Splurge vs. Steal

You guys, I am beat. Florence + the Machine (including a live harpist!!) didn’t go on until close to 9:45 last night, which meant by the time she was done it was after 11:15, which meant I was stuck waiting for the subway back to Philly from Camden at midnight (during which I kept moaning, “We’re going to be stuck here FOREVER.”), which meant that I didn’t crawl into bed until 12:45. Those of you who know me know I am an 85 year old woman in disguise and that my bedtime is 9:30 on the dot. Every eyelash hurts this morning, that’s how acute my grumpiness is. But it was so worth it! She was amazing, she’s like an ethereal gothic nymph that dances around stage and belts out these powerful notes and holds them for insane amounts of time. I’d liken her to Stevie Nicks meets Queen Elizabeth I on a fun ecstasy trip. The show was far less intimate than the Keane concert, owing to the fact that the venue held something like 4 times the amount of people from that show, but Florence did run (barefoot) around the amphitheater during one song, and made a lap right behind our seats. It was an incredible, incredible show, so theatrical and so intense that at the end I exchanged a hug with the kid in front of us, even though we were complete strangers. Boyfriend didn’t get it, but he did have a good time!

I didn’t end up buying any merch (!? this has never happened!) but only because they were sold out of the tote bag. As a fiscally-conscious individual (don’t snort, it’s true…at least when it comes to my own money) I rarely tend to settle on something until I’ve exhausted all possible leads for a less expensive option. In the case of the Florence + the Machine tote bag, there might not be an alternative, but that’s okay. When it comes to a majority of the other stuff I like/want/need though, there usually is. I almost never buy anything without a coupon code or when it’s not on sale, and my internet search history looks like I have a team of 5 hunting down bargains for me.

Now, as a fiscally-conscious individual who has a big crush on J.Crew, this becomes a frequent series of events. While I’m happy buying my cardigans and arsenal of striped shirts from them, they occasionally go overboard when it comes to some of their products in a completely financially unjustifiable way. When this happens, I’m forced to put on my Internet Squirrel suit (side-note: I totally want to hire some artist to draw me in a squirrel suit, perched in front of my laptop) and uncover alternatives. I call this “Splurge vs. Steal” and in the last post of the same name, it was all about backpacks.

If you can justify spending $500 on sunglasses, more power to you. I’m still using the pair of Ray Bans I splurged on years ago. Aren’t those loafers sort of adorable? I can’t tell how I feel about them entirely, but I think I love them. And FYI, nothing in this post was purchased. (Yet.)
What’s your most recent steal?

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  1. Aww, so glad you had a fab time at Flo’s show! :D
    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her perform (and by that I mean on TV; I’ve never seen her live) without her trusty harpist. It’s just the way she rolls, it seems.

    You’re in bed by 9.30?! Wow! I need to take a leaf out of your book and pronto. No wonder you look so good and I look like …. well, me. :/
    I went to bed at 10.30 last night for the first time in ages and woke up feeling like a new woman.

    I am AWFUL at bargain hunting and the (few and far between) bargains I’ve found have been total flukes. Case in point: I just bought L a snow suit from P.O.P because Montessori education requires her to be outdoors in all kinds of weather. I have a P.O.P voucher that would have knocked £20 off the price but I forgot to use it.
    That said, I fully intend to flog it on Ebay to the highest bidder the second she’s done with it. Does that count as bargain-hunting?

    P.S. Those glasses are ferosshhhhhhh! It’s so not fair that the expensive version looks better. Harrrumph!

    1. It’s so cool that she uses a harp all the time. That blew J’s mind, seeing it on stage. Florence certainly puts on a good show, but man! She could have gone on a little earlier. I was yawning during the second opening band :) And you are divine, are you kidding?! You always look so refreshed and beautiful, I can’t believe you’d think otherwise. I will say that drinking a ton of water and getting somewhere around 9 hours of sleep a night is really my only beauty trick. And when one of those fails, mascara and blush, haha!

      Oooh, splurging for L sounds like fun though! If I were you I’d go back to the store with your receipt and the voucher and see if they will retroactively give you the discount. I did that once recently with J.Crew, I called two days after I bought something because they had started a sale that would have saved me over $100 on the order I just purchased, and they went ahead and gave me the credit! It never hurts to ask, you know!

