn’t need anything obstructing all that beautiful natural light…Unless you have Peeping Toms as neighbors. Your guests are never going to want to leave. ;)

    1. Haha believe it or not, this room is in the basement! That window looks out into a brick window well, so unless someone lays down on the sidewalk and presses their face through the metal grate, they won’t see anything ;) I’m always amazed at how much light it gets being in the basement. We get less light upstairs! Go figure.

      Thank you for your sweet words, as always. xo

    1. Thanks! The pillow is from West Elm and the tin is actually an empty Lazzaroni Amaretti biscuits tin (also my dad’s) that is filled with tea lights. I might do sheers! Thanks for the idea :)

  9. Well done Erin! The room looks so inviting. I bet your guests never want to leave. Your dad’s painting is so beutiful. If you want to give your guests more privacy maybe you could add a window film to the glass. It makes it look like frosted glass but still lets in all the light…

    1. Well so far the only guests we’ve had have been me, lounging around in there, and I can confirm that it is super hard to leave :) I’ve been thinking about window film! I like that idea a lot. It makes the glass opaque but still lets light through, and I don’t want to hang curtains on the back of the doors or anything.

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