Vacation Photos: Paris, pt 2

Tuesday we woke up early, walked to the D’Orsay to see the Degas Les Nus exhibit (and stumbled across new French President Hollande’s motorcade in front of the Place des Invalides, random). We followed Süsk’s guide to the 17eme and had dinner at her favorite restaurant before heading to the Eiffel Tower at 11pm and taking the last elevator to the top. Between my fear of elevators and Boyfriend’s fear of heights, it was quite the experience. It rained a bit that day but we managed to avoid it, and the light that splashed across the city after the storm was unreal.

Wednesday morning we went to the Louvre bright and early and got to skip the long line thanks to the advanced tickets we’d bought from our hotel concierge (I highly recommend this!). We spent over 2 hours in the museum and both walked away feeling like we could have spent a full week. Afterwards, it was time to check out of our hotel and take a train back to Belgium. I’m still sad about it.

The view from the clock tower in the D’Orsay.

Tomorrow I’ll post pictures from Ghent. It was our first stop in Belgium after leaving Paris.

19 thoughts on “Vacation Photos: Paris, pt 2

  1. The mona lisa is tiny isn’t it? I remember how much that surprised me.

    Place des Invalides makes me laugh. I know that’s really juvenile but I can’t help it!

    Oh you and elevators and Jeff and heights. That’s not good!

    Did you go to the marais at all? That’s where we’re staying this weekend. Wondering if you can recommend any restaurants!

    Lovely photos Erin and wow look at all those peonies xx

    1. It IS tiny, isn’t it? I’d seen it only once before back in 2000 and knew it was going to be small this time around and tried to prepare J for it as well, but it still kind of disorients you.

      We didn’t make it to the Marais really! Or Montmartre. Or Versailles. UGH. Clearly we need to go back and spend more time! Enjoy it this weekend.

  2. Oh, lovely lovely again and again. Your photos are so stunning, with such wonderful perspective, that I really feel like I’m there! I think my favorite is from the clocktower, but don’t make me pick a favorite! I can’t *wait* to see Belgium through your eyes!

    1. Thank you, darling! You’re so nice. Lots more to come. Belgium looks completely different than Paris (I mean, obviously). xo

  3. Aren’t the ceilings in the Louvre breathtaking – I got such a crick in my neck when I visited! :D

    I love, love, LOVE the light in your photos – incroyable! xoxo

  4. Snort- and there’s my bank! Good ole’ Barclays- right across from Salle Pleyel. Oh gosh, you were all over the ‘hood! And, fun story, the angle from which you took that photo means your bum was pointing exactly at the tiny side street upon which Banoo proposed to me. Hurrah for your awesome photos!

    1. Whaaat?! That’s awesome! Oh man, getting engaged in Paris. Pretty sure that’s the dream of a million women. I loved your neighborhood, seriously. I can’t believe you ever left!

    1. Thanks, Rooth! I’ll be posting Ghent, Bruges, and Brussels next! Once I go through and edit them, that is ;)

  5. The Mona Lisa is weird, everybody trying to crowd around it to get a glimpse but you can’t get anywhere near the thing. It was a bit of an anticlimax for me.

    You’ve some pretty sunburst shots there love. Fab photos.

    Bravo for conqering the Eiffel both of you. I dipped out like a big chicken.

    Fingers tapping for the next instalment :-) xx

  6. Another great set, Erin! How many times can I say “amazing” before it becomes insincere? Well, hopefully never. The photo of the (what seems to be an empty) cafe with the sun peaking through is straight out of a travel magazine! So glad you two conquered your fears and made it up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It really is a spectacular view.
    PS~When we went to the Louvre, my husband took that exact same photo of the clock. It makes for a beautiful shot.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for taking us on a stroll through Paris. I’m shocked at the size of the Mona Lisa as well. I can’t even say what I expected because it’s an image I’ve seen numerous times but never in the appropriate scale. Looking forward to your photos of Ghent!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Do you remember the name of the Brasserie? Is it near the Gare du Nord? It looks familiar, but maybe I’m mistaken. Thanks! :)

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