We’re Going to Paris

Okay, not really. And it’s cruel to even joke about itBut! I get to take virtual day trips to my favorite city on earth whenever I want thanks to a new favorite blog: Christine & Paris. There is no shortage of stunning shots of everyday life in Paris. Here’s just a taste of her amazing photographs:

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From Christine’s bio: “A blog about a lot of things written by a Swedish hobby photographer living in Paris.” You guys. Come on! It’s two of my favorite things (Sweden and Paris) combined into one. It would be like if Gary Oldman collaborated with Ladurée. Or if Gary Oldman had been cast in Midnight in Paris. I could go on, but I won’t because I think we’ve sufficiently covered my love of Gary Oldman before, and today I want the focus to be entirely on this incredible blog. It is so up my alley that I can’t believe I didn’t stumble across it sooner, though I do have Mia over at The Swedish Girl to thank for the “introduction.” I’m telling you, every time I play “follow the white rabbit” across blogs I end up finding one I just adore. That’s how I found my last blog crush, Veanad (don’t worry girl, you’re still my number 1). Thank god for Google Translator, so that I can actually read and enjoy all of Christine’s posts about what it’s like to live in Paris. And in case you’re curious, yes, she has a French boyfriend and yes, I am incredibly envious of her life.

Go! Check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed. And while we’re at it, what were your recent fun blog finds? I’m always looking for new reads.

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  • Le sigh. These images are beautiful. Going over to check out the site(s) now.

  • Ok, got the tab open. Thanks for the recommendation. If it lives up to the photos you showcase above, then I know it will be amazing. Let’s see, latest obsession? The blog of graphic designer, Jennifer Chong. (Her Pinterest boards are great, too.) You know me, I’m forever getting lost in that rabbit hole. Thank you for ushering me in to another one. Happy Wednesday, Erin!

  • First I was like, “I recognize that photo, it looks like one I’ve taken..” Then I started reading and now I can’t stop smiling. I’m humbly touched by your sweet words. I don’t think anyone has said (written) so many nice things about or to me ever. Thank you so so much, this made my day! It made my boyfriends day too I’ll tell you, when I read him the part about “french boyfriend and very jealous of it” his ego grew a lot. My god, now he can’t stop talking about how lucky I am to have him, haha ;)

    Hope you will have a great wednesday (guess it’s stil daytime over there?) !

    Ps, I really like your blog as well. You have a special way of putting down words black on white. Keep it up because your blog is now one of MY favorites :)

  • Uhh, so jealous of her life??? Thanks for sharing bloggers that you enjoy Erin!

  • You’re welcome sweetie! I visit Christine everyday too for a dose of Paris but truth be told I don’t think I’d want to live there. Parisians are rude. I prefer the south of France, even if there’s a certain amount of macho-culture down there. Oh well, no place is perfect.

    Now over to you Erin. Gary Oldman? Sweden & Paris? How, why? Help me understand, I mean it snows here A LOT and Oldman? Hm, I remain skeptic but love how goofy you are. You and Joanna are my favourite americans.


    PS. Have you been here? You should come visit me next summer, blogdating goes international!

  • I follow her blog to, that’s how I found yours :) Have you seen “Little brown pen”s blog? She takes the most beautiful pictures of Paris (Even made a book of them) and definitly one I reccomend!

  • Oh yes! I can see that i am going to be lost in Christine’s blog for a while! I love reading about new blog finds… off down the rabbit hole i go xxx

  • I really like the “rabbit hole phenomenon” – that’s how I found your blog, among many other favourites.
    Christine’s blog is one of my favourites and she’s also a very close and good friend of mine. Her photos are breathtaking and her way of writing very touching. My love for Paris has always been strong and through Christine I maintain my love .
    Now I’m going to follow her recommendations and explore your blog!
    Lots of love

  • Ooooo, all of her pics make me want to visit Paris too, it’s a little nearer Sweden thankfully. Bisous!

  • Oh gorgeous photos and gorgeous blog. That darned rabbit hole! I’m not good at stumbling on those holes on my own, so I have to trust you guys to lead me to them. Thank you. And those photos. They make me happy and envious of her talent at the same time. I’ve been feeling like a useless hack lately, but there you go. Still, you can’t look at these pictures (or read your words) and not feel good. :)

  • […] Yesterday I turned you on to my newest blog read (or, should I say duo of blog reads, as Mia & Christine are forever linked in my mind), and today I want to give an early review of the newest book I’m reading now (Lauren, I’m sorry, I put down Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy halfway through. I promise I’ll go back to it at some point!). I mentioned Jo Nesbø’s “The Snowman” in my “I love winter in Scandinavia” post, and I stopped into Barnes & Noble yesterday morning on my way into work to pick up a copy. It felt so nice to stroll through the park (my normal walk to the subway is the opposite direction) and into the bookstore; the city was gorgeously sun-drenched and the air was still chilly. It took all of my will power not to stop for breakfast at my favorite faux-French bistro, Parc, and then call out sick from work to sit in the cafe and read all day. […]

  • This just ruined us for the majority of other mind vacations we’d been planning. It looks like Paris wins…it always does.