July Wish List

1. Bathing Suit / 2. Bag / 3. Fedora / 4. Body Oil / 5. Retro Fan / 6. Tank top

It’s July, and I’m already too hot for comfort. Where is October? Having spent my entire life in Philadelphia, I know we won’t get a break in the heat until late September at the earliest, so if I have to sweat through it, I might as well do so in style. What better way to kick off the 7th month of the year than with a round-up of goodies I’m eyeing up. Stick me in a sun hat in front of a fan and my complaining will subside significantly (or feed me. I’m irritable when hungry or hot, ask anyone who has met me, ever). Not that I’m allowed to wear tank tops to work, but there’s something classic about a simple layering tank (combined with spf 50 on all my exposed skin). My brother’s new house has a pool, and the persistent begging of my nieces to come swimming with them made me realize I don’t own a bathing suit (false, I own several, I just have no idea where they are. I think the Closet Monster ate them all). This ruched one from J. Crew is elegant and stunning (I always think one-pieces are way sexier than bikinis). Bonus, all swimwear ships free. I’ve heard amazing things about Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil, but I really just love the color and the bottle. And considering you either have to sedate me or bribe me to get me to the beach I’m more than happy to simulate the scent without having to deal with the sand.

And I’ve prayed to all the Shopping Gods already, but I’m close to doing a rain dance or a sacrifice or something to make that peach leather bag come back in stock. Wah.

9 thoughts on “July Wish List

  1. Oooh I love all of that. Although I disagree with you about bikinis. They rock. Especially when they’re from Agent Provocateur like mine. So flattering!

    Also look at Nars shimmering body oil. It gives a lovely sheen and smells like nothing else on Earth. I want to eat it. Yum.

    I’ve been looking for a nice straw hat for ages but small brims make me look weird and I have a big head so most of them don’t fit.

    I really like that nude tank top. I can’t weart them to work either :(

  2. I love the costume to hide those wobbly bits, black is the best colour, but I have to agree with Annie, bikinis are much more sexy.

    I really envious of your hot Summer, can you send some this way please? x

  3. I hope you’ll be able to clock in lots of hours at your brother’s pool this summer. I remember the sweltering heat of the East Coast and you definitely need a place to escape to and cool off.
    I just purchased a J.Crew one-piece last year (very similar to the one shown, actually) and I love it. Though, it is more difficult to go to the bathroom. Details. :)
    The cross body bag is perfect. I like how all these pieces look together…Might have to Pin this.

  4. It’s a great list. I can’t believe you don’t like the beach! I didn’t realize that and sorry to hear that. We’ll pool side is great too! Sunscreen is good for everyone so I understand that. I have yet to own a one piece but I like them in theory. I just bought the Bobbi Brown oil because her Beach fragrance is my favorite scent (naturally), but I might try the Nars oil Annie suggested too! Hope you get some relief from the heat soon! Teri

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