Quick Bathroom Makeover

No, not for me. I know better than to undertake multiple construction projects at the same time. Let’s just finish up one room before we move on to another, yes? Yes. But I do have my eye on the powder room, and hopefully we aren’t too burnt out on home remodeling after the downstairs is complete that we’ll have the energy to tackle the small, 5′ x 5′ room. I think that’s actually being generous. It might even be 4′ x 4′. It’s tiny, and only has a (too low, out-of-the-box-from-Home-Depot) vanity, and a toilet. It’s sort of “my” bathroom, as it’s where I get ready in the morning, dry my hair, do my makeup, and generally make a mess.

I want to lay new tile flooring (with white grout. For some reason the builder was a huge fan of dark gray grout, gross), paint the walls a (surprise!) bright white, and install (double surprise!) a floating white vanity from IKEA. It shouldn’t be a labor intensive project (says the girl who doesn’t lift a finger to help), and it also shouldn’t cost too much. Boyfriend estimates it can be done over a weekend, but I don’t know if it’s going to be a weekend in this calendar year. I might be asking too much.

The most fun part about remodeling is redecorating afterwards. So here’s the theme I’m going with once the bathroom is complete. Everything adds up to about $180, which isn’t bad at all. It’s probably equal to the cost of the paint and the flooring, but who cares when everything looks so cute?

1. Towel / 2. Soap dish / 3. Hook / 4. Candle / 5. Trashcan / 6. Soap / 7. Toothpaste / 8. Tumbler / 9. Toothbrush

I’m basically looking for any excuse to buy that Swedish Sea Salt Soap and yet another Capri Blue Volcano candle. I’m in love with that soap dish, trash can, Octopus hook, and glass tumbler. So pretty much all of it. I don’t brush my teeth in the powder room, but who can resist the pretty packaging on Marvis toothpaste? I might start.

25 thoughts on “Quick Bathroom Makeover

  1. As I sit here and await the plumbers (not to mention the procrastinating I’m doing), I too, have bathrooms on the brain. Because the bath we’re working on is a guest bath, I’ve leaned plain and simple, but I have to admit that octo-hook now has my eye! And the trash bucket would look pretty nice too…

    Now once we get going on the master bath, that’ll be some fun. But right now I have a toilet in my dining room. Cause we’re just that classy.

    1. Hahaha the toilet has moved from your front lawn back into the house? Only in the south ;)

      I definitely know what you mean about keeping things simple. This might even be too “busy” for me. It is a very small space, as you know!

    1. Mmm, aren’t they best? And I have no idea what’s up with the grout! It’s gray everywhere!

  2. I don’t mind a bit of grey grout, in a public toilet kind of way :-) White grout is a bugger to keep clean. But hey I saw one of those TV advertorials the other day, they were selling a steam vax, it had a little nozzle that you could clean grout with. You must put that on your shopping list too!

    I love the tumbler, just a dash of warm metal among the sea of blue and white.. mmmm. I don’t think we can get Volcano candles here in the UK. Thoughts anyone?

    Plus designers don’t get their hands dirty love, they just oversee the project :-)

    1. Haha, I forgot! It’s not my job to get my hands dirty, of course! I get to delegate from afar and then swoop in and make it all look pretty at the end. Ahh, that’s the life :)

      As Sue said, they have Capri Blue candles at Anthropologie! Get yourself a Volcano candle and thank me later. Seriously, you’ll love it!

  3. i love everything! i am a sucker for nautical themes – the modern ones i should say. this is perfect and all for 180 – even better! i have never heard of volcano candles . . .

    thanks for the feedback today btw! honestly i have no idea what i am doing with all that so the fact you think it looks good is like getting an A+! xo

    1. Ooh, you have to get one of those candles. They’re universally adored. The smell is just…well, it’s incredible. They have them at Anthropologie if you want to do a sniff-test before committing.

      A well-deserved A+ indeed! Really that site looked great, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself! :)

  4. “gray grout, gross”- try saying that fast three times. I love the nautical theme of your picks. This is going to be lovely when you get it done.

    1. Hahaha, i hadn’t even caught that. And you’re right, I can’t say it 3 times fast! Now, “white grout” is much easier to say… :)

  5. Oh, yea, I’m liking the sound and the look of it all. That octopus hook is so cute. It reminds me of the Thomas Paul octopus shower curtain. Did you ever see it? I wanted it so bad, but the price tag was just not feasible for a shower curtain. Maybe first thing in the new year you can get started on this project. Paris first, right? ;)

    1. I haven’t seen it, but now I’m going to google it! Don’t you just hate when simple things like shower curtains are so overpriced but so fabulous you want them anyway? What a bummer that is! I missed the boat on the “octopus theme” craze, I think, and am just playing catch up now. Even still, $50 for a wall hook? Hmm.

    1. WHOA! Rooth you’re my hero! I’m totally buying a tube of that stuff. I might need like, 10 tubes though, to do the floor and walls of our full bathroom. Still! So cool!

  6. Seriously, let me chime in with the white grout. If you get hexagon floor tiles, DO NOT get white. You will spend 80% of the total house-cleaning-time on your knees trying to keep that shit beautiful.
    Labour. Intensive.

    Of course, if you go for bigger tiles, no worries. But seriously, thousands of miniscule hexagon tiles, each with six sides of grout? Shudder. Be warned.

    1. Ohh, I imagine that is a bitch. I thought about small marble hexagon tiles, but I think we’ll end up going with giant, rectangular tiles that look like high-gloss wood but are actually ceramic. I don’t know if that explains it at all. But I can’t imagine having to clean all those tiny grout lines now! Get thee a bleach pen! Do they make those over there? Oh well, not your problem anymore! The poor people who bought your house though…

  7. Love your nautical picks! I need that trash can and the towel, no actually I could buy everything from that list. I have bathroom on my mind too. We started to pick out the items for our impeding guest bathroom and powder room renovation. We picked all white tiles for the guest bath, penny tile for the floor and subway tile for the walls. For the floor we’ll be doing black grout for the reason that süsk mentioned and I think it will look cool too.

    1. Ooh, black grout and white tile is gorgeous. The contrast is really great. The problem with gray grout is it looks unintentional, like it’s just dirty white grout. That’s my main beef with it. Those tiles sound gorgeous, I love subway tiles.

  8. In my cleaning madness I actually scrubbed my bathroom floor with a brush and bleach to get the grout white again and it looks like I have a new floor. What a nerd I am. That sea salt soap is a must.

    1. Clean grout is one of life’s most beautiful things! I bet it looks awesome, too. Not nerdy, just clean! :) xo

  9. I love that soap! But I’ve told you that before. I have no opinion on grout but I do rather like that octohook. I think the octocurtain is fab too but I think it would scare me! x

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