      You can always eBay it once L is done with it, too. That’s a great idea! xoxo

  2. Okay, I’m just going to say that I worried about you guys all night and feared another, you know…rain out. The weather up and down our coastline looked pretty miserable. But no! You made it! And even though you’re sleepy, you can rally enough to SHOP. What a gal! But $495 for sunglasses? I’m sorry that deserves an eyeroll for sure. Sunglasses that are more expensive than shoes? GIVE ME A BREAK.

    1. Oh my god, I know, me too. My bff called me as we were getting off the train in Camden and asked, “Is this thing still happening? We’re under a tornado warning right now.” But luckily the venue is covered and everything went off without a hitch! Whew. I was more than a little anxious about that & the commute to get there.

      Yeah, seriously, sunglasses should not be that expensive! Unless they’re Chanel or something, which is still ridiculous but at least makes sense with the rest of their brand.

  3. These sunglasses are insanely expensive! I was very cheap this summer and instead of buying a new pair I ordered brand new lenses for my Ray Bans, they feel like new.

    1. That’s such a smart idea! I hadn’t even thought of that. If my lenses start looking worse for the wear I’ll investigate that option. xo

  4. Forence + the machine? How lucky!!!! I know that feeling of wanting bed – I get that in london while waiting for the tube at night (I think it’s my way of protesting to my man that we’re not getting a black cab!). Loving the shoes – unfortunately the expensive ones win my vote (I reckon it would be better to not show which are the expensive ones then let me choose – I can be quite easily influenced……!). PS Love hearing about Philly – I lived there for a year once awwwww, miss it!

    1. Haha, I’d say on average I spend about half my day “missing bed.” It’s a bad feeling! But the concert was a blast, definitely worth it. That’s a good idea about not putting the price on there! I’ll do that next time and let you guys guess :)

  5. Sounds like the concert was amazing. In the clothing department, most recent steal was $9.90 jeans at Uniqlo. What?! I like a bargain and can’t stand to pay tons of $ for jeans!

    1. That’s insane! Well done, I can’t believe you got such a bargain. Maybe I should be taking notes from you!

  6. I’m totally with you on the Internet coupon code thing – I hate paying full price for anything online. I take it as a personal challenge to seek out the best deal, so much so that my friend is getting married and I still haven’t bought a bridesmaid’s dress yet because I haven’t found a coupon code (yes, it’s a jcrew bridesmaid dress).

    1. Ooh, J.Crew bridesmaid dresses are beautiful. I don’t blame you for waiting, though! They’ll go on sale eventually.

  7. Yay, so glad you had a great time at the concert. As if I ever had a doubt. Hugging the stranger in front of you made me smile. I could totally see myself doing that.
    You know J.Crew is my favorite brand, so I hate to hate. But, whoa! I think with every collection, J.Crew feels the need to come out with these pieces that are insanely expensive. It all goes along with their high/low philosophy. However, I have to agree that $500 is definitely better spent elsewhere.
    PS~As always, great bargain finds, internet-squirrel. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I don’t have any recent steals. I could definitely benefit from your skills.

    1. It totally fits the high/low philosophy, you’re right. I guess I shouldn’t hate on it either, since I adore them so much, and especially when so much of their stuff is reasonably priced (their cardigans are amazing and last forever). It comes with the territory! I’d rather spend that $500 on a few pairs of chinos and a bag or two :) See? I can virtually spend money all day long, ha! xoxo

  8. Ha, ha I feel like you after going to a concert. Can’t they just start earlier to make it easier for the people that have to go to work the next day and the old folks (me!). But glad you enjoyed it! I love me a good bargain and also try to hunt things down for less if I do not like the price tag.

    1. Yes! I’m such an old lady, I can’t believe they didn’t start earlier. It was worth it though, and it was quite an experience. But yeah, looking around the crowd I was wondering, don’t any of these people have to get up for work tomorrow?? My bff was there and she left early because she had an early shift (she’s a nurse) on Wednesday. Smart girl!

  9. Ah glad you had a good time! i’m sure she’s excellent live and at least you didn’t have to listen to that bloody awful duet she did with Sir Dizzee (surely a knighthood is headed his way…?).

    I’m not sure about the shoes or the sunglasses. and the shoes would look dreadful with my stumpy legs! xx

    1. Who’s Sir Dizzee? He sounds like a cartoon character! I’m assuming he’s a rapper of some sort? Just a hunch :)

      You do not have stumpy legs! And the more I look at those loafers the more I’m seeing “old lady” shoes. Sigh.

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