Like A Picture

Another Thursday, another Like A Picture. I’m loving this series. And speaking of series, thank you for your sweet words on yesterday’s Two of a Kind post. I might not make that a weekly feature, but I do like the idea of making it a recurring series. I sort of enjoy having constraints to work within, and if I’m being honest I really enjoy the thrill of the chase; trying to track down two unknown items that are eerily similar. It’s partly why I  like these Like A Picture posts so much. Finding a beautiful photograph to start with is half the fun, and then searching the internet high and low for a matching blanket and candle is just the icing on the cake. You know me and my internet-squirrel tendencies.

In her post yesterday, Theresa made reference to the “blog hop” that I’m sure we’re all guilty of: clicking on a blog and then another blog and then another and finding something really wonderful along the way. This happened for me a while back, with a tumblr called Veanad, and when I stumbled onto it my jaw dropped. It’s an endlessly scrolling page of amazing, light-filled, photographs of Parisian interiors, beautiful, well-dressed women, stunning cityscapes, and drool-worthy purses and decorative items. I then proceeded to pin almost all of them. The photograph I used for this post came from Veanad, and so did both of this week’s.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

I’m convinced she is actually wearing that blanket and not a shirt, so close are they in texture. I sort of love her sequined bra situation, too, though I’d never be able to pull that off.


1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

I need to find out where this house is and convince whoever lives there to let me take it from them. I’m thinking maybe Monaco? Somewhere drenched in sunlight but not tropical, definitely European.

Oh, and speaking of European, did I mention there are only TEN DAYS (10!!) left until I fly to Brussels?

Two of a Kind

So, I’m pretty sure I’m done packing. With only 11 days to go (11!!!) before THE BEST VACATION OF ALL TIME (caps were extremely necessary), I am done shopping for outfits and accessories and other travel-related necessities. Outlet converters? Bought two. Dual voltage, folding hair dryer? Got it. An outfit for every day with an supplemental layer for warmth? You betcha. I’ve even ironed my trench coat, in a feat that proved super-neurotic, even for me. Train tickets have been purchased (to the tune of $250 for both of us, roundtrip, ouch), hotels are booked, extra memory cards for my camera are packed, credit card companies have been alerted to my travel (lest they assume fraudulent activity and shut off my card overseas like they did on a trip to London a few years ago). Boyfriend has not packed a thing or even thought about it, which boggles my mind and is sending me into a panic. Do you think I could just pack for him to make myself feel better? Or is that crazy? Don’t answer that.

Instead, let’s focus on the similarities between the following items. I’ve done this once before, this Two of a Kind post, though I’m hesitant to make it a regular feature. I already have a set schedule for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and I sort of like having Mondays and Wednesdays open and fair game for whatever I happen to be in the mood for. Though maybe it would be neat to have every day of the week be a particular kind of post? I don’t know. What do you guys think?

1. Oxfords / 2. Necklace / 3.  Stool / 4. Dress

I love those oxfords so much, but I know I’d never wear them. The geometric shapes in that necklace mimic the same color pattern as the shoes, though slightly more angularly (whoa, that’s a real word!). But my favorite piece of all is that yellow stool. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, but I just love how the tan sequined top of that mustard dress matches the raw wood top of the stool. That dress is just stunning, though with my pale visage, mustard yellow might be the most unflattering of color choices. Also, it’s over $4k, so it’s not happening anyway.

What are you guys up to on this rainy Wednesday?

Tuesday Tunes

In a total deviation from my normal song selections (read: Keane or George Michael), today I’d like to draw your attention to French hip hop duo La Caution, specifically their song, “Thé à la Menthe.” For those of you who’ve seen “Ocean’s Twelve” (aka, one of my favorite movies), this is the instrumental song that plays while the Nightfox moves through the laser field in the Italian museum. “Ocean’s Twelve” gets overlooked so often, but it’s my favorite of the Ocean’s trilogy. That laser dance scene, I’d just like to say, is practically pornographic for me. Vincent Cassel is all nimble and graceful as he weaves in and out and contorts his body all over the floor. That scene is probably the most popular from the film, which if you haven’t seen yet, you need to go buy on DVD or Blu Ray or whatever the kids are watching these days. After talking about it for so long with Lauren and realizing I didn’t own my own copy, I found one still in shrink wrap on Amazon for $.74. There is no end to my bargain-shopping.

I love the beat! Tell me you didn’t play it once and want to put it on repeat. Or was that just me? Man, all the best things are French, aren’t they? Vincent Cassel, this song, macarons, the Eiffel tower, YSL, etc etc etc. What did you think of this song? Kind of something you could work out to, if I actually exercised.

And here’s a picture of Vincent Cassel from the movie for good measure.