New Specs?

I didn’t realize until I started writing this post that I’ve had my glasses for almost a year. I got my first pair in September of last year after my eyes finally gave up on reading things close up. I can tell you the route displayed on the front of the bus 5 blocks away but can’t read anything in my hands without intense squinting (and later, ocular headaches) and holding it literally against my nose. I was told by my eye doctor that’s not a good thing. So I ordered a pair of Huxleys in Whiskey Tortoise from Warby Parker and was completely in love with the whole process. They send you 5 pairs to try on at home for free, offer free returns even after you order your prescription, donate a pair to someone in need when you buy yours, and cost under $100. I know it sounds like I’m being paid to endorse them (I wish!), but I’m just really happy to be able to see.

Of course, though, because I’m me, I’ve been feeling like I need a change of pace. The Huxleys are great, but recently they feel a little heavy on my face, both physically and visually. And ever since I wrote this post I’ve been considering going the clear frames route as well. But I don’t want it to be like that line from “Mean Girls”: “I saw Regina George wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.” Only for this situation it would be, “I saw Gary Oldman wearing clear frame glasses, so I bought clear frame glasses.” Boyfriend is already at his limit of dealing with this whole Gary Oldman obsession.

So do I stick to the frames I have now, but change it up to clear? A few people have said it could look cheap or like they’re fake, while others have said the opposite. Or do I go with a totally new frame shape to lighten things up? And if then, do I go with a standard frame color or go for the clear? I think the clear frames only work with the shape of the Huxley frames. The nerdy-chic shape makes it easier to pass off. OR do I go for an entirely new style. Decisions, decisions!

Huxley / Webb

I love that the Webbs have a smaller profile and thinner frames than the Huxleys, but I’ll definitely have to do the home try-on option to see how they’ll look on me. When I went through the ordering process the first time, I ordered 5 pairs, expecting some to fit better than others and was totally surprised when the real things got here. It’s hard to tell from an online picture how something will look, especially with something like glasses (which can make you look ridiculous instantly). The Huxleys were the 5th pair I chose for the try-on, and I only threw them in because I had a spot to fill, but they ended up being my favorite by far.

What do you guys think? Do you wear glasses? Sometimes at work I’ll forget to put them on and make it maybe an hour before my eyes are burning and blurring at random. Eyes are weird.

15 thoughts on “New Specs?

  1. I like the pair you have! They look great. Do you have a photo of yourself with them on? You should post it and we can make a better assessment. I want to know what you decide. Teri

    1. Thanks, Teri! Here’s a picture of me wearing the Huxleys, if it helps:

      I think I’m going to go for the clear pair! I have nothing to lose, really!

  2. Technically, I “wear glasses”. In reality, I haven’t worn my glasses in ages. Never do. But these make me want to go to the dr and get my eyes in check (followed by an awesome pair of new glasses)
    I think they all look great but, the really amazing part is that you get to try them on at home before making a decision. So why not try out the clear and then a completely different looking pair while you’re at it?

    1. Haha, I like the distinction! I know a bunch of people who “wear glasses” but don’t actually wear them. I’ve only been wearing mine for a short time but I imagine they get old after a while; I’m still in the honeymoon phase with mine I guess :)
      I like the way you think! I’m going to go for it!

  3. I really like the one you have! So my vote would be either get the Huxley in clear or if you want to change the style up a bit I would choose the Webb in Tortoise. I think that frame doesn’t look as good in clear as the Huxley.

    1. Thanks, Nina! I think I’m going to go with the Huxleys in clear and if they don’t work out (or even if they do) I could always get the Webb in the tortoise. You can never have too many accessories, you know! Haha.

  4. I read this and had to go away for awhile and thing about it. First, I agree with Teri, it would help to see them on you. Second, I’m like homestilo. I “wear glasses” too! Third, I’m on board with what you have, so maybe get the same in clear to mix things up. I’m not completely sure I *love* the clear. I may need to see those on you too. But like Tina, I like the Huxley clear better than the other clear.

    1. Well I know from talking to you after the fact that you totally dig the clear frames now, so I think I’m going to buy them ;) And you should wear your glasses! I feel like a scolding parent, haha. xo

  5. Please don’t hate me but I don’t wear glasses and was told at my last test that I had “better than 20/20 vision”. :)

    I’ve heard of Warby Parker and love what they do – Tom’s does something similar (one for one glasses) now, don’t they?

    I love your tortoiseshells but look at it this way – if you get another pair, an additional person gets the gift of sight.

    Oh, and I’d go with the Huxley Crystal. :D

    1. I could never hate you, Chi! And as a cautionary tale…all my life, including the appointment the year before I finally needed glasses I was told I had better than 20/20 vision, too. It can happen to anyone! They lull you into a false sense of security and then bam! One day everything up close is blurry. At least I get to accessorize now! :)

      You’re right, whichever one I end up ordering will help someone else out, so I should just bite the bullet and get them! I like the way you think, duckie. xo

  6. I love the ones you currently have. That said, I do realize it’s nice to have an alternative to change things up every now and again. You know how I feel about the clear frames – So cool! Seems the Huxley Crystal is the safe bet since you already know that frame shape looks good on your face. Though, maybe you send away for both just in case.
    To Chi’s excellent point, with your new pair, someone else will also feel the love. Win-win.
    I wear glasses for driving and watching movies. Computer work and reading I do fine without. Though, I have a feeling my days are numbered.
    PS~Cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!

    1. Haha, together you and I have perfect vision! J is the same way, driving and movies/tv. Our kids will be blind as bats, I’m afraid, haha. I think I’m going to go with the Huxleys in clear, I have nothing to lose and I’m doing a good deed in the process. I can always get a third pair without breaking the bank, too! But I might be getting ahead of myself ;)

  7. One of my very cool art-director friend’s has a clear pair of glasses and they look fab. I couldn’t get away with them though, but then again I don’t seem to be able to get away with any glasses (according to the very direct assistant at the local ‘sunglasses hut’ here in Sweden (bring on tinted contact lenses!), I say go for it, I’m sure you’d look really great and v. cool.

    1. Ooh, I like the cool art-director vibe! That wouldn’t be a bad look at all. I’m hoping I can pull them off! That Sunglass Hut employee needs to learn a thing or two about manners, harumph. I’m sure there’s a pair out there that look good on you! But tinted contact lenses sound pretty fun, too! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Niki!

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