A Classic Garden

Ever since I used this picture a few weeks ago for a Like a Picture, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.


There is just something beautiful and magical about the entire scene; the way the light is filtering in, the rustic table-setting, the way I can almost here that gravel crunch underfoot. We all pretty much agreed we’d love to sit out there and pass the time with a good drink and some good company. Living in the city, we don’t get that sort of luxury. Well, you can, but it comes at a price few people can actually afford. I wish I could somehow keep everything I love about urban living but put that exact garden right behind my house. Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds?

And in case that garden wasn’t pretty enough for you, I noticed that months ago I’d pinned the following pictures as well. Apparently I have some affinity for greenhouses and overrun gardens.

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So of course, I started imagining myself living in anyone of those photos. Owning my very own weedy, rustic garden. Hosting a small gathering for some friends and all sitting around a reclaimed wooden table. Crunching over gravel to a little patch of wildflowers and ineptly overwatering them because I have the opposite of a green thumb. And maybe it’s the mystique of the Olympics that’s reminding how much I adore England even (especially?) with its weather, but I pictured Wellies and a light drizzle in a classic English cottage over sundresses and well, the sun. Isn’t there something special and romantic about hearing the rain through the trees? In other words, none of you would mind sitting outside with me in the rain would you? I promise we’ll still have fun.

1. Rain coat / 2. Watering can / 3. Chair / 4. Candle / 5. Metal tray / 6. Wellies / 7. Wooden crate / 8. Drink pitcher / 9. Picnic basket / 10. Napkins

I want more than a few of those pieces for my home and the only outdoor space we have is the alley next to our house where we keep our trash.What do you think about putting that folding chair at the end of the guest bed to stack extra blankets or towels on? It’s thoroughly vintage Parisian cafe. This might also be the year I invest in a pair of Hunter boots, too, since my bright yellow galoshes are on their last leg. What’s your favorite piece? I’m intrigued by that Fig Tree scented candle. And seriously, who’s coming over?

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  1. You only have to ask once, you know! I have had a pair of Hunter Wellies for years (from back in my Pennsylvania days), and I love them! I use them more for rain than snow here, which is good since they’re better in the rain than the snow, but I digress. I love the idea of a chair at the foot of the bed for extra blankets or a place for guests to drape clothes or set their toiletry bag or baseball glove. And that fig candle has me intrigued too. Let me know what it smells like!

    1. That’s another vote for the wellies! If we have a winter like last year again I won’t need them so much for the snow. I just need a pair of boots that don’t let up water from the soles into the shoe, because that’s what I’m dealing with now!

  2. A greenhouse sounds magical! Wish we had more space in our yard. We had a covered porch in our first apartment and we loved sitting in the rain by candlelight.I had hung the candles from the ceiling in mason jars. Yes to getting Hunters, I love mine! Also yes to the chair for the guest room. If I get the cute rain coat and wear my Hunters I am equipped for hanging out in the rain with you…PS. Need to pin those photos!

    1. Candles in hanging mason jars sounds like the most amazing thing! I bet it was so beautiful. Everyone seems to own a pair of wellies but me! I think it’s time I joined the club! :)

  3. The chair in a guest bedroom is great! It fits perfectly with your therem. I picture it near the vintage Parisian print. Your guests can place their bags, lay out clothes for the next day, or event *sit* on that chair.

    Hunter boots are a great investment! There are fleece liners you can buy that make them wearable in colder weather. In my four years at Syracuse University it was ALWAYS snowing, raining, sleeting, hailing, or misting. I needed a good pair of rainboots and snow boots. Sadly, the Hunter boots were not warm enough for the freezing single digit weather in upstate NY. However, I think they could tie you over for the cold weather and light snow in Philly.

    1. Haha, did you know the idea of sitting in the chair never even crossed my mind?? I have problems, clearly. I don’t know how you survived for 4 years up there! I can barely survive winters here and they sound a lot more manageable than Cuse. I might invest in some fleece liners just in case! Thanks for the tip, girly. xo

    1. Hahah uhh…because there’s a million restaurants circling the park? I don’t think I’ve ever owned a picnic basket! Go figure.

  4. Blow out the candle and I’ll be there! I’ll bring my Hunter wellies cause they’re so heavy they kill my back. I made the mistake of wearing them to the dentist one rainy day and the weight of them in the chair sent me straight to the chiropractor. Oh, I also have the inserts!

  5. I’d happily sit out there in the rain with you, duckie! Especially if I get to wear that super-cute raincoat with the Hunter wellies!! :D

    “What do you think about putting that folding chair at the end of the guest bed to stack extra blankets or towels on?”
    I LOVE that idea and – as Aisling said – it would be the perfect finishing touch for your guest room. :)

    Gardens that are big enough to disappear in are the best. We had one in the house I grew up in (in Nigeria) and I would often imagine that I was on my own little planet all by myself with civilization miles away – bliss. :D

    1. Chi I had no idea you grew up in Nigeria! When did you move to England? I bet you miss that garden sometimes! It sounded so magical for a kid. If I ever get a garden like that you are more than welcome to come sit with me in matching rain coats, deal? Deal. :)

  6. P.S. You’ve been tinkering with your blog again, haven’t you? :)

    It always looks great whatever you do, you clever girl!

  7. I’m so sick of the rain, I’m not sitting out there with you unless it’s sunny. I have sheepskin lined hunters they are the bestest thing I own, so snugly! I wear them with no socks and snuggle my toes into the sheepskin. But really I need some normal ones too as they’re far too hot for the summer.

    OMG you would ADORE Petersham Nurseries! It’s basically a posh restaurant in one of those overgrown rusty greenhouses. Another one for the London list.

    I like the first photos but that last one reminds me of school toilets. x

    1. Oh boo, fine then we’ll just have a party in the rain without you. Kidding! When I come over in March, if we have time, I’d love to visit Petersham Nurseries with you! You wrote about that place already, right? I’ll have to go back and read. Sounds like my kind of place!

      Thanks for the advice about the wellies. I might get a pair with the removable liners so they work year round. Do they make those? Hmm. xo

    1. Oh, thank you cutie pie. If you can’t tell I was inspired heavily by your beautiful blog! xo

  8. I will happily sit out in the rain with you. As soon as I talk myself into not caring about whether I get wet, I like nothing more than to play in the rain; It instantly makes you feel like a child. Hunter boots and a good raincoat definitely help. I like the idea of using that chair for blankets. Cute idea. Looking at all those garden photos caused me to daydream a little too.

    1. Haha, there’s a few lines in Midnight in Paris about the rain (“Why does everything have to be in the rain? What’s so wonderful about getting wet?”) that I was reminded of from your comment. It does make you feel like a kid again! These days I try to avoid it because I’ve developed some giant phobia of getting struck by lightening, haha. Our party will have to be lightening-free. :)

  9. There’s something slightly eerie about an overgrown garden as well, which gives me excited chills. I’m in for the adventure!

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