Paris, Je t’aime

Well it’s been all of 5 minutes, so I guess that means it’s time for another post where I weep openly about how much I miss Paris and waaaah, why can’t I be back there right now? One of the cool things about my new phone (of like the 3 things I’ve been able to figure out about it so far) is that I can add a city to my home screen and view time and weather. In addition to Philadelphia, guess which city I chose? Related side-note: it has been raining in Paris for a week straight. And I’m going to pull out a quote from Midnight in Paris on you right now: “Actually, Paris is the most beautiful in the rain.”

So anyway, yes. Paris. Love of my life, light of my soul, potential drain on my wallet. God bless Google Earth, because when I’m not busy staring at any of the thousands of pictures of Paris I have in my own home, I can virtually visit the Eiffel Tower and cry into my lunch at work. This shot below is from Google Earth, taken from the steps of Sacre Coeur. Look at that couple embracing. She looks so happy. In my head their names are Jean-Luc and Sabine, and he just proposed to her. Elle dit “oui.”

Insert whiny lamentations here (also stomach-grumblings because oh my god, LadurĂ©e). My cousin outside of London is getting married in March (British contingent, mark your calendars!), and I’m planning on extending my trip and spending a day or two in Paris before flying home. And by “planning” I mean obsessing wildly and rabidly assuring everyone who will listen.

13 thoughts on “Paris, Je t’aime

  1. Ahhhh…bliss. That sounds just delightful. Paris in the (early, chillly) spring. Have you watched the Bourne series of movies? Jason Bourne’s Paris apartment in the Bourne Identity? Well, swoon. I so want that.

  2. Paris?? Should the count be low, Roomie, this is news to me! I’m so in it’s ridiculous. Can we up it to 3 days in Paris?

  3. So I have this weird obsession with French names and my laptop is named Etienne. Etienne and I would like to visit Paris sometime soon

  4. You are so full of romance, you gooey squidgy young thing ;-) Love the Paris room overlooking the Arc, reminds me of the Carrie and Bigs Penthouse (LOVE).

    Us British Contingent hope you will pay us a visit in March lady x

  5. Ah, thanks for that little escape. We actually sat on those exact steps and people-watched. There was a man pantomiming and another playing guitar…Tons of people cuddling and sharing a bite to eat. Usually those steps are full of people, right? Oh my goodness, that Paris apartment is amazing! No chance that you could ever move to Paris? That’s what you’re suppose to be doing at your age. I only say that because I’m older and wished I had done it. [wink]
    I love that Rooth has named her computer Etienne. (BTW, Saint Etienne use to make good music.) Piling on, our cat is named Chloe.

  6. It’s already in the diary :)
    Etienne is my favourite french name too. Along with Francoise.
    I don’t have a car but I borrowed Richard’s and went away for the weekend. He text me and asked how his beautiful girl was and I sad ‘I’m fine thanks’ and he said ‘I didn’t mean you’. Charming.
    That apartment is unbelievable. I totally heart parquet flooring.

    1. Oh man I have an abundance of French names I love. Amelie, Margaux/Margot, Clemence, Laetitia, Elodie, Sofie…the list goes on and on.

      R is such a charmer!! That cracked me up.

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