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Talk about feeling rusty. Today’s Like A Picture took me the longest one has ever taken me. I actually considered just throwing my hands up and not doing one for today. But I pushed on through it, conquered my First World Problems, and voila:

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

I’ve long adored that IKEA blanket. It’s hard to describe what it feels like (a little elastic-y, crinkled gauze) but it looks like bubbles, does it? It mimics the soap suds in the tub perfectly. I love that the label on the cande has swirly elements that reflect the girl’s ponytail. And it’s from “Fresh,” which is fitting (Lauren, I know you love this brand). You know how for the first few of these I kept using blankets from the same company, only in different colors? Well now I’m using photos solely from Veanad, my blog-crush. Seriously, if you’re not following along (here and here), you need to┬áreprioritize. Every picture I’ve used for the past 6 or so of these has been from her. I don’t plan on changing it up anytime soon, either.

8 thoughts on “Like A Picture

  1. Isn’t that funny, my post took me forever to write today too. Mostly because I kept being interrupted. I posted so late, almost late enough to leave until tomorrow.

    I was going to point out that you’d missed her hair colour, some darkness needed, but you made such a good connection with the bubbles that I’ll let you off :)

    PS deary do you know the rug company? A brilliant resource for you! xx

    Gonna check out that website now x

  2. Well, I’m glad you went back to your last layout. Sometimes we can overdue things and actually ‘less is more’. You’ve made a lot of fantastic changes lately, don’t spoil it…

    I also really like that you’ve plastered:) your photo down here when I’m commenting. Makes one feel connected to you.

    Well done kiddo…x

  3. I do love Fresh products, although I’ve only ever ventured as far as my lips with them. I’m scared I’ll love them too, too much if I branch out further. That candle looks really, really, really nice, and a bubble bath looks like just what I need after my lovely albeit emotional morning. Good job with this one, duckie.

  4. Well done, Erin. I’m glad you pushed through. I totally got the swirls on the candle with the woman’s ponytail reference. Nicely played!
    You know which one recently took me the longest? June mood board. It’s hard finding the right images to convey what you’re trying to say/feel, and make all the images sort of go together. Oh well, challenge is good.
    Ever since my days in New York, I have been a huge fan of Fresh. I love everything in the store – makeup, soap, cleansers, soap dishes…They also make great gifts.
    PS~Will check the site out as the photos you use are always so beautiful.

  5. thanks erin, you are too sweet! i’m actually a huge fan of fresh products and highly recommend the umbrian clay treatment bar for anybody who suffers from blemishes and/or oily skin. i swear by it – it works wonders! love your posts xx

  6. Aw, I wish it was me soaking in the tub! I’ve been eying that IKEA blanket for a while, at the store it reminded me of cotton candy but in connection with your photo I see bubbles too. Will definitely check out veanad. The photos you use are gorgeous.

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