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In a total deviation from my normal song selections (read: Keane or George Michael), today I’d like to draw your attention to French hip hop duo La Caution, specifically their song, “Thé à la Menthe.” For those of you who’ve seen “Ocean’s Twelve” (aka, one of my favorite movies), this is the instrumental song that plays while the Nightfox moves through the laser field in the Italian museum. “Ocean’s Twelve” gets overlooked so often, but it’s my favorite of the Ocean’s trilogy. That laser dance scene, I’d just like to say, is practically pornographic for me. Vincent Cassel is all nimble and graceful as he weaves in and out and contorts his body all over the floor. That scene is probably the most popular from the film, which if you haven’t seen yet, you need to go buy on DVD or Blu Ray or whatever the kids are watching these days. After talking about it for so long with Lauren and realizing I didn’t own my own copy, I found one still in shrink wrap on Amazon for $.74. There is no end to my bargain-shopping.


I love the beat! Tell me you didn’t play it once and want to put it on repeat. Or was that just me? Man, all the best things are French, aren’t they? Vincent Cassel, this song, macarons, the Eiffel tower, YSL, etc etc etc. What did you think of this song? Kind of something you could work out to, if I actually exercised.

And here’s a picture of Vincent Cassel from the movie for good measure.

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

    1. This might be the greatest comment of all time. My love for you just shot through the roof.

    1. Ha, yes! I watched it on Saturday morning on the couch, too. Apparently we were on the same wavelength, and we have great taste in movies! :)

  1. I don’t even remember the film. I think Ocean 11 was ok, 12 can’t remember, 13, switched off half way through. Not sure why I never took to them.

    Lauren’s comment is great and we’be all ahd to suffer the twitter feeds on this:)

    I can’t wait for you to go to Paris and report back of all your findings. This is the first time you’ve been to Europe since you started blogging right? What fun!!!

    1. That’s generally people’s reactions and I can’t figure out why! These movies are so good. Generally people forget about 12, but it’s not one to be overlooked! It’s really great if you like art heists. Somehow I feel like you do ;)

      Yes, this is my first trip abroad in actually a few years! Three, now that I think about it. Long overdue so I’m even MORE excited than normal! 11 days! xo

  2. I love French hip hop…Well, French rap more specifically. You know what this post is going to lead to, right? I will have to dig up my old French rap and do a post on Musicality Monday (or, maybe I should spare you guys). I went through this phase when I lived in Boston. Right about that time is when I learned/discovered that the French are not the only people who speak the language (i.e., people from Montreal, Morocco, and Haiti also speak French). I know, sheltered life. :)
    I remember loving Ocean’s 11, but I can’t remember 12 or 13. I guess that means I need to heed your advice and re-watch. I DO remember the banter between Cassie Affleck and Scott Caan being hilarious!

    1. I think I just fell in love with you a little bit more. French hip hop is great! Obviously you like MC Solaar, the king of French hip hop, yes? No shame in learning which countries are French speaking. Did you know that Djibouti speaks French? I learned that in a French class in high school when we went through all of the countries where that’s the official language. Pretty nifty, no matter what age you are when you learn it. I want to hear more about your Boston/east coast years, please!

      Yes, definitely check out 12 and 13. The Mormon brothers have the funniest dynamic and dialogue, they crack me up.

  3. I have only seen Ocean’s 11, so have to follow your advice and head over to amazon and get my own copies of Ocean’s 12 and 13…

  4. Love this! I’ve been on a mission to discover more French music over the last several years..I grew up listening to Edith Piaf (whom I’m still obsessed with), but realized that there are TONS of great French artists out there. I’ll be adding this to my play list. I also just succeeded in teaching my 2 year old to say Meri and Bonjour at the appropriate times – small victories that make me smile!:)

  5. Tons of great French artists? Um, no! They are commonly regarded in the UK as having no musical coolness whatsoever. Not as bad as Germans but not far off. Exceptions made for Daft Punk but that was a long time ago now. I mean really, how many cool French bands can you name, in comparison to US & UK ones? The only ‘frap’ song I know and like is the one from S&TC, La Belle et le bad boy’ (see, even their song titles are naff) and that gives me goose pimples cos of that scene in Paris.

    I’ve only seen Ocean’s 11 and had no desire to see any more. thought it was boring. sorry!

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