Friday Five

This week was a blur of “Midnight in Paris” and junk food. Pretty standard material for whenever Boyfriend is out of town on business. There’s no one to tell me to eat real food or like, get off the couch. I had a lot of uninterrupted time at home to pull together this week’s Friday Five, and for what I think is only the second or third time since I’ve been doing these, I actually had to pare it down from a longer list of stuff. I love it when that happens. My wallet on the other hand…

Herewith, this week’s Friday Five.

 1. Makeup Brush set / 2. Scarf / 3. Bowl / 4. Lip Gloss / 5. Gary Oldman Video

I went on a spree at Sephora earlier this week, picking up a bunch of things including a new container of moisturizer I ended up returning because I found an unopened one in my closet when I got home (woops), and this lip gloss by Fresh. Lauren is always raving about this stuff and I finally took the plunge. I don’t know what I was waiting for, I am completely in love with it. It’s not waxy or sticky and the color is perfect. Bonus: it’s spf 15. While I was there, I oggled this brush set even though I don’t have a need for it, because the colors are just beautiful. All that inky blue and iridescent teal. The brushes are a limited edition collaboration between Sephora and Pantone, so it makes sense they are so visually stunning. I’m debating buying them just to keep them on display for added prettiness.

I’ve been trying to decorate more thoughtfully, so I stuck all my makeup brushes and tweezers and stuff in a small mason jar and left it on the counter. I think it would be neat to put my other makeup (this primer, mascara, and blush) in a decorative bowl rather than keep it in my makeup bag. Knowing me, my minimalist streak will kick in and I’ll eventually find the whole thing too cluttered for my taste, but this paper mache bowl is gorgeous, don’t you think? The gold lining will add a little bit of glam to the bathroom.

And speaking of glam, ever since I saw this scarf on Annie, I’ve sort of been drooling over it. I know, I know, crazy scarf lady is in full effect, but come on. It’s fabulous. It’s McQueen. It’s gothic and sexy and yes, okay, overpriced. Yeah, admittedly I’ll probably be too creeped out by the skulls to wear it without shivering but I don’t care. The hear wants what it wants.

My love for Gary Oldman is persistant (evidence here and here) and was at one time all-encompassing. Then he had to go off and get married and crush all of my dreams, so I’m not nearly as obsessed with him as I was after “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” came out when he was Sirius Black and was shirtless in that one scene and had long hair and then I Netflix’ed his entire catalog of work. That was an amazing three weeks. All I did was watch Gary Oldman movies. So when I saw this video spoof he made for Jimmy Kimmel Live a few days ago, well, my little heart went all aflutter:

How adorable is he? Answer: very.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m happy to report I have NOTHING going on. Boyfriend got promoted at his review yesterday to Senior Vice President, so some celebratory drinks are in order (obviously he will be treating). It’s supposed to be hot out, so I forsee a lot of couch surfing in the air conditioning and general loafing around. Bliss.

10 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I can’t believe you called my scarf overpriced! It is lovely. Except…. I was walking down a creepy alley Soho with a friend recently and it got caught on a nail on a lampost and not only did it tear *weep* but strangled me. I lurched backwards. I swear to God I thought I’d been attacked and was going to be murdered. So you are right to be scared of the skulls.

    I’m not convinced that’s GO. Looks more like your Dad to me!

    Yeay for J! That’s great news. xx

    1. I’m seriously laughing out loud over the mental image of you being strangled by your scarf and thinking it was a murderer. That happened to me once with a coat, the pocket got caught on a railing and I lurched backwards. Super embarrassing. Your poor scarf! And I might a total shopaholic but $300 on a scarf I just cannot justify. Sadly. Maybe one day. Unless I myself become a fancy Senior VP of something one day. Do they give out SVP positions for online shopping? I’m a CEO at this point.

      And oh, thank you. Should I send you the bill for the advanced therapy I’ll need to cure myself of realizing my supreme man-crush is the spitting image of my father? It’s only 10:30 here and I’m at work or I’d go make myself a drink.

      1. Snickering into my coffee here, too! The scarf-lurching comment reminded me of my first job after high school. I worked with a security guard lady who had long, long hair- past her bum. She told me once when she was getting in her car in the dark car park one night, she felt someone in the back seat yank her head back, as if they were going to slit her throat, so she went into intense “hostage negotiator mode” and calmly talked this “person” out of killing her for about ten minutes. Then realised she had shut her hair in the door and had been telling an empty car to think about their future. HUR.

  2. Oh yay for Fresh! How sad is it that I was going to say, “Hey, I have that stuff!” and then you said it for me. Plus I want those make up brushes and I have a bowl similar to that as well. I might want Gary Oldman too.

    I’m creeped out by the thought of you guys getting strangled, so I’m going to leave that there thankyouverymuch, but the scarf is pretty. Not as pretty as well-moisturized lips, but there you are.

    My secret is out…y’all know what *I’m* doing this weekend. Palm trees, the Pacific Ocean, and friends old and new (there might be a cocktail or two in there somewhere). Sadly, Neel’s not here, but other than that. who could ask for anything more? xo

  3. Erin! I’ve been missing you and missed laughing at all of your hilarious observations.Sorry I haven’t been around – works been crazy and I’m just now coming up for air, at least for today! Love your picks. I LOVE the McQueen scarf like Annie.I know its crazy expensive, but over the last couple years I’ve started to subscribe to the quality, not quantity / price per wear school of thought and used it to justify buying some expensive things. It’s hard to do, but every few months I’ll limit myself to one thing and then tell myself its okay to spurlge because I’m staying out of Zara, H & M, Anthro and anywhere else I seem to drop cash in $50 increments. I desperately need new make-up brushes (mine are like 10 years old from MAC), but can’t seem to pull the trigger because they are all so expensive..I love that set you chose and it will be easy on my wallet too! Congratulations to your man on his promotion – have a great time celebrating this weekend. My husband suprised me with a weekend in Laguna Beach for my bday so I’m excited to catch up on my reading this weekend- the Baazar with the Kate Moss cover has been sitting on my coffee table for 3 weeks, unopened and I’ve got a new New Yorker, House Beautiful and Vanity Fair so I’m set. Have a great weekend!

  4. Okay, I’m definitely picking up the lip balm. I think I’ve seen it 1,000 times which should be enough of an endorsement

  5. I’m slowly letting you make me fall in love with Gary Oldman. I know he’s yours, so I’ll admire from afar. That video was awesome!
    I would love to have that McQueen scarf. Maybe we can go half on it. You wear it for six months and then send it to me for the other six. That would be hilarious.
    You and Lauren have convinced me that I need that Fresh lip balm. My lips are so neglected; They need some love. (I keep my makeup brushes in a Japanese tea cup, so totally feeling the mason jar.)
    Congratulations to BF! That’s exciting news and I’m sure much deserved. Go and celebrate. Since he’s buying, I’ll take a G&T with extra lime.
    Have a great weekend, Erin!

  6. I am loving that bowl! it’s gorgeous. I always love having the house to myself. I always end up doing about five things at once – reading a mag, painting my toe-nails and watching a film with a cheeky glass of wine. Perfect!

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