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Thanks so much for all the support and advice yesterday, kiddos. I know I say all the time how grateful I am for the amazing little community I’ve somehow been lucky enough to foster with this blog, but seriously. I mean it. You guys are the best. I’ve reconciled my decision to not do a weekly music post by deciding to do a monthly music post, or an occasional music post. And maybe an occasional homage to “Careless Whisper.” That might actually be the best song ever.

This trip is feeling more and more real to me. Last night I used google maps to “walk” from the metro in Paris to our hotel, and from our hotel in Brussels to a Lambic brewery where we’ll be taking a tour. I realized that aside from a few main attractions (ahem, visiting LadurĂ©e 5 times a day and seeing the Design Museum in Gent), the entire vacation is open to as much wandering tiny backstreets and lazing in cafes and bars as we feel like. I say that, and then remember I’m traveling with someone who pops awake at 6:30 every morning with more energy than I’ve ever mustered about anything, ever. Oy.

I have two Like a Pictures for you today.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

I love how the stitching on that blanket mimics the square pavers on the sidewalk. The Met has never looked prettier as far as I’m concerned.

1. Blanket / 2. Candle / 3. Picture

Spring time in Sweden. Aren’t those cherry blossoms so soft and beautiful? And the way the light streams through in speckles? Amazing. I’m just noticing now that the perspective of both photos are very similar, but almost reversed. Total coincidence, though I’d like to think I’m that talented.

How is everyone doing this Thursday? I’m heading to lunch with a bunch of coworkers today to enjoy the nice weather we’re finally having. And speaking of weather, because I’ve been checking compulsively, the forecast calls for rain pretty much all the time everywhere we go in Belgium and Paris. Which isn’t making me crazy or anything. Good thing I bought a waterproof trench coat (and ironed it!).

6 thoughts on “Like a Picture

  1. Yikes, do you have waterproof footwear as well? There’s nothing as uncomfortable as walking around in wet shoes

    1. Unfortunately, no! But I am bringing plenty of socks, and I plan on hiding out in cafes and bars until the rain passes if it gets bad ;)

  2. OMG… colour behind the logo.. changes to the menu and now death to tuesday tunes.. Wow, is this the new pre-Paris/Brussels/Gent Erin?

    Are you having a labotamy? Oh no you just had to pay for an E some obscene amount of money.

    Anyway, don’t laugh, when are you going on holiday? Somehow lost track.
    I think the whole of Europe is awash with rain. Off to Berlin with Chi next week and I’m dreading the weather forecast… if there’s rain when I go to the South if France in June I’m emigrating!

    You iron your trench coat? Amazing!!!

  3. Oh, yea, I could stare at both of those photos all day long. I agree, The MET never looked better. Ah, to be there now eating a pretzel on those steps. Have you been watching GG? Lonely boy and Blair share a kiss on those steps.
    Sorry to hear about your weather forecast. It rained the entire two days we were in Venice. So hard that we didn’t get to ride a gondola and cut our stay short. I know you’ll muster through.

  4. The pink blanket looks so fluffy, like cuddling with a cotton candy ;)

    That is so cool that you are taking the tour of the Lambic brewery. I love their framboise (raspberry) beer, it’s so good and with the added fruit it’s totally healthy…ha, ha ;)

    Have a great trip! Looking forward to all your travel stories and pictures!

  5. Oooh this is my favourite yet! I love both of those photos, so pretty! I don’t even know which is my favourite :o) I like the pink blanket, it looks very fluffy!

    LOVE that you iron your trenchcoat. Love even more that you’re freaked out by antique dressers.

    Hey it’s sunny here today so you might be ok, fingers crossed!

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