In lieu of a Friday Five this week, I’d like to fill you in on a little behind-the-scenes renovation that we’re undertaking (it fits nicely with the bathroom renovation I shared earlier this week). We have two enormous bedrooms downstairs (350-450sq ft each), and we’re doing a total renovation to the one in the front of the house. Boyfriend’s dad is super handy and has rebuilt entire bathrooms, their own brand new kitchen, custom bars, etc., and is coming down today to start work on our place. The plan is to separate the space in two (that awkward column is the dividing line. I feel like I’m walking into Pete Campbell’s office on Mad Men every time I’m in there), install french doors that lead to that part, make the back half a den complete with a custom wine closet. We’re talking building a wall, running new electrical, ripping out the carpet and installing new flooring, the works. Since his parents don’t live in the area, this is going to be done over to be a series of weekends. That, coupled with the fact that we had to clear almost everything out of the room and store it in our bedroom (so we now have two leather couches, a bar-height dining table and 4 bar stools, a bookshelf, and a menagerie of boxes in one corner) means the chaos I’m inviting into our lives is going to be unreal. Of course I’ll be documenting the entire process and keeping you guys posted along the way.

Don’t mind Fitz photobombing this picture; he wasn’t even in the room when I picked my camera up, yet somehow he found time to run in and plop himself down with his hilariously oversized bone. What an attention whore.

On anoter exciting note, I finally got a new phone! We went with the new Samsung Galaxy SIII. And for the first time in my entire cell-phone owning life I’m no longer on AT&T. My dad was the lead architect for all of the east coast AT&T stores back when cell phones first came out so we went with them out of loyalty, stayed through the Cingular years, and I eventually got fed up with my phone alerting me to voicemail messages from phone calls I never received from no service. So I joined Boyfriend’s plan on Verizon, and we’ll see how it compares. This phone is so sleek and ridiculous. I don’t even understand half of what it does, but it’s so pretty. I’m also finally on Instagram, but I have no idea what I’m doing. You can follow me under the (totally unexpected) username likewantneed.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun home renovations? New toys? Have a good one, kiddos!

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  1. Renovations!!!!!!! I’m so excited. Was that enough exclamation points to convey my level of excitement? You’ve totally (almost) made me brave enough to show photos of my bathroom(s). Maybe. I fully expect posts of Pinterest inspirations, mood boards, wine bottles, the WORKS. Just so I’m clear: at the column goes the wall and the french doors? Yes? Your weekend sounds way less calm than mine, and that’s okay!

    1. Yep! The column is the dividing line. Kind of hard to explain without “after” pictures, but those are coming! You should definitely post photos of your bathroom! It might motivate you to start gathering ideas and stuff!

  2. Gosh I don’t know what I’m more excited by! Erin? On the Gram (as sam calls it). Lush! So much fun!
    But goodnes me a whole room dedicated to wine??? You are so cultured. I might build a gin closet, that’ll do me. Kidding. (as Theresa says)
    That’s so exciting seeing your home and that’s going to be brilliant following along with you.
    Love your flat screen tv btw xx
    Yeay for home tours!

    1. Hahaha, I actually had to look back through the photos and was like, “flat screen tv??” but then I got it. I blame it on the renovations, my brain is all dusty after the weekend :)

      I love being on Instagram with you ladies! I think I’m addicted already though. That’s okay though, right?

  3. Since your father was an architect, I’d like to remind you of what he always said to me when I re-did a room….I’ve been an architect for over 35 years and this is what happens with construction!….The initial phase is fast and, for some stupid reason, you are lulled into thinking the entire project will be finished in the same few hours it took to demo. By the end, you’re ready to scream at the taping, mudding, drying, sanding, mudding, drying, sanding, mudding….I just can’t or all the anxiety will return! When you’re just about to lose it on BF, remember what your most capable father would say when I asked him to fix any little repair around the house, “My licensure prohibits me from doing any work on the job site.” or something to that effect!
    Love seeing Daddy’s easel in the room!

