Tuesday Tunes

I have a very exciting evening planned tonight: Boyfriend got us tickets to see Florence + the Machine way back in July for our anniversary, and the day has finally arrived. I’m skipping out of work a little bit early today to take care of Fitz (I want to give him some time outside of the crate before he goes back in for most of the night) and then we’re having in dinner in town before taking the train to the one of the top ten most dangerous cities in the country, beautiful Camden, New Jersey. The only reason anyone goes to Camden is to see a show or go to the aquarium. Both are situated right on the waterfront, directly across the Delaware river. We would take the ferry but it’s supposed to thunderstorm all night, and I’m not trying to die. Also I get seasick when I refill the Brita pitcher, I don’t want to press my luck.

But yes! Florence! In all her Welsh-y, weird-o goodness. I hope Boyfriend knows what he signed up for; this is going to be a far girlier concert than Keane (yes, Annie, it’s possible) but I am so so excited I can barely stand it. Our seats are under cover, so  even if it rains we’ll be okay, but half of the venue is lawn-seating. I went to a concert there in high school and sat on the lawn and it poured the entire time. It was a Dave Matthews Band concert though, so at least I got a second-hand high.

Anyway, to honor the occasion, here is a video for one of my favorite songs off her second album. The music video was directed by David Lachapelle and John Byrne and is pretty much on par with all her previous music videos for the level of weirdness. Still, her voice is amazing and this song makes me want to belt it out with her (I won’t, though, because I’m tone deaf).

As far as I’m concerned, this is a better “say my name” song than Destiny’s Child. And because I learned my lesson with the Keane concert, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any merchandise this time. Though maybe just a tote bag.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Florence is pretty fantastic. And is it bad that the first thing this morning was listen to the new songs on the Carly Rae Jepsen album?

    PS – Dancers at your great-grandma’s birthday? No friggin way – your family is too cool

  2. Oh, yaaay! What a great present!!

    The Hubster and I LOVE Florence! We can take or leave The Machine, mind! ;)

    She fits the weirdy songstress mould (Kate Bush, Roisin Murphy, Bjork, etc.) that we tend to gravitate towards. Have an amazing time!

    P.S. Flo does merchandise, too? *Shakes head*
    Oi. :/

  3. Florence isn’t Welsh!
    More girly but less hobbitty although I’ve not seen her feet so can’t swear to that but she is rather tall.
    I like Dog Days. Happiness hit her like a train. I love that line. Have fun xxx

  4. Ah, beautiful Camden home of Campell’s. What a great anniversary gift. I’ve seen a concert at the same venue years ago and can’t even remember who it was. Have a great time at the concert tonight!

    PS. Yes, to the tote bag!

  5. ” Also I get seasick when I refill the Brita pitcher, I don’t want to press my luck.” If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it……who hangs over the rail of a 36 foot cutter before we even leave the harbor of Charlotte Amalie? Or, still TIED to the dock in Mexico. We wouldn’t even mention the water taxi in Vancouver.

  6. Oh, consider me officially jealous over here. I would love to see Florence in concert. I suppose I can remedy that situation by simply purchasing a concert ticket. Though, I don’t think I could convince anyone to go with me. Years ago, I dragged husband (then boyfriend) to a Fiona Apple concert. He was actually a good sport and seemed to enjoy the concert. After the concert he replied, “Wow, she’s mad.” :)
    Tell BF that’s a great anniversary gift, and have an amazing time!
    PS~I second the tote bag.

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