Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was incredible, and I know that because I woke up this morning exhausted and wishing it were still Sunday.

After work on Friday, I went home and tried to straighten up, but mostly I was anxiously pacing around the house, eagerly awaiting Lauren’s arrival. As soon as they got to their hotel and checked in, I ran as fast as I could to meet them. There were lots of big, squeezing hugs and loads of high pitched squealing on my part. We went to dinner at Continental, split huge plates of food, and talked well past both mine and Cal’s bedtimes. It was the most surreal thing, sitting there with these 3 amazing people like it wasn’t the first time we’d met. There wasn’t a single awkward moment. And Cal even got a sparkler with dessert for his birthday!

Saturday morning I met them in Rittenhouse Square and the four of us went to Old City to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I take living in the country’s most historic city for granted sometimes, so it was nice to see things through the eyes of a tourist and soak it all in. If you ever come to visit, just know that I’ll likely make this a required trip, seeing the birthplace of our nation’s independence.

We had lunch at Parc (!!), where Boyfriend (who had gotten in late the night before and was still feeling all gross and congested) joined us. We had one of those long, leisurely meals I love so much, and conversation flowed as if we’d all been friends for years. Lauren really did say it best, it didn’t feel like “meeting” so much as just “seeing” each other. Also, can I just take a moment to say that both Cal (and Sam’s son Barney, who I’d had the pleasure of meeting the week before) are so much more well behaved than I was at their age. They are both exceedingly polite and kind; I’m pretty sure I was a huge brat at 13.

After a quick nap, we reconvened and headed down to the baseball stadium for what turned out to be a rainy wash-out of a game, but we tried to make the most of it. Lauren and I split a classic Philly cheesesteak, and the boys each had their own. Boyfriend had a really fun time talking baseball with Cal. When the game was finally called for rain, we all left for home, heartbroken. But not before stopping for some frozen yogurt.

Sunday, Boyfriend made an elaborate spread for breakfast while I cleaned (read: slept in), including bagels, fresh fruit and veggies, and a mushroom, goat cheese, and roasted red pepper quiche. I was in charge of roasting the red pepper, and I succeeded….in setting the smoke alarm off at 8am. Lauren, Neel, and Cal came over for some grub and for some Fitz-lovin’. Fitz was in heaven with more people to play with and kiss and hogged all the attention. Lauren brought me a huge container of Doumar’s waffle cones and an adorable set of cheese knives with Eiffel Tower handles. The sweetest.

I had the most incredible weekend and missed them as soon as they left. Boyfriend couldn’t stop raving about how nice they all were, and I was like, “I know, right?!” And then of course I got all weepy and couldn’t believe that I have these wonderful people in my life (real-life!) thanks to this little blog.

I’m making it a mission to meet all of you now.

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  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I wanna come back. Can I come back NOW? I feel sure Fitz wants us, even if you feel your guest room isn’t quite ready! ;) Seriously, we had the most amazing time (rain-out notwithstanding, but we’re not gonna talk about that!) with you guys; I simply have no.words. None. You both were the most amazing hosts and splendid ambassadors for your wonderful city. We couldn’t stop making plans to come back!

    Now, to get you on the beach!

    Love you ducks…even more so now. xoxoxo

    1. Comebackcomebackcomebaaaaaaack!! This instant. You guys don’t mind sleeping among construction dust, right? Good. Fitz will be overjoyed. I will be overjoyed. I had such an incredible time with you guys. Seriously! I now know why you rave about your boys the way you do!

      Next time in Norfolk? :) xoxo Love ya tons and tons.

  2. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! I finally get to see Lauren! *Lets out a fangirl squeal-cum-scream* :O

    @Lauren: You naughty girl, you! Why did you hardly ever post photos of yourself on your blog? You’re so pretty, honey! :D x

    Oh, and can I just take a moment to doff my cap to BF? What a guy!

    I’m so, SO glad everyone is turning out to be as wonderful and kind as I imagined they would be and that you guys had a brilliant day!!!
    And now if you’ll excuse me, I really need to go and have a lie-down – this is waaaay too much excitement for me to handle! *Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    1. Isn’t she beautiful!? She’s always hiding behind her lens, I was happy to “out” her with some photos. And she’s even more beautiful on the inside, if you can believe it (I know you can!). Your excitement is so adorable, Chi! One day when we meet in person we’re not going to know what to do with ourselves!! There will be squealing galore! xoxo

  3. Yes *squeal***** I don’t really know what else to say!
    Lauren is so pretty and that picture you took of her family is just adorbs! I’m hoping she frames that and puts it on her mantlepiece. The one in her pretty pink sitting room.
    I’m just so thrilled you all got to meet. I had no idea Neel was there too!
    You are such a good photographer Erin. I know I say that all the time but these are fabulous. Love the one of Lauren using big daddy or whatever he’s called.
    Me next! me next! me next! Pretty please?

    1. What a good idea! I should print a copy and send it to them. How do you know her sitting room is pink?? Have you two met in secret already?? Of course I’ll meet you next, come over and hang out with me! Or I’ll come there. I know that if I meet anyone else before you you’ll absolutely combust. ;)
      Yes, Neel came too! And I totally get why Lauren says she loves his laugh so much, it’s infectious! He and Cal were so amazing and Lauren was just a delight!
      And you’re sweet, you know. You’re like my biggest photography fan! xo

      1. How do I know her room is pink? Um, she has this blog where she sometimes shows photos of her house….it’s called Still + Life. Check it out, it’s pretty good!

