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Because I only get my music from tv shows, commercials, or store dressing rooms (I’ve even been known to Shazam the muzak in the lobby of my office building, why do I still have friends), today’s Tuesday Tunes should come as no surprise: it’s the song from an ABC commercial for the new fall line-up. I heard it so many times in the car this weekend during our tour of the NJ Turnpike and thanks to the powers of Google (and, okay, my internet-squirrel prowess) I found the full version. It’s called “A Little Taste” by the seemingly unknown (she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page) chanteuse Skyler Stonestreet. So a) amazing name, b) amazing voice, and c) AMAZING hair. The video is almost like an American Apparel ad in its upbeat quirkiness, but since this song is so sexy there was a ton of potential to do something moody and have an, and I’m just riffing here, Gossip-Girl-where-Blair-and-Chuck-did-it-in-the-back-of-the-limo kind of vibe. She’s super adorable, so I’ll let her slide.


She reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it. Anyone recognize her celebrity doppleganger? I’m embarrassed to have to ask for help given my previously stellar track record with this sort of thing. If I do say so myself.

So what are you guys listening to these days? It’s nice to get recommendations from you guys and not the playlist at H&M.

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  1. Unfortunately I left my earplugs and Ipod at home so I can’t listen to the song at work, will do it later at home. Doppelgangerwise I see a bit of Debbie Gibson, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera in her in different shots…I don’t know why but I haven’t listened to much music lately. P gave me all his Public Image Ltd. CDs to put on my Ipod so I would be prepared for their upcoming concert he is dragging me to. So I should really start listening to those but it’s nothing very current I am afraid ;) I need some new music input!

    1. Those are all good Dopplegangers! I definitely see some Lady Gaga in her in certain parts of the video, but she’s way prettier than Gaga. That’s so cute that P is taking you to a concert! You have to start listening to them to catch up! I’ll give them a listen too :)

  2. i used to constantly be on the look out for music and was always introducing new artists to my friends. now, i pretty much just listen to music in my car which is usually something like neil diamond or rhianna. but my newest music crush would have to be lana del ray.

    so this might not be the person you had in mind but i think she looks like mayim bialik – you know the girl from beaches? and some other show that’s on these days, i can’t remember the name of it now . . . about nerdy guys.

    ps, i like this song and it made me really extra excited for the fall line up!

    1. See I think the problem is that I don’t own a car (never have, woohoo for city living) and therefore don’t get to listen to the radio. I’m missing out on a bunch of music! We have a radio at home but most of the time if I put music on it’s on my iPod so I’m not exactly expanding my musical horizons or anything :) I love how eclectic your tastes are. Love some Neil & Rhianna.

      She does kind of look like Mayim! Though my most recent memory of Mayim Bialik is from the Emmy’s where she looked horrible, so that’s not totally flattering, haha. She’s on The Big Bang Theory, but I don’t watch it either. xo

  3. Haha, I’m just the same. Thanks for this fab recommendation. Also enjoyed your H&M song by Emancipator a very VERY long while ago!
    At the moment I’m slightly obsessed with The Kills’ Future Starts Slow, which was the title song of the TV series Political Animals.

    1. Ha! Wow you remember all the way back to that song? That’s awesome! That song was really good, wasn’t it? And funny about Political Animals, they filmed a bunch in Philly and for about a week I kept stumbling onto the set just walking through town. I haven’t seen it yet though, unfortunately. Thanks for the top about the title song though! xo

  4. For awhile there, all my music was coming from Apple commercials, so I hear where you’re coming from. And then there was the random Bud Light Lime commercial. I know, lame. Now, in the car, I’m stuck with a 13 year old who keeps pushing me towards the Call Me Maybe station on Sirius, which isn’t always bad. We counteract that with a lot of the Grateful Dead station. ;) Just trying to broaden his horizon.

    1. I’m pretty sure I know the exact Bud Light Lime commercial you picked, too. I had a major song-crush from one of their commercials. I was deeply ashamed about it inside. ;)

    1. I imagine whoever’s job it is to pick music for commercials must be infinitely cooler than I am. I would put Keane to everything and call it a day :)

  5. Oh, I totally get the GG reference and agree wholeheartedly!
    I’m going to say Lady Gaga, but I have a feeling that’s not who you were thinking of.
    I haven’t done a Monday Musicality in so long, I might just have to do one. You’ve inspired me. ;)
    PS~I just got the new No Doubt album and it’s really good. I’m a long-time fan.
    PPS~Oh, Erin, that font I’ve been using is called Amatic SC and you can download it for free from Font Squirrel. (It was recommended to me in that design course I took.) I agree, it’s great!

    1. Yay! Knew someone would appreciate that. And don’t forget the new season starts next Monday! We should live-tweet our way through it together :)

      You should get back on the Monday Muscality post wagon, though I’m pretty sure your Mondays are fit to burst at this point. Maybe you’ll have to go back to blogging 5 days a week! A girl can dream ;)

      Thanks for the tip about the font! I won’t steal it from you but I do really love how you’ve been using it! xo

  6. Ooh.

    If you like blippy, bum-shaking French electro-pop, I just bought Breakbot’s new album. It’s sort of like early Michael Jackson (before he went all naff with his pollution and injustice/children chorus songs)- plus the dude plays a keytar. Which means it has to be wonderful. C’est FRENCH, Erin!


    Also if you like the 80’s (but good 80’s) vibe, Twin Shadow is wonderful:


    They probably play both at H&M too. Weee!

    1. Hah! Thanks for the recommendations, and surprise surprise!, I do love me some French electro-pop. I probably shouldn’t admit to this but I once dated a guy who went on to play the keytar. Once I found that out I wondered where I’d gone wrong. But I can appreciate a good keytar here and there! That breakbot song is amaaaazing. You are the best!

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