Gary Oldman in Paris

I should preface this by saying this post is what happens after you sit on the sofa too long, scouring the internet for content, and aided by perhaps more gin than is normally acceptable for a Wednesday night by yourself. I’ll also say that this is the sequel to the “Gary Oldman Eating Macarons” wonderfulness that occurred on Twitter (here and here) when I realized that there are no available photographs of my supreme celebrity man crush eating macarons on the internet. Go to Google right now and search “Gary Oldman eating macarons.” I’m the first SIX RESULTS. I’m so proud!

Anyway, last night I realized there were no photographs of Gary Oldman in Paris. You know, my two favorite things in life. So I decided to rectify that situation the best way I know how: Photoshop. This whole thing took me 20 minutes from start to finish, lest you think I spent hours cropping him out of pictures and pasting him onto Parisian backdrops. My Photoshop skillz are apparently un-addled by things like “gin” or “sanity.”

ENJOY.  Also, I’m sorry.

Oh, Gary Oldman, you shouldn’t have! Bringing me flowers in Paris. Vous êtes un gentleman!

Sometimes in Paris, Gary Oldman stands moodily in the doorway of his bedroom. Il est tres pensif.

He looks so natural, non? Il n’est pas concerned with the midget people around him.

Quoi? You don’t sit outside at a Parisian cafe in the rain in a tuxedo? Vous n’avez pas vécu!

Imagine walking into your building one day and seeing Gary Oldman just standing in the hall. Excusez-moi, monsieur.

If you had a window seat with a view of La Tour Eiffel, you would sit in it, too. Don’t judge him.

Sweet lord. I’m glad I at least entertain myself.

31 thoughts on “Gary Oldman in Paris

  1. i’ve said it before & i shall say it again… you have officially lost it mon petit chou! {and yes, i typed ‘gary oldman eating macarons’ into google & it was all you! nut job!}

  2. Haha! Is that 5th photo one of mine as well? I get this déjà vu that I’ve taken something similar.. Or maybe not.

    I like Gary Oldman too, he is a really good actor!

    1. Yes, it is! It’s one of the first pictures of yours I ever saw when I first found your blog. I have a bit of a soft spot for it :)

  3. Hahaha! You most certainly entertain me, chérie! :D

    Your obvious and unwavering devotion is endearing but the poor dear looks so uncomfortable in the last shot.
    Get him off that titchy window seat at once, there’s a good girl.

    1. Hahaha, he doesn’t look very comfy you’re right. Perhaps I should have placed him on a fancy bed or something? Ooh, now my imagination is running away with me. I think this might have to be a regular series!

  4. Brilliant, simply brilliant. BTW Annie is 7th and Theresa is 9th on the front page of the google search ‘gary oldman eating macarons’. See the level of influence you have on everybody, your passion for this subject is relentless. We still love you x

    1. Hah! I hadn’t even noticed that. My influence is weirdly impressive, haha. I’m glad I still have friends after this craziness :)

  5. Hahahahahahahahahah! This made my otherwise moody morning. Although I agree with Chi (hi Chi! miss you lovey!), I just want to walk in the room and shoo him off that precarious windowseat. The first one, with the flowers. It totally looks like he’s walking past your house. How’s your head this morning? x

    1. :D Happy to help! I’m glad my ridiculousness entertains more than just me. Surprisingly, I had no hangover to speak of! Or maybe I did, but I was too excited over this post to notice. xo

  6. I totally love this, I actually laughed out loud. This has got to be one of my most favourite posts that you’ve done.

    PS – Thanks for the Alan Furst recommendation. I’m definitely looking into it

    1. Aw, thanks Rooth! I was nervous people were going to hate it/think I’m weird. You might still, but I’m glad i made you laugh at least! :)

  7. this is the funniest thing ever! i can’t believe you did all that in 20 minutes! i think i need to drink more. all i can say is that i hope you do more of these (never could there be too many btw).

    ps i forgot to say that yes that side font in oswald xo

    1. Hahaha, thanks Christine. I’m definitely debating making it a regular occurrence. And I don’t have to worry about running out of photos of Gary Oldman or Paris. I have no shortage of either! xo

  8. This is, in one word, amazing. I love that you are the first six links! But what I love more is your love for Gary Oldman.

    1. Thanks T! Maybe I’ll do a Photoshop Tutorial on how to make one of these crazy things, haha.

      AH, that picture of Gary. That show was seriously all kinds of amazing, wasn’t it? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I went ahead and pinned that picture of him ;)

  9. Oh too funny! Well you know Erin, if you think about it, link #7 is your guest post at Insideology. So, technically, that’s you too!

  10. OMG you have actually lost the plot! I think you should have photoshopped him walking into the fancy London solicitor’s office to ask for his injunction….!

  11. Hahaha you are too funny. PS, that table Gary’s sitting at in the rain? I work in the building literally RIGHT next to that cafe. I recognized it immediately because I walk past it five times a week!

    1. That’s so funny! You lucky thing. Do you ever see Gary Oldman just hanging out? It clearly happened at least once, if these photos are to be believed ;)

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