Friday Five

Happy Friday! Is it wrong that I am beyond excited it is pouring rain outside? Not only does it provide a break in the heat (in theory, though if anything the humidity reaches new levels of unbearable when it rains) but I love waking up to that rushing sound and the way the concrete in the city smells during storms. Of course, I’m not the one who has to take the dog out in it, so maybe I don’t get a say.

We’re putting the construction project downstairs on hold for the weekend, but we still have little projects to complete like painting the doors and spackling (oh my god, the spackling). It’s supposed to rain for a good chunk of the weekend so I foresee lots of lounging on the couch and perhaps more HGTV. I know, I’m wild.

Herewith, my 5 favorite things this week.

1. Gary Oldman video / 2. St. Germain / 3. Wedges / 4. Shampoo / 5. Carafes

So yeah, that’s a video of Gary Oldman doing a dramatic reading of R.Kelly’s memoir, “Soulacoaster.” Have I piqued your interest yet?

There is nothing Gary Oldman cannot make sexy (and he’s tried. Drexl Spivy from “True Romance,” Zorg from “The Fifth Element,” and that time he performed a reading of a Jersey Shore episode recap). The man can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, and while my favorite roles will always be his professional movie characters, there is something undeniably charming and hilarious about hearing him bring to life a conversation between R. Kelly and Tupac. You guys, at one point he says, “You feel me?” I just about die every time. I think it’s his jaunty thespian scarf.

What are the odds I could get Boyfriend to commit to a pair of glasses like that? And maybe a moustache? Kate posted these pictures of Gary modeling for Prada at Men’s Fashion Week, and I mean, damn. And if one more person tells me he looks like my father I’m actually going to off myself, so zip it.

I’ve been intrigued by St. Germain, the Elderflower liqueur from the French Alps, for a while and finally had the chance to try it at dinner of the weekend (Absolut Mandarin, St. Germain, and a splash of ginger ale, delicious). I’m not only in love with the delightful taste, but also with the art-deco design of the bottle. It just looks wonderful, doesn’t it? And we all know I’m a sucker for anything French, so obviously I’ll be picking up a bottle of it over the weekend.

Having lamented the fact, despite having danced ballet for 13 years, I have since shed all signs of grace and am incapable of not injuring myself through the simple act of walking (it was just last year that I fell down a flight of stairs and ended up on crutches), I know I should have more common sense than to lust after shoes that increase the potential for disaster. But those Jeffrey Campbell wedges are so perfect. They seem work appropriate and cute enough to wear out. But again, I’m a mess in flats, elevating me off the ground is only fun

I know I just raved about my shampoo & conditioner routine in this post, but I ran out last week and picked up a random bottle from the drugstore. Is it possible to be in love with shampoo? Because I am. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil smells great and makes my hair the softest and silkiest it’s ever been without even a trace of greasiness. The rain and humidity aren’t helping things today, but still. At $8 a bottle versus the $29 I was paying for the Kevin Murphy brand, I am absolutely smitten. And speaking of totally smitten and $8, how adorable are these pill carafes? I want one in every color. I think they would be a great addition for our guest-bedroom when it’s finished; leave one filled with water on the nightstand for guests, make them feel at home. And they’re a steal!

Alright, kiddos. What do you have going on this weekend? Anyone else losing their significant other to the British Open? Have a great one!

12 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t had St. Germain! I lurve this stuff! I discovered it a few years ago through a Martha Steward cocktail called the Gemini. Haven’t had one all summer and I need to change that. Here’s the recipe for you: Mix 4 oz grapefruit juice, 2 oz SG, and 2 oz. vodka in a shaker with ice. Pour into a cocktail glass and top with Proscecco.

    You’re welcome.

    Also, I don’t do heels either, EXCEPT for wedges, so I say go for it. ;)

  2. I am….losing my significant other to the British Open, that is. Any round of golf, televised or on the greens and he’s there.
    Loved your suggestion at dinner last night that the BFs play a round near King of Prussia so we can shop for 4 hours. Brilliant!

  3. Sigh, Gary.
    Sigh, elderflower ANYTHING.
    Sigh, Jeffrey Campbell. (I have 3 pairs of his heels, 2 of which are wedges, and they are the comfiest, easiest to not-eat-shit-in shoes, ever. And this is coming from a 6’2 clumsy, flop-footed monster.)

    But mostly sigh, Gary. He is THE silver fox. Phwoar.

  4. I’ve wanted to get a bottle of the St. Germain just cuz it’s so purdy! I think that brand shampoo comes in the best coconut too! I love anything that has a GOOD coconut scent. Can’t comment about Gary, not a fan, sorry. Happy Weekend! Teri

  5. Mmm, St. Germain. In addition to Lauren’s cocktail, here’s another good recipe from MS that I’ve tried – Proseco, St. Germain, and puréed raspberries. I don’t know the parts, but I bet you could mix it to taste. Cheers!
    Ah, Gee-to-the-Oh. I want those glasses too. If you can’t convince BF, I say get them for yourself. There’s nothing better than stealing a man’s style, especially Gary’s. Great and hilarious reading. But, I have to ask, why is R. Kelly allowed to publish anything?!
    Thanks for the shampoo bargain. You had me at Moroccan oil. Beautiful tumblers and wedges.
    One baby shower on Sunday and then the rest of the weekend is wide with possibility. Stay dry and have a great one, Erin!

  6. I’m on the coconut milk Organix shampoo – I’m all about coconut these days! It’s lighter than my Kiehl’s shampoo but I probably need to condition my hair more when I use it. Good thing I have that jar of coconut oil :)

  7. WE DO WHAT WE DO!!!! good lord…the husband and I were LOLing all over the place. Thank you for sharing, from the bottom of my heart, you just made my Friday.

    Enjoy your rainy weekend – if you want a good show to dive in to, The Killing is a good marathon watching experience (I believe the first season is on netflix) We polished off the first season in like 2 sittings.


  8. Ah, I could use a Friday night drink just about now! Ever since I went to an event last year that served only St. Germain based cocktail I love that stuff. And yes to one of those carafes for my nightstand. I always need a glass of water next to my bed, if I forget about it before going to bed I will wake up thirsty. First I will turn around, fall asleep again until a wake up again with an unquenchable thirst and have to schlepp myself to the nearest faucet ;)

    I’m invited to a bbq tomorrow hopefully it will stay dry so we don’t have to stay inside…Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I use that shampoo and conditioner and the actual Morrcan Oil too! It’s amazing and inexpensive!

  10. You’ve never tried St Germain? Good grief. It’s awesome. It’s only been available here for a year or so. I drank a bucket load in SanFran last year and got very frustrated when I couldn’t find it back in the UK. Mix with prosecco and lime. Yum!!

    Sorry but he does look like your dad! I really like glasses and want R to have some. Any idea T’internet Squirrel where they’re from? xx

    1. I know! I slacked. I think I had it once before but now that the bottle resides in my house I never have to worry about being without it again. I mixed it with gin and sparkling juice. Next on the list is champagne, which everyone says is delicious together. Is that too fancy to drink on my couch? I don’t care.

      I sourced those glasses for my post today (Tuesday!). Ask and ye shall receive, Bird. xo

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