        Sam said you weren’t sure whether I was real cross or pretend cross…I’m going to leave you guessing on that one :o)

        Thank you for my shotglass and postcard! that was so sweet of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Wow! Here we are. All ‘real’ as now everyone has met someone and no corpses to be reported anywhere between here and the US. Go figure!

    Well, Erin, did you not have a fab week? First Sam and now Lauren & Co… I can imagine you being on overdrive and not able to contain yourself. Oh and yes, I am 100% sure you were much more of a brat at 13 than these 2 young gentlemen, who both sound divine:)

    Lauren, you look simply gorgeous. Radiant and gorgeous x
    I also hope you will frame that photo of ‘la famille’.

    Erin, GREAT photographs and not a blanket and candle in sight:) Phew!

    Really pleased for you guys x

    1. My favorite part of your whole comment was “no corpses to be reported” haha! Definitely one of my gravest fears, as it should be, about meeting people off the internet. But both Sam and Lauren (and their respective husbands and sons) turned out to be not axe-murderers and instead amazing ladies! Pretty much an awesome week for me, you’re right!

      Thank you so much, Tina! I was definitely nervous photographing around Lauren, given that her camera could eat mine for breakfast, haha. But the family is so beautiful and happy and sweet that it made photographing them so easy. And don’t worry, blankets and candles will be back soon! ;)

  5. Yipppeeee! so so glad you all had fun hanging out together in all these places. Your photos are wonderful Erin, the Keim’s look like such a happy family together, it shines through on your images. Made even happier because they got to hang out with you too x. To echo everyone else’s comment – It’s great to see shots of Lauren, she’s really cute, awwww. And Cal, bless him, what a memorable birthday for him, still you only become a teenager once.

    I just think it’s so amazing that blogging has made all this happen, you know? As you say, it’s like you all known each other for years, Neel looks so at home on your sofa and look at Fitz with Lauren, a funny and cute photograph. No images of boyfriend though, booo!

    Please, please can you make it Annie for the next meet up, otherwise she may just combust :-)

    Right, I’m off to read Lauren’s post.

    p.s. thanks for the sweet mention of Barney


    1. Lauren really needs to post more photos of herself! She’s a stunner and she never shares it! They really are such a happy family, it’s so inspiring to see that much love between them. The same thing could be said about you and your boys, too! Barney and Den got along like the best of buddies. Now I’m getting all weepy over wanting kids, haha.

      Blogging has been really good to me, I have to admit. First you, now Lauren! Who’s next?? Lauren posted an Instagram pic of Boyfriend, which proves he exists! :)

      You should come back and bring Annie with you and we should do a bigger meet-up with everyone! Make it happen, lady! xoxo

  6. Move over, Chi, I need to lie down with you. L.O.V.E. this post! Erin, you are having the most amazing few months – first GO, then Sam, and now Lauren (et al)! If Annie really does come next, I will die. I am going to echo everyone’s sentiment about that photo of the Keims standing next to the Liberty Bell – It is gorgeous. The lighting is perfect, as are the three beautiful faces in it. BF making brunch for everyone on Sunday was the topper. So happy you all made this happen. xo
    PS~Erin, I thought the same exact thing when I met Cal. I was way more self-absorbed and just plain ridiculous at 13 than Cal could ever be. :)

    1. Oh my god, I hadn’t even realized that I should include meeting Gary Oldman in all the excitement! But I guess it fits!! Then yeah, this has been a majorly exciting few weeks for me! Shove over, I’m going to lay down with you and Chi and catch my breath ;) I might be taking a trip to your neck of the woods in October, I think that might be a good excuse to meet!

      The Keims are a gorgeous, happy family aren’t they? I can’t take any credit for that photo, they did all the work! Just like Boyfriend did all the work for brunch, haha. And yes, you met Cal, you know exactly how great he is! He’s wise beyond his 13 years, that’s for sure. xo

  7. It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Love the photo of the Keim family, I can see both Lauren and Neel in Callum. It’s so great to read that people can make real life connections through the internet. And I love that Fitz has a white goatee, makes him look real distinguished.

    1. Teehee, Fitz’s old man beard is my favorite part, too. And you’re right, I can see both Lauren and Neel in Cal! He’s such an incredible guy, really. They’re doing such a good job on him. I have blogging to thank for the experience! So neat. xo

  8. It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time together and it’s so very fun reading both sides of the story. Don’t you love it when the blogosphere brings people together?

    1. That was definitely fun for me too, reading Lauren’s account of the weekend. I was relieved when she seemed to have as good a time as I did! Haha.

  9. What a great weekend it seemed like! And if you ever come to Paris you know I’ll be happy to meet you. I would take you to my favorite places so you can have a REAL French Paris experience :)

    1. Aw, thanks Christine! If only I’d known you back in May, we spent a few days in Paris on a trip to Belgium. It would have been nice to get a local’s tour! xo

  10. It’s the best thing ever, I met some incredible people through the blog.

    I always think I should see more of London, it’s so easy to just put it off, it’s always there so we never go. A trip to the Tower of London it is then!

    1. Isn’t it magical? It’s so surreal, too. Meeting people off the internet used to be the stuff of Law and Order episodes, and now it has endings like this!

      Definitely go visit the Tower! I’ve been something like 5 times and it still never gets old :)

  11. We had an awesome time. It was so great to finally meet you two. What wonderful hosts! Being from Philly it was very fun to see the city through your eyes and hear/see all your favorite haunts. I think you should run for Mayor. God bless the ‘internets’!

    1. Ah! I got a comment from Neel! I’m beaming :) You are welcome back anytime, we couldn’t have asked for better guests!

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