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I’ve posted enough aspirational interiors in my day; rooms that I’ll never be able to replicate or achieve unless the Design Fairies sprinkle me with endless money and free-reign, but rooms that provide enough inspiration for smaller, more attainable design ideas to satiate me nonetheless. I know a lot of work goes into making a home look exactly like you want it, and there’s nothing more satisfying than a real-life room makeover to make you feel like that perfectly styled room isn’t out of your reach. So when my friend Marla told me she and her husband Dave had decided to tackle a bathroom renovation (with a baby┬áno less, these people are superhumans), she obliged me by taking pictures of the before and after.

She first reached out to me for some bathroom redesign ideas to get the ball rolling. First of all, that just about made my whole life. You’re coming to me for design ideas? I was flattered beyond belief, and my ego quadrupled from its already unmanageable size. Marla said their second floor bathroom was small and interior, meaning they needed to inject as much light as they could from elements like light tile and opting to scrap the bathtub and replace it with a glass shower. They were going for something modern but not too modern since it wouldn’t fit with the rest of their house. The before pictures she sent me were sad, and that’s all I’m going to say because I still want to be friends with them. Obviously, I had a field day collecting source images and ideas. This is what I sent her:

I pretty much designed my dream bathroom and gave it to Marla in the hopes that she and Dave would build it and I could come visit it whenever I wanted to fawn over it and stroke all that sexy tile. I’m not weird. Props to me, Marla loved it. She wanted to include a vanity though because they had the space for it, and so I helped her scout out vintage-y looking chrome faucets and a carrera-marble-topped vanity that wouldn’t liquidate their savings.

Fast forward two-ish months, and their small, out-dated bathroom underwent an amazing transformation:

More Before & After photos after the jump.

Check out all that tile! Subway tile is the best thing there is, as far as I’m concerned. I love that they took my recommendations for the hexagonal tiles on the floor, and their choice to use black was such a good contrast with the rest of the elements in the room. That glass rain shower is jealousy-inducing. Isn’t it a staggering renovation? Thank you so much for sharing, Marla & Dave! Now when can I come and swoon over it in person?

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  1. Well, Erin, it was so sweet of you to audition your skills as a bathroom designer for me! How’ did you know I was thinking of remodeling my bathroom!

    I lovelovelove so much about this design. It’s fascinating to me because it incorporates aspects of what we want to do in two different bathrooms so beautifully in one room. Making modern and spa-like fit into an old house? That’s us. The hexagonal tile? Guest bath. Subway tile in the shower? Master. In fact everything about that shower is dream-like to me. Well, I like to think that the rain bath shower head is dream-like to me, but in reality I’m not so sure. I hate having running water on my face (weird, I know), so I’m not sure I’d love it. Marla and Dave, can I swing by and try it out? ;)

  2. I see you’ve inherited your father’s sense of design….now GET OVER HERE so we can rehang Daddy’s paintings! I’m dusting them today!

  3. Good work Erin! You’ll make a super interior designer. Those hexagonal tiles are beautiful and the shower looks amazing. The bright blue walls really bring it to life. x

  4. Their bathroom looks fantastic! I love it and you suggestions were spot on. I’m a big fan of that industrial storage cart too – I’m gonna go find a place to imagine it in my apartment

  5. Both the mood board and the finished bathroom look fabulous! You can’t go wrong with subway tile in my world. Now I want a shower this big! Your post actually reminded me of our bathroom redo in early 2011. I only posted before and during photos and never ones of the finished room. Ooops, I guess I should take some photos soon. We also picked white subway tile and black hexagon flooring, it’s such a great combination.

  6. Love this post, obviously! Can’t thank you enough for all of your design ideas and inspiration. We think of you every time we go to the bathroom–what could be better than that? But seriously, you’re amazing and you can come check it out in person any time you want. Let’s plan something for when we get back. Need to catch up!

    1. Hahah thank YOU, Marla! I’m oddly flattered you guys think of me in their. That’s actually sweet! Hope you’re having fun in Colorado! Let me know when you guys get back and we’ll plan something fun. xo

  7. Wow, Erin! Great job! I really do love everything about this new bathroom. It reminds me a lot of our master bathroom. May have to take photos one day to show you. Though the natural light in there isn’t great. Happy they went with the black hexagon tiles (swoon), which will hide dirt and wear better. I think interior design might be your thing. Lauren needs to scoop you up stat.

  8. Woah! What a transformation! Nice one! Absolutely LOVING the mosaic floor! And of course the subway tiles (always remind me of home and sitting on the London Underground).

  9. Blimey Erin you kept that quiet! I’m quite astounded actually, it’s amazing. I love the subway tiles and i REALLY love the hexagonal flooring. Brilliant you for using black to provide some contrast.

    That was the bath before? Was it from the bathroom of Tom from Keane as it’s tiny!

    That shower is huge, I love it, and I especially love that it has a seat. I get exhausted washing the enormous mop of hair on my head so that would do me nicely.

    I’m so impressed! Give up work and set up your business now!

    Oh and I was also thinking ‘Lauren’s gonna love this….’!


    1. Ignoring your Keane comment…I can’t take credit for the black floor tile! I wish I could, but it looks amazing and I love the contrast. White would have been too pristine, I think. I’d love to do this full time but I have no applicable skills other than sourcing products and putting together moodboards in Photoshop! Not sure that’s an employable skill-set ;)

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