Happy 4th

Hi kiddos! Sorry for the late post, but not only is it America’s 236th Birthday (oddly, more of my British family and friends have made sure to wish me a happy holiday than any Americans I know) it’s also my anniversary (I like to tell people our first date was so good there were actual fireworks. Cheesy, I know). We celebrated by having a picnic and I’m just now sitting down to my computer before rushing off to a bbq at my mom’s house. I’ll be back with my normal schedule tomorrow, but in the meantime have a wonderful holiday or regular Wednesday if you’re not in this country. Enjoy the fireworks and everyone be safe!

7 thoughts on “Happy 4th

  1. Ick how can one person be that pretty?? Your skin and sparkly eyes make me want to weep out of sadness for being so old! Not that I ever had skin or sparkles like you. Properly lovely photo and I love the fedora. Did you know Club Monaco is a v posh brand over here?

    Hope you had a fab time! What’s with the chair? am I missing something?

  2. Happy Anniversary! You look divine…I don’t do muggy nearly as prettily as you do. Hope you had a great day, dear. xo

  3. I’m a day late (late is my motto this week) but hope you had a happy 4th of July and anniversary! You look great with the fedora! xx

  4. So sorry I’m a day late…Happy Fourth of July! (Well, I did catch you on Twitter. ;) Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating not only the Fourth, but your anniversary as well.
    MORE importantly, what a stunning photo, Erin. You are gorgeous! I feel pretty confident that when/if we finally meet in real life, I will recognize you right away.
    PS~Love your new fedora.

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