Reunited, At Last

Well, it only took 2 Ā½ months, 416 phone calls, 5 full breakdowns complete with tears, and one re-print by the artist at the cost of the framer who messed up the first print, but it’s here! If you remember, I bought this limited edition screen-print after the Keane concert I went to in June, and dropped it off at AC Moore to have it custom framed. The first version came back mid-July with a gigantic, black marker streak across the bottom. “Devastated” would be an understatement. “Devastated and dropped multiple F-bombs” would be more like it. Being that it was a limited edition run of 10 prints, I thought the odds getting it fixed or replaced were nil. Luckily, they were able to contact the artist and negotiate a re-print for me (!!), but we had to wait for the art restorer to evaluate the damage and determine itĀ irreparable, and then wait for the new print to ship from the UK. The magical phone call came on Friday, and early Saturday morning I dragged Boyfriend back to AC Moore to pick it up. I literally hugged it. It looks so beautiful! Now to find a wall spot for it. (And it’s not framed un-evenly, it’s the angle of the camera; the white is even on both sides of the print. Lord knows I inspected the bejesus out of it before I signed off on the pick-up slip.)

And in other redemption news, AllModern reached out to me after the whole duvet fiasco last week and had a customer service rep call me to apologize profusely about the situation. I didn’t get the duvet out of it, but I definitely appreciated getting some acknowledgment of how lame the whole thing was. Thank you, social media, where having a very public hissy fit pays off.

PS. I’m over at InspirationCooperative today sharing some of my favorite things!! Any guesses to what made the Top Ten? Head on over to check! Thank you for having me, Theresa!

19 thoughts on “Reunited, At Last

  1. Okay, that Keane print is gorgeous and it’s going to be a great pop of color in your condo. Where to put it? Where to put it? You’ll need to post photos in situ. Loved seeing you at IC today too, girlie! xo

    1. I think it will end up in the living room between the front window and the tv (so fun you know what I’m talking about!). But for now I’m content just cuddling it and welcoming it into the house. Photos to come once it’s all hung. xoxo

  2. Ah wonderful, how lovely that they sorted that out for you like that. Social media is having such a huge impact on customer service. It’s great!

    Off to read about you on T’s blog chicken xx

  3. Yaaay, woo-hoo! Finally!

    “Lord knows I inspected the bejesus out of it before I signed off on the pick-up slip”
    Of course you did – after what you went through?! I’d have done exactly the same thing.
    Top marks to them for negotiating a reprint of a limited edition! That must have taken some doing.

    It’s often enough to hear someone say, “I understand how you feel” even when they can do no more than that.
    “Thank you, social media, where having a very public hissy fit pays off.”
    Haha! Doesn’t it just?!
    I’m not very good at it, though. I attempted it on Twitter with and I think I was a little too civil about it. Just a little.

    Great job on the guest post, by the way – j’adore! ;D x

    1. Oh I’m not surprised you were civil, you’re far too nice to be a huge whiny brat like I was throughout this whole thing AND the duvet disaster! It’s the only time in life when being spoiled gets you farther than being sweet and serene like you, haha. I’ll go to bat for you the next time something happens, though! What happened with Moo? I’ve only heard good things about them, I’m curious!

      Je t’adore, ma cherie. xo

  4. This is quite the accomplishment. I have never had any luck with corporate chain stores paying for their mistakes! I’m happy it all worked out for you!

    1. Thanks Ash! I think the only reason it worked out so well is because we take all of our work orders there and they didn’t want to lose all that business (I might have threatened that, of course). In the end it all worked out though!

    1. Yeah! 10 prints per city and they only offered a few cities. So imagine how upset I was when it came back ruined!

  5. Well, it was worth the wait. Not the heartache and aggravation, but we won’t talk about that part anymore. The print looks so nice in its new black frame. Who knew the framers could negotiate to have a reprint made!
    Also happy to hear that AllModern – an actual person – reached out to you. Companies really can’t get away with poor customer service anymore. So, kudos to them for reaching out.
    Thrilled, THRILLED to have you as part of the Co-op today. It sort of, kind of made my day. :) You’re the best, Erin. Thank you! xo

    1. The whole reason I got it framed at all was because it was a non-standard US size and wouldn’t fit into an IKEA frame (that’s my go to method of framing). I was pretty excited once I found out they were going to fix their mistake! That almost never happens. I’m counting my lucky stars. Especially after the AllModern rep reached out to me. Maybe I should go play the lottery??

      You are the best for opening up your blog to me (twice so far!) and allowing me to share some stuff. Thank you so much again! I had a blast. xoxo

  6. Glad your print ended up being replaced and coming out okay. I would have been quite devastated if that happened to me but much too timid to say or do anything about it

    1. Pssh, you need to get tough with sales people girl! That isn’t to say you should always be rude, but my mom taught me well in never letting them get away with stuff like this. She should offer a class. The woman once got a full refund on a pair of pants she accidentally set on fire and ruined.

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