Two of a Kind

I’m sorry, it’s been how long since I last did one of these Two of a Kind posts? Over two months? Oh, for shame! I’m so embarrassed.  Getting back on the bike so to speak was more challenging than I remembered. But the fun kind of challenging, not like watching the Presidential Debate last night and trying to keep my expletive count to a minimum. Now THAT was difficult, and needless to say I failed.

Anyway, here’s a very colorful and busy Two of a Kind:

1. Sweater / 2. Pillow / 3. Painting / 4. Dress

This is more color than I’ve ever been comfortable with. If we desaturated everything I’d be better off, but I have to admit that each piece individually is pretty charming. Maybe it’s just everything together that makes it so overwhelming? I am absolutely in love with the artwork from Julia at Ebi Emporium. All her paintings are so vibrant and beautiful, and the strokes on the piece above match that shift dress perfectly. The pillow and shirt remind me of television static. I mean that in a good way.

Everyone send good vibes to Boyfriend, who is home sick with a fever and small bug today. Poor dude. But at least Fitz is keeping him company!

17 thoughts on “Two of a Kind

  1. AACK. Too! Much! Color! I can’t. Seriously. I love me some color, but that dress? Too much for me, I’m afraid. Le sigh. See how French I am? I’m really much more of a neutral kind of gal. Or all of one color. But color? And pattern? My eyes!

    But poor BF. Did the debate do it to him? I’m convinced that’s why my head hurts this morning (as opposed to the humidity). Although I’m having trouble picturing Fitz snuggling up with him instead of bouncing off the walls trying to get BF to play or go out or play or go out or play…

    1. Love the use of Le Sigh :) But I agree, waaaay too much color pour moi. Though I do kind of love it from afar!

      Boyfriend made a speedy recovery, thankfully, and you’d be surprised how calm and cuddly Fitz can be! He snuggles up in a tiny little ball and presses himself as close to you as possible. If you move even an inch he renegotiates so he’s closer. It’s adorable. It’s the rare time he isn’t bouncing off the walls. xo

  2. Loving this two of a kind. COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR COLOUR – is that enough colour, it makes me smile. And print too! I love that we have some influence over each othe’s posts (or am I going mad?)

    The H&M jumper I’d buy tomorrow if it wasn’t made by H&M – their jumpers and stuff are full of nylon and fall apart after just one wash, boooo :-(

    I don’t care much for the painting either but the dress – oh my, if I went on a day mega crash diet and won the lottery this evening I’d go buy it tomorrow xxx

    1. Haha, such a contrasting opinion to Lauren! I love it! I knew somehow you’d be a big fan of all that color together. Or, sorry, colour with a u. ;)

      I’ve learned to be very selective with H&M clothing now, because you’re right, some stuff just falls apart instantly. Their cottons are okay, but I bet that sweater would be strings in no time! And you are crazy, you don’t need to lose a single pound, you would look amazing that dress! You could totally pull it off. xoxo

  3. Love love love the pillow! And I would totally wear the sweater but it is made with angora. That stuff is always getting on other clothes and always feel the fuzzy fibers are somehow suffocating me…

    1. Oh my gosh, I know, that material is the worst! I made the mistake of wearing one under a wool pea coat one day and I swear I’m still to this day picking strands of fuzz off. Horrible!

  4. I’m more of a neutrals and black clothes kind of girl, but I can see that dress being a good option for when I work weddings :)

    1. Haha, me too! My wardrobe is exclusively black and gray with a few white tees. As shocking as I get is the occasional navy blue blazer :) I like to live vicariously through other people’s wardrobes, haha.

  5. Like riding a bike. Even though it’s been two months, you nailed it, and you haven’t lost your touch. Sorry to hear that BF is ill, and he didn’t even go to India. Please don’t catch it.
    PS~Re: the Presidential debate, no words. Well, I have words, but none of them are nice.

    1. Aw, thanks T! You’re the best. And yeah, J didn’t even travel anywhere this time! He thinks it was a bag of popcorn that upset his stomach, but I’m going with Lauren and saying it was the debate. All that internalized anxiety and rage…

  6. Ah, I hope your mister feels better soon! :)
    And this is the first time I heard of this feature, and I adore it! I’m going back to look at your old ones. ^^ There is definitely tons of color in these pieces, and while I don’t think I would ever buy them, I definitely respect what the designers and painters created. I just prefer more minimalistic items.

    X i x i a ❥

    1. Thanks, Xixia! He bounced back quickly, thankfully. He even put in some time at the office yesterday against doctor’s orders (me). I’m with you, I love the pieces in theory, but for me personally, it’s just too much color. Minimal is my middle name :) xo

  7. Oops my first comment is MIA. . . love the floral dress. I think on the right person it would be stunning. I tend to not wear much color (red hair makes me feel quite colorful enough!) and definitely stay away from prints (I also have freckles). So I am always admiring those that can wear these things. Love that floral painting. The more I look at it the more interesting it gets.

    1. Hmm, sometimes my blog eats comments for no reason. Sorry! I have a soft spot for redheads, just so you know :) I’m not a redhead, but like you I tend to avoid wearing color. I wonder what my excuse is? Haha. xo

  8. Jumper! Although that doesn’t mean I’d necessarily wear it. Not least becuase it’s from H&M and that shop brings me out in hives.

    I’ve just seen Theresa’s beauuuuuutiful photo! What a pretty lady she is xx

  9. Poor BF- sending good health karma and lots of mugs of tea. Er, mentally.


    Also funny that you mentioned the telly static pillows. The seats on the Tube here (on the 70’s ones that haven’t been refreshed) always make me think of that too. I think they’re specifically designed to not show butt juice/stains from constant dirty asses though. That pillow, I hope, is not.

    Just what you wanted. A comment with the words “butt juice” in them. You’reverywelcome.

    Also just saw on the news some wedding party in Philly got broken up by the police and one person was killed after it kicked off? Your city knows how to get down!

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