Splurge vs. Steal

I never thought I’d dedicate an entire post to backpacks, but here you go. They’ve been making a┬áresurgence┬árecently, slowly creeping back into fashion thanks to all the hipster bike messengers. Backpacks can sort of go one of two ways; either you look masculine-chic or like a total goober still carrying your middle-school backpack, and it’s probably full of Dungeons and Dragons cards or something. But ever since I wrote this post, I’ve had my eye on that J. Crew backpack and had been considering the merits of adding yet another bag to my already overflowing collection (seriously, what is it with women and bags? I always think every bag I buy will be THE bag, and that I’ll never have to buy another one again. And that lasts all of 45 minutes before I start looking for another one. I know I’m not alone in this!). I sort of liked the idea of having my hands free and giving my right shoulder a break from bearing the sole burden of a hanging bag. And yes, the tomboy look of it was really appealing, but the $138 price tag kept me at bay. Even I have limits.

Never one to be deterred, I did my best internet-squirreling and came up with an almost-exact match. And it was more than $100 cheaper. I know, I know, I’m awesome.

J.Crew Abingdon Backpack vs. ASOS Canvas Backpack

In case you are waiting in suspense for how this story plays out, let me ruin the ending for you: I bought it. And aside from a bit of inept fumbling to try and find my wallet when I get to the subway in the mornings, it’s pretty perfect. Like its J.Crew counterpart, it’s heavy canvas with leather (“leather”) buckles and a drawstring closure. ASOS also offers free shipping (sexier words were never spoken), and because it’s not insanely priced, I don’t have to baby it. Do I sometimes feel like a dork carrying it around? Sure. And am I slightly paranoid and neurotic about the leaving things in front pockets in case someone comes up behind me and steals something? Of course. But that’s just because I’m crazy. Crazy fashionable!

9 thoughts on “Splurge vs. Steal

  1. Cute bag chicken! It’s a little bit boy scout which I kinda like. I still have the image of your wearing leiderhosen in it and knee socks :)

    And mostly I love that LinkWithin threw up your halloween posts which is still my most favourite of all your posts.

    PS your like a pictures look really great all together on Pinterest.

    How was ballet? xx

  2. What IS it with bags? I’m searching for the perfect bag too. I used to carry smaller handbags, back when I was a gal in the working world, but now I’m firmly back into the “tote” category, plus I need something that will hold my camera. My mom got Callum shoes from Zappos for graduation, and we opened the box before she got here. In it was a…bag…for her, of course! Small messenger style, lots of pockets. So far she’s really happy. But she’s like us, always on the lookout.

  3. You can never,I repeat never have enough bags.

    That’s a practical one love, and kudos for finding it so reasonably priced. I’d be the same though, worrying about all the pockets being closed so nothing gets pinched or falls out. I love a big, deep bag. There’s nothing more annoying to a BF or Hubby than losing your keys in the bottom of it amongst the fluff, receipts, crumbs and lady dross and taking 20 minutes to fish them out. ha!

    Love Annie’s comment on leiderhosen and knee sock combos. Gonna go look at your Pinterest now :-)


  4. Smart find! I’m looking for the perfect summer clutch right now. Probably around the time I find it, it’ll be fall

  5. I love those backpacks as well, I think I bought one for like $75 in Nordstrom a few years ago, you’re right though I love how my hands are free when I wear it!

  6. I also heard that backpacks are making a resurgence. Along with the cross body bag, I like that the backpack allows you to be hands free. I think you can never have enough bags as each one seems to fulfill a different necessity. Now that we finally got E. potty trained, I don’t have to carry a diaper bag anymore. So, I’ve been on the hunt for a new handbag. Yay! Though, finding that perfect one is no picnic. (I never did pull the trigger on the MJ hobo…It’s still on the roster.) As always, great internet sleuth skills, E!

  7. I have to congratulate you on your internet hunting skills! Like the ASOS bag even better than the one from J.Crew. Enjoy the bag!

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