Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hate Halloween. We’ve been over this before, but in case you’re new here, Halloween is a holiday meant for people who aren’t afraid of their own shadow and who don’t have to sleep with a night light at almost-26. Thus, Halloween is not a holiday for me. Sure, I like the candy and…no, that’s it. But there are more appropriate ways to deliver candy than with spiders and mummies and ghosts. Flowers and butterflies, perhaps. But just because I go all bahumbug on Halloween doesn’t mean I haven’t had some seriously awesome costumes in my day, because I have. And I think this year’s was pretty good, too.

Even though my French Immersion class was postponed last Saturday until the middle of November, I had already lined up my costume for a party we were going to that night that was more than semi-related. It was both was less involved than my lobster costume of last year, seeing as though I only had to steal a fake mustache from my friend Aisling and a scarf from my mom, and very obvious given who I am. It should not shock you in the least that I had the following in my possession:

In case you can’t figure it out…

J’etais un Frenchman! At least 3 different people at the party on Saturday said, “Wow, you really do love all things Paris, don’t you?” Mais, oui! Boyfriend went as a cheesy tourist, complete with knee socks, sandals, and an Hawaiian shirt. It occurred to me after we were already dolled up and at the party that we should’ve told people we were “An American in Paris.” Apologies for the blurry cell phone picture.

What were you for Halloween? Am I the only one out there who hates the holiday? Or are there support groups for people like me?

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  1. I didn’t dress up at all this Halloween – but I definitely think your Frenchman costume takes the cake over your lobster costume! But I am so bias because I really love all things French too.

  2. you crack me up. next year, though, can you go as rainbow bright again? i don’t love or hate halloween (i prefer day of the – dead dia los muertos). though, i think somewhere inside me there is someone who desperately wanted to be on broadway (as a child i probably spent 50% of my free time watching musicals and movies from the 40’s and 50’s) so the theatrics of halloween get me pretty excited but not for myself particularly, as i never dress up. but i really, really, really like knowing there is one day in the year that i could . . . and i love getting my kids all dressed up. i have decided however that i shall not go in anymore night time corn maze haunted houses. that is like the perfect place for a chainsaw murder to take place because the have chainsaws and everyone is already screaming! …if you ever wanted to write a campy screenplay for a halloween movie, i think that is an excellent plot line, the corn maze man. . . or maybe you can come up with a better title. i am cool with a little royalty for the idea ; )

    1. Next year: Rainbow Bright 2013, the Redux. Done! I totally get what you mean about the theatrics behind it, there is something really exciting about abandoning normal dress and going all out. At least you can expel your creativity on your kids! I can’t wait to dress my kids up one day.
      And now I’ll never be able do another corn maze, because I’m convinced I’ll die at the hands of a chain saw killer! Gah! I’d totally write a story about that and give you royalty rights only I’d never make it through without peeing my pants in terror! Haha. Love your creativity though. xo

  3. Haha, awesome costume Erin! I’ve actually never really been a fan of dressing up for Halloween but that’s because all my costume ideas have always sucked – in originality and in execution. Next year, I’m definitely going to take some suggestions from you

  4. Well, you already know I love Halloween. I am also afraid of my own shadow. But I think that’s why I like Halloween because I can enjoy being spooked for one day. These costumes are so hilarious (and so well done!), I think you may secretly like this holiday too!

    1. Aw, thanks Santa! Haha, I think I might have a soft spot for costumes, but I could definitely do without the zombies and spiders and stuff, haha.

  5. You look great! You make a beautiful French man! I’m not a fan of dressing up. We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and I have to say, the adults there who were dressed up looked ridiculous. Sorry nice adults who invited us to the party. I’m not a dresser-upper, and sadly this is the first year Callum is technically too old to dress up. Sandy put a crimp in our costume making plans anyway. But! If he’s desperate, it occurred to me today that he could go as a Phillie…

    1. Aw merci, ma cherie! Sandy threw a lot of people for a loop this year, and I’ve heard that a bunch of towns in New Jersey are postponing Halloween until this weekend! Smart idea. Did Cal go as a Phillie? He does have a Roy Halliday ball!

  6. To prove how much I dislike dressing up for Halloween (except when I was the witch to your Dorothy…of course!) was under Reagan when I went as a dancer in Fame and someone else dressed up in colorful balloons as Reagan’s jelly beans!

    1. Damn, woman, date yourself a little more why don’t you! Were you wearing your (in)famous denim jumpsuit? Please say yes.

  7. That’s brilliant, Erin! You look awesome, and BF looks hilarious.
    Yea, I have always been pretty meh about Halloween. I don’t hate it, but I certainly don’t count down the days either. I especially don’t understand the sexy Halloween costumes. Whenever I have to dress up, my go-to costume is Wednesday from Addams Family. She’s all dark and moody, and I love her.
    The kids certainly give Halloween – and all holidays really – new meaning. It’s nice to experience these events through their eyes now.
    Happy Halloween, Erin!

    1. You’re so sweet! I actually put white makeup on J’s nose to simulate pasty sunscreen, haha. I’m definitely more “meh” about the actual holiday, but super opposed to the horror-side of things obviously. Haha. The Addams Family gave me nightmares as a kid! I had a dream that the dad tried to rape me. I was 9. I have problems. Between his creepy mustache, cousin It, and the crawling hand….BAH!
      Happy belated Halloween, lovely! xoxo

  8. You both look brilliant, why didn’t we guess that you’d go as a Frenchman, duh?!

    Forget occasions or any other excuse, I think you should dress like this more often, it suits you. Plus it’s Movember so you can wear that tash for the rest of the month, oui?

    No dressing up for me, I can’t remember the last time I went to a halloween party. That’s stuff is reserved for kids more in this country. x

    1. :D Pretty obvious, right? It’s like a natural extension of my normal wardrobe! I wear stripes pretty much all the time, and the beret in the winter. I could go for Movember if it wouldn’t freak Boyfriend out, haha. Actually maybe I’ll make HIM do Movember! That’s a good idea, thanks Sam! xoxo

  9. Cute costumes you two! Love your mustache! I probably would have carried a baguette around all night with me. My go to costume is dressing up in German Lederhosen that I found on ebay and a checkered shirt. Accessorize with a bottle of beer and I am set ;)

    1. Baguette + drinking = instant drunk-snacks. Such a good plan! Love your Lederhosen costume, very fitting given your heritage, haha. I’d love to see pics of you in it from years previous! Hope you’re staying dry, darling. xo

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