I found my iPod (in my own bag), the internet is back on, and I apologize for being a grumpy brat yesterday. And for potentially being one today when I tell you that I am dying to go on another vacation. Yes, I know I just got back from Belgium and Paris a month ago, but I’m itching to get on the next plane back going anywhere exciting. Obviously my first choice will always be Paris, and I’m only making it worse by watching “Midnight in Paris” every chance I get (twice this week so far, tearing up at the opening shots of the city). What’s so wrong with going to Paris once a year? Surely that’s why I’m working, right? So I can enjoy my money?

Maybe not. To satiate my wanderlust, I’m doing what I used to do whenever it got really bad: playing around in Google Earth and “visiting” foreign locales. It helps a little bit, and is significantly cheaper than actually going to all these places.

Bexhill-on-Sea, England

The French countryside

The Amalfi Coast

Interlaken, Switzerland

Lake Martin, Louisiana

Which of these is not like the others? Don’t ask me why the swamps of the dirty South are appealing to me right now. It just goes to show that my desperation is not to be taken likely. I want to go to Paris, but I will gladly visit whatever alligator-infested swamp that is because it technically qualifies as a trip. And Louisiana has French roots after all.

If you could beam yourself anywhere in the world right now, and money was no object, where would you go? Annie, I love you but you don’t get to play because you’ve spent 2 of the last 4 weekends in Paris and Cannes.

11 thoughts on “Wanderlust

  1. I’m very grumpy with Delta right now, so this might be the wrong question to ask me. Greece is always first. Paris. Iceland. (I know, right?) Prague. Nantucket. Sweden, next summer maybe. As it is, your bad mood migrated south, so I’m going to do what I can about it and get my toes in the sand of my own little beach this afternoon. Peace out, sister. Gorgeous photos.

  2. Oh boo I had my answer all prepared as well! You know that was the third time I’ve been to France already this year?

    We’re supposed to be going to Tuscany in Aug with les garcons and I know this is really spoilt but I don’t want to go to Tuscany. Something about it is making me feel depressed. Parched, arid landscapes and no seaside get me down. I’ve got this terrible feeling I’m going to be bored stiff. I will have to escape to Florence every day I think.

    Actually R and I wrote a little mental list of where we most want to go and my list is:

    1. New York (you might envy my proximity to Paris but I’d swap it for your proximity to NY a million times over. I *heart* new york).
    2. Caribbean. St Lucia I think. Desperate to go there. Sugar loaf luscious mountains and crystal blue seas and pineapples. Lush!
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Japan
    5. Amalfi coast (Pia road trip then?)

    Oh look, I accidentally joined in.

    In your google earthing you appear to have missed the De la Warr Pavilion. You know, the world famous lovingly restored art deco streamline moderne architectural masterpiece that’s just down the road from that little kiosk? Tsk!

    I have no idea why but I’m obsessed with the deep south. I think there’s something so romantic, eery and exotic about it. Maybe from interview with a vampire. And not exactly helped by falling in love with gone with the wind (the book, not the crappy film).

    PS I mean big ben is the bell and not the clock. how did I have a picture of a bell in my head and my fingers typed clock?

  3. AH! I love that you put Louisiana there. That’s where I’m from! You should definately go to New Orleans- the French/Spanish inspired architecture and food is not to be missed. And you will get a mini-fill on your French needs.

  4. I’m with you – getting across the ocean just makes the travel bug worse! Next European adventure I get to take: Amsterdam, London, and relaxing on the beach in Lisbon. Or Melbourne and Perth again. Either way I’ll be a happy girl :)

  5. Glad to hear your day got better and you found your ipod. It’s funny when you get the travel bug after being on a trip, you can’t wait to go on the next. Whereas if you stay home, you don’t know what you missed! I’m planning a few trips for 2013 because we’re basically home bodies this year. Next year, London, Paris,maybe New Zealand. Teri

  6. Houston is a swamp – come visit! No actually don’t. It was 108 yesterday and feels like death outside…

    Come in the fall!

  7. Thats a tough one…Paris is always at the top of my list, it’s literally my happy place. BUt if money was no object and I could just go…Bali. I can just see myself falling in love with the people and culture and never wanting to leave. I so relate about the agonizing wanderlust lately. All I dream about is getting on an airplane and running away for a while, lovely post :)


  8. You don’t need to twist my arm. I would definitely love to be whisked away. I would literally go anywhere right now. I echo everyone’s picks above and then I’ll add: Tokyo (gotta represent!), Cannes, Barcelona, Martha’s Vineyard…Ok, I’ll stop. Ah, thanks for the wanderlust and encouraging us to get away (if only in our imaginations).

  9. Don’t be grumpy, be happy :-D

    I love that you chose a little British seaside town as your picture No.1.

    Australia, New York, California, Caribbean, South Africa, Burma. Nearer to home?… Southend on Sea – joke! Like you, I’d go anywhere right now, I’m feeling very bored and static.

    Theresa, I didn’t know you were part Japanese, wow!. We learn something new every day.

    Think happy thoughts x

  10. Well, if you’re desperate, we need someone to house sit for two or three weeks soon- fancy living in London? All you have to do is water the plants. Oh, and when the local crazy lipstick-circles-on-her-cheeks, mad-bed-head lady walks up and down our road swearing, peep out discreetly from the curtains and chuckle. Easiest job ever?

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