    1. Hahah he had good excuses, didn’t he? And yeah, we’re totally lulled into a false sense of security right now, especially after how much was accomplished this weekend, but I’m trying to remain realistic (and calm!) throughout the whole thing. A feat, knowing me.

  4. There are apartments in NYC that are the size of those bedrooms! Can’t wait to see your results! I’m trying desperately to take on the home office project this weekend (yes, I should be on ACAD right now looking at plans, but reading your blog is a lot more fun)

    1. Haha, thank you! Can’t wait to see your home office, once you get a move on it! And I know, we are blessed with a lot of space here. Just another reason I love Philly :)

  5. Oh, this is going to be fun. I love before-and-afters. For some reason, I didn’t realize you (your BF) owns the apartment. First a bathroom and now a whole bedroom renovation. I think you’ve caught the design bug.
    So happy you’re finally on Instagram. It’s basically micro-blogging and very addictive. Have a great weekend, Erin! (Oh, as you know, one birthday party and some much needed down time.) Happy, happy, joy, joy.

    1. Yep, he bought it about 4 years ago and it’s turned out to be a really great investment because the neighborhood is totally hitting a hot streak right now, it’s gentrifying left and right and there are a ton of new-builds going up. I’ve definitely caught the design bug ;)

      Hope your kiddie birthday party was fun! Or at least bearable, haha. I’m so excited to be on Instagram finally, you have no idea. Addictive is right!

  6. Oh man, undertaking a reno is a big deal. Can’t wait to see how the space progresses. And congrats on the new phone. I hope you’re a lot less clumsy than I am and don’t bust it in the first week (again, like me)

    1. Haha oh no! Now you’ve convinced me to go buy a case! Thankfully we bought the monthly insurance on it, but hopefully I won’t need it!

  7. OMG!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to see the finished product! Going to be beautiful!!!

  8. I’m with Annie – Renovations/The Gram, The Gram/Renovations, it’s all too much to take in :-)

    Wise words from Mommy too! I like the idea of breaking the space up, it somehow makes it easier to plan the space and scheme then. You have a lot space too, does this mean you will need to go and buy more stuff to put in it? Yay!. I’m so looking forward to the updates here.

    Excellent news on the new phone, you Gram images are already entertaining me and the photo of you looking cute, well love, when it came to good looks, you were right at the front of the queue ;-)

    1. I totally agree! I think smaller spaces are more fun (and somehow easier) to space-plan because you really have to be thoughtful about what you bring int and how you decorate. It’s all very exciting! And of course there will be some shopping, haha. I plan on keeping you in the loop on Instagram, sorry, The Gram. :)

      You are way too sweet, misses! Seriously, you’re going to give me a fat head if you keep that up, beautiful ;)

  9. EEk. renovations = STRESS in my book. Major snaps for taking on this project, I’m sure it will look super and amazing. I’m also kinda impressed you’ve decided to go against the grain and NOT get an iPhone. Instagram in my best friend. I have an unhealthy love for it and something tells me you will too.

    P.S. thanks for your lovely comment on my last post :)


    1. Oh gosh, I know. The stress is mostly avoidable if I stay upstairs and firmly planted in front of the tv. And then if I keep the bedroom door closed and try not to think about how much we still have to do! Haha. Hopefully it goes quickly and smoothly. Fingers crossed!

      It was definitely against the grain, considering I’m an Apple girl though and through (I have a macbook AND an iMac) but for whatever reason the interface of the Android phone was more appealing? I think if Instagram hadn’t been released for Droid I would have gone with an iPhone after all!

  10. Hope you got a lot accomplished this weekend! Can’t wait to see the finished rooms…Happy to see you caught the Instagram bug, I’m so addicted. Cool phone! I have the SII and love it.

    1. Yes! We’re like phone-twins. Boyfriend was staunchly anti-touchscreen and is now completely in love with his SIII. Go figure! I’m trying to get him to sign up for Instagram, too :)

    1. Oh, I’m déclenchement-ing my little heart out, don’t you worry! Still the funniest word ever. Silly French.

  11. I don’t mind Fitz photobombing at all, I like the presence of dogs in photos. :D

    I got the Samsung Galaxy Note in early August for the big screen. :D

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