Friday Five

The last few mornings have been downright cool, breezy and refreshing. I’m not going to be tricked into thinking that it’s going to be fall weather anytime soon; 26 years of living in Philadelphia has disabused me of the belief that seasons will stick to their prescribed temperatures. Thanksgiving or even New Year’s day can be unseasonably warm. But it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of unpacking all my fall clothing, seeing all that tweed and plaid and wool again. Breaking in a new pair of oxfords, wearing a scarf with everything. Hot apple cider! Pumpkin picking! Oh my god, I can’t wait. I know that when winter hits and I’m walking to the subway in freezing rain and snow I’ll be singing a different tune, but for now, bring on October.

In the meantime, today’s Friday Five is my dream fall wardrobe.

1. Coat / 2. Gloves / 3. Umbrella / 4. Bag / 5. Loafers

I mean, obviously I’m kidding with $300 gloves and a $2,000 bag. But a girl can dream, right? And I used to say that by the time I was 30 I wanted a classic Chanel quilted bag, but I’m amending that to be a Céline mini luggage tote. Come on, look at that thing. How chic is that coat? It’s from H&M! I’d spill something on it within seconds, I just know it. And while I do love those loafers, my feet would be entirely ravaged by them for any extensive amount of walking. In New York on Wednesday, I wore a pair of black Vans that I’d worn multiple times before and the backs of feet actually bled on the bus home. I’m still walking funny, trying not to put any pressure on my heels. Every pair of shoes I’ve ever worn for as long as I can remember do the same thing to my poor feet. I’m clearly meant to be barefoot. But barefoot is not chic. Neither is that cheeky umbrella, but I absolutely have to have it. How funny is that?

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anybody else wishing for fall like me? In a bit of sad news, Boyfriend was suddenly scheduled to go to India for two weeks for work. I found on Wednesday. He leaves on Saturday. Clearly this weekend I will be stocking my apartment with alcohol and barricading myself in.

I’ll be back later today with another post (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) because my new Warby Parker glasses are arriving today. And I can’t resist an opportunity to take a picture of my face. Even though I have two giant mosquito bites on it. We ate inside, even though the weather was decidedly fall-like and comfortable enough to dine outdoors, and I still managed to get eaten alive. Two on my face, two on my left arm, one on my left knee, and one on my right ankle. So you can add “itching” to the list of things I’ll be complaining about this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Well boo to boyfriend being gone, and so quick too! I’m not sure I could handle that. Call in the gin. (Speaking of gin, as a total aside, I had the best G&T at PF Changs of all places, but that’s a story for another day.)

    I am trying to focus on the positives of summer being over, and fall clothes are definitely one of those things. That jacket with some gorgeous black boots? Heaven. I’ll try to think about that while Callum and I are at the pool this afternoon. Or not.

  2. I too am focusing on Summer rather than Autumn, as soon as we start to enjoy it, it disappears. Your Friday five are great, espeically the H&M coat which is a steal. The Celine bag, well that’s criminal the cost of it!

    Sorry to hear BF is off tomorrow, try and enjoy – watch films, change the flat about, buy stuff, spring clean, whatever. It’ll soon pass. Have a good weekend and look forward to seeing those GO glasses xx

  3. I’m also looking forward to Autumn. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve started seeing all the Autumn decorations in the shops over here in New York, It’s not something we Brits do but I love it!

    Gorgeous coat, can’t believe it’s from H&M and the umbrella is fabulous, totally the way I feel about rain :)

    Sorry to hear about your Boyfriend going away, hopefully your new glasses will cheer you up, I look forward to seeing them!

  4. Sorry to hear that BF is going away…For two weeks! This is exactly why you should just become a professional blogger, so you can pick up and travel with him. Ha!
    Did I ever mention to you that fall is my favorite season, hands down. I’m not a summer girl. Shh, don’t tell anyone. So, yes, I’m very much looking forward to fall and all that this season has to offer. It doesn’t help that retailers and publications are already breaking out fall goodness.
    Warby Parker just got a nice write up in a magazine I was reading recently for most innovative company. I think it was Fast Company. Can’t wait to see you model your newest pair. I’ll be back to wish you happy weekend.
    PS~That purse is everything!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful weekend Erin – gawsh I want a Celine tote as well. Timeless. Can I say that’s the last bag I’ll ever buy? We all know that’s a fake statement

  6. BUY THAT COAT! Even if you only get one season out of it; for 70$ it’s worth it.

    Also, french curse words are totally more chic. That umbrella is a fabulous. I pinned it as a gift idea for my mom.

  7. That coat is tres chic! Love the bag but I probably would never own it let alone a classic quilted Chanel bag. But am dreaming about it…

  8. We were swimming in our Tuscan pool this afternoon (show off!) and a gust of wind blew dried up leaves into the pool and I thought ‘Autumn!!!!’ My favourite season bar none. i got really excited.
    I love that umbrella so much!

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