Vacation Photos: Bruges, pt 2

Friday morning we beat the crowds and took a 40 minute canal tour through the city. The guide did the entire tour in Dutch, French, and English. It was pretty impressive. Equally as impressive were the views of the city the canal provided. I can barely stave off seasickness in the shower so I was nervous about getting in the little speed boat, but thankfully I did not have to hang my head overboard at all. It’s probably a good thing, too, because Bruges has a big population of swans, all of whom seemed really pissed off to have boats in their water.

We finally had our first typical Belgian dinner of moules frites. Afterwards, we walked back to the Belfry to take pictures of the square lit up at night, and ended up walking into a multi-bar outdoor viewing of the Premier League Championship game. The next morning we set off for Brussels.

Monday I’ll conclude the vacation photos with some shots of Brussels. On Tuesday, I’ll post a quick Photoshop Tutorial on editing photos, for those interested.

Have a great weekend, kiddos! What are you up to? I know my British contingent have a bank holiday weekend for the Diamond Jubilee (jealous!). Tomorrow I’m participating in a city-wide scavenger hunt, and on Sunday we’re going to a friend’s baby’s 1st birthday party (babies!!). Thanks so much for your patience with all these pictures. I’m sure you’re bored to tears secretly.

11 thoughts on “Vacation Photos: Bruges, pt 2

  1. I have to visit Bruges! Love, love, love the photos! How cool would it be to live right at a canal. Also the pot of mussels looks delicious. Forgot to mention on my comment on yesterdays post that frites with mayo is the best. Add more fat to deep fried food and it becomes even yummier ;) I’m all about eating…

  2. I am SO not bored to tears with these photos! I have loved following every step of the way with you. Neel is just like you with the seasickness which can put a real damper on things for his boat and water loving wife and son. When we were in Charleston, he and I were sitting on a porch swing while Callum was running around this dock looking at the view and after about six swings, Neel said, “I have to get up.”

    But. Let me also say, I would travel to Belgium for the frites with mayo alone. I love that mug! Happy weekend, dear. I’m feeling like I’ll need to be drinking lots of Pimms to help all our friends celebrate, yes?

  3. I’m not bored, they are brill. Now, as well as the photoshop tutorials, please can you give us some photography ones too. Composition and exposure. What lenses do you use too ? Your colours are so vibrant, do you retouch them ? I would really like to get better at photography and I think you could be just the lady to teach us. Thanks!

    Love Moules, yumedy yum

    Have a lovely weekend hunting and baby partying xx

  4. Okay that is one of my favourite meals ever – Moules Mariniere and Frites. I love that mug too. Oh Erin, you went on my dream vacation

  5. Not bored in the least! Oh the stories I could tell about taking you on the water.
    Looking forward to more photos and your lesson!

  6. Oh my goodness, not bored AT ALL! Transported to a beautiful dream land. ;) I’m assuming most of the water shots in this series was taken aboard that speed boat! How on earth did you keep a steady hand?! Your photos are always so crisp. Perhaps you will reveal this secret in Tuesday’s post. Though, I have a feeling the secret will be that you’re just an amazing photographer. That bucket of mussels (?) looks yum-mee! Oh, and I love that even their coffee mugs are optimistic.
    Have a great weekend, E!!

  7. Erin- those pictures are so gorgeous – the color is just so vibrant and crisp! Wow! I’ve never been to Belgium, but it looks like you had a spectacular time. I’ll be working on house projects this weekend and gearing up for a job transfer in a few weeks. Have fun on your scavenger hunt – I have a feeling you’ll be a contender for first place!

  8. Psshaw! You couldn’t bore me if you tried, duckie! You’re an exceptionally brilliant writer and photographer and you turn the mundane into pure poetry let alone this dreamy wonderland.

    Only a swan could look graceful and beautiful despite being “pissed off”. :D
    No. 10 looks just like a painting – wow, girlfriend! – and I LOVE the half full inscription inside the mug – so unexpected.

    Really looking forward to the photo editing tutorial!
    Oh, and it goes without saying that if you ever do photography tutorials, I’ll be there like a shot! :D

    Have a fabulous weekend. xoxo

  9. Hey, Erin! Just sending a quick note to let you know that I’ve been enjoying your blog. Looks like you had a great trip. I hope you are doing well!

    -Evelyn (from Masterman)

  10. I’m with Sam, photo tutorials please! Your photos are stunning and mine are rubbish therefore I need you to teach me. (all I probs need is you to share the info – perhaps you should do this with your 365, the aperture, WB, mode, iso etc?).

    That swan is regal, have you ever seen a black one? They’re really cool.

    Belgium’s so pretty! I must admit I’ve never had any desire to go so thank you for changing my mind.

    Don’t be jealous of the bank holiday, it’s pissing down. Again. But Paris was awesome x

  11. Loving this city! I adore that coffee mug. How hard do you think that would be to DIY?!

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