Tuesday Tunes

So, I’m assuming you’ve heard that there was a major hurricane that hit the northeast corridor. A lot of you expressed concern, which was incredibly sweet, but thankfully nothing really happened here. It rained Sunday night into Monday but stopped around Monday late afternoon and never picked back up. It got a little windy here late last night, but Sandy has moved on and we’re out of the path. At least I don’t feel like a total idiot for rushing out and buying bread, water, and non-perishables. Kidding! I bought into the hype with Hurricane Irene last August too and it was barely a drizzle at best; I’m pretty sure we have a jug of bottled water from last year in the closet still. Now we can add about 4 more jugs to that count. Better safe than sorry, right? Obviously, lots of people are without power and a lot of places got hit way worse than we did. I’m hoping everyone is safe and warm and dry.

This song seemed especially appropriate given the current situation. We totally hit the liquor store in addition to buying groceries just in case, only we never had an opportunity to start drinking.

It’s funny, the weather on the east coast has always been a seesaw of extremes (the Blizzard of 96 dumped almost 3 feet of snow on Philly in 24 hours; we had an earthquake last year; and we have frequent 100+ heat waves in the summer) but we’re normally exempt from tropical storms or hurricanes. Public transit is closed again today, and so is my work, so I’m home. The upside (in addition to two free days off work) is that I’m getting a lot of writing done! And also a lot of Fitz cuddlin’.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Much better to be safe than sorry. We have very little variation in our weather so when there is a “storm threat” our news goes completely insane and gets us all riled up to dig bunkers under our houses and such. usually we find our mad dash to the store was all for a trace of snow but we have had a few serious ice and snow storms so you just never know when it’s going to be something or nothing. I don’t like to be trapped without snacks so I just do what they say. Glad you are safe and are getting days off work! xo

  2. This was a bit of a dud for us too. We’ve definitely been through worse, and after losing power for five days after Hurricane Isabel (less after other storms), I will take stocking up and feeling foolish any old time. But now you have wine!

  3. I would the worst person to live somewhere with that sort of weather as I would just not believe it was going to be as bad as they say. The media are always exaggerating stuff so it would be the boy that cried wolf with me. And then I’d get blown off the cliff or something.

    We had floods a few years ago when I lived in the Shire. It flooded the water treatment plant and we had no drinking water for five days and had to boil everything for cooking etc. That was really annoying! But kinda fun.

  4. This is great news to read, Erin. Happy to hear you weathered Sandy and came out unscathed. As a former East Coaster, I remember those days of heightened awareness to severe storms. In California, we have earthquakes to worry about, but because those can’t be predicted, we deal with the element of surprise. I don’t know which is worse: too much warning or no warning at all? Hm, maybe that’s a rhetorical question. Thank you for the very fitting song.

  5. Sounds like it could be much worse on your end! Glad to hear all is well and that you have had two days off and cuddles from your pup :)

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