Look! A post not about Gary Oldman! I know you are all shocked and relieved (no one as much as Boyfriend, whose patience I definitely tried last week and who I’m sure entertained the idea of punching my Number One Celebrity Crush to End All Crushes square in the face), except I will say that yes, I did have a 5×5 print of the photographic evidence printed and stuck it in a frame on my night table. If I still have a boyfriend in a week we need to celebrate.

Anyway, I tend to avoid sniffing the perfume ads in Vanity Fair every month, but every once in a while I’ll submit. I don’t know how I never smelled Chloé’s signature scent before this weekend, but I am completely in love. It’s heavy on the rose notes without being too granny-esque. I stopped by Sephora to pick up a sample, and it’s the highlight of my morning routine now. Sure, at $65+ it’s by no means cheap, but the last time I bought perfume was in 2005 when I was on spring break in London and went a little crazy at the Burberry store on Brompton Road (I impulse-bought a bottle of Burberry Brit and a purse, which I later had buyer’s remorse over and returned at a store here). So if you amortize the cost over 7 years it doesn’t seem that bad, right? It’s really one of the most beautiful and feminine scents I’ve ever smelled, and at the rate I’m going through the sample vial spritzing myself with it every morning I’m going to have it buy it soon.

Do you have a signature scent? Pretty sure I found mine. And what were everyone’s thoughts on the closing ceremony at the Olympics last night? Did anyone else sing along at the top of their lungs to the Spice Girls? Seriously, how Boyfriend puts up with me I’ll never know. At least I smell good!

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  1. Chanel No. 5 in the winter, No. 19 in the summer. Although I did try a limited edition Molton Brown this weekend, Londinium and I wanted it so badly. But it cost $140. No dice.

    1. You used to wear Marc Jacobs, because I used to steal spritzes from it when we lived together. Sorry to admit that 8 years later. Also, omg 8 years. And $140 is obscene for perfume.

    1. Ha, you say that like I don’t know any better! I won’t wear it on Wednesday, I’m not trying to kill you (yet).

  2. Wot no GO?! Booooo! Just kidding! Not familiar with this Chloe fragrance but I do love a good floral scent. I’m into Marc Jacobs scents – Oh Lola for the day time and Lola for nights out. Nina from Nina Ricci was a fave for a while too. $65 is not bad for a perfume though. BUT, you had the same bottle of perfume for 7 years?? Surely it couldn’t have been smelling good? You could have got a rash ?!

    Loved the closing ceremony, got really choked up actually :-(

    1. Believe it or not the scent hasn’t changed AT ALL. It’s actually gotten a little bit stronger and gives me no rash or problems whatsoever. I know it’s technically not the most hygienic thing, but it goes to show you that I clearly didn’t wear it enough for it to last this long.
      Love Marc Jacobs scents, you’ve picked two lovely ones.

      I didn’t watch the very end when they lit off fireworks or extinguished the Olympic torch, but I imagine I’d have been a little teary-eyed myself. Lord, the Spice Girls almost made me well up.

  3. I think $65 is not bad at all actually. And I’m in a not-spending place apparently. Bummer. But with good perfume, you don’t need much, so go for it. I just gave up my fave over at inspirationCOOPERATIVE today…funny how we’re both talking perfume. I wear my Prada all year, but it’s definitely more of a summery scent. I could use something to move me into winter.

    1. I love Burberry Brit, I should’ve mentioned that, and it is a nice wintery scent, not light and fruity for summer or anything. Maybe you could give it a whiff next time you’re at Nordstrom. Pretty sad to hear you’re in a no-spending place right now. You’re who I turn to for impulse buys!

      LOVED your feature over at Theresa’s today. So funny we were both thinking perfume this morning.

  4. Diptyque’s Philosykos is my smell. It’s like figs and smoke and trees and not all frou-frou and overwhelming. Apparently it’s meant to be reminiscent of a Greek summer’s day.

    For men, even though you didn’t really ask, Ban uses Marc Jacobs BANG. Seriously, the best woody, Brawny Man-y smell ever. Plus the bottle is all mirrored for checking yourself out in. And flexing.

    1. You had me at Diptyque. Isn’t it a shame that I’ve never smelled their perfumes?? Now when I smell yours I’ll have a clear picture in my head as to what I’m supposed to be noticing about the scent. Usually I’m just like, “fruit!” or “rose!” as evidenced above. Though there is something pretty goddess-y about smelling like a Greek summer’s day.

      I just bought J a bottle of YSL L’Homme, but I’ll have to look into the MJ stuff, too! Not that he’d be caught dead flexing, but I totally would.

  5. l’eau d’issey by issey miyake… 10+ years and counting… i’ve tried many, many other perfumes, but this one is classic, simple & versatile…

    loved the closing ceremony (minus the ode to fashion… what the!?!)… i was chair dancing like a lunatic! sooooooo much more fun than the opening ceremony in my opinion!

    1. Ooh Issey Miyake, I’ll have to give it a sniff next time I’m at Sephora! Amazing that you’ve been using it for so long.

      The closing ceremony WAS better than the opening ceremony to me too! Except for the George Michael part, I wasn’t a fan of that.

  6. Oh, you had me at “rose notes without being too granny-esque.” I’m a sucker for a beautiful rose scent. I’m going to check this one out. Perhaps this Chloe perfume is what you should have purchased right after meeting GO. There is nothing like a special scent to trigger memories.
    My husband gifted me Marc Jacobs Daisy for Christmas a couple of years ago. I LOVE the bottle, but sadly I think I’ve only used it once. (!!) Before MJ, and like Sue, I used Issey Miyake religiously for years.
    PS~I watched a bit of the closing ceremony and loved that Madness made an appearance.

    1. Gah! I hadn’t even thought of that! Though I guess that makes sense because I hadn’t smelled it last Tuesday. Now that you mention it, I might have to retroactively buy it and assign it to the experience! Haha, of course.
      Lots of Marc Jacobs fans! My old roommate/bff used to use Marc Jacobs’ regular scent and I loved it. The Daisy bottle is really pretty! You should show it off as decoration (or, you know, use it!).

  7. I am giggling at Issey Miyake because it will always remind me of the fast show. I can’t find a clip but it was basiccally this bloke saying ‘this week I will be mostly wearing issey miyake’. so funny.

    Well Chloe. I thought the post was going to be an announcement that you’d finally named French girl and Chloe is the perfect name n’est ce pas? Daughter of the russian!

    I’m funny about perfume and all toiletries, they have to smell of real things so most of them are out. I LOVE anything rose smelling too. I wear Rose Essentielle by Bulgari and have for years. I’m not sure I could ever change it. It smells of rose with a little bit of Parma Violets :)

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