Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Tina of Colourliving

Well, all good things must come to an end, as they say. Though I don’t know who “they” are and I really think they need to reconsider. Vacation was amazing; I came back more tired than when I left. That’s a good sign, right? While I’m headed back to work today and trying to re-assimilate into normal society (you know, where it’s not acceptable to have a drink any time of day you feel like it, and usually on a canal), Tina of Colourliving has been gracious enough to round out the past week and a half of guest-posts for me. What a relief to not have to come home and worry about a post of my own!

I’m delighted to have been asked by the lovely Erin to guest post on her incomparable blog, while she is swooning around Europe. It is my first guest post and the pressure is on!

The theme is ‘vacation’ and I was thinking how I see vacations in general. I suppose they can be divided into three camps. First off you have the ‘family vacations‘. In my case this means spending 24/7 with my nephew and nieces who I don’t get to see enough as it is as they live abroad. Is this a vacation? Yes, a vacation to give and receive love from little people which is holier than thou to me.

Then we have the ‘total rest and recuperation vacations‘. Oh, boy, do I love these… I have special friends who allow me to come and stay, collapse and just be. They feed me, ferry me around by car, spoil me rotten and let me re-charge my batteries. All I have to do is get on a plane. I love them for it and can never thank them enough for their unconditional love.

Third off we have the ‘inspiration vacations‘. They can be anything from a city break to a beach holiday. The criteria here is to feel inspired in any shape or form, whether it be visually, mentally or spiritually.

For this post I decided to choose the third category, the places I regularly go to for inspiration… this whole post was supposed to be about a trip to Istanbul, but thought it might be more fun to have a little ‘melange’ of some of Tina’s favourite places to visit. And as an homage to Erin, I’ve included Paris.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us, Tina! And thank you for relieving me for an additional day. I was so jet-lagged yesterday (I got up at 6am Belgium time/12am Philadelphia time, landed at 6pm Belgium time/12pm Philadelphia time, but didn’t go to bed until 3am Belgium time/9pm Philadelphia time. Needless to say, I’m wiped) that I don’t think I could have cobbled together something on my own! 

This concludes all the guest posts I had lined up! You girls were amazing. Really. From the bottom of my tiny (macaron-filled) heart. I can’t thank you all enough for stepping up and manning the ship in my absence. It was such a relief not having to worry while I was away. It almost felt like leaving a kid behind! Thank you wonderful ladies for being such great, eloquent, funny, kind, and generous babysitters. Here’s all the links, in case you missed any!

Annie took us to shooting-star filled Patagonia, and through a glacier or two.
Süsk went on a wild Mafia chase in Sicily, won’t be buying stock in Nissan.
Sam got engaged in California! The lucky lass.
Lauren shared a beautiful story from the Mediterranean (and some baby Callum pics).
Theresa island hopped to Oahu with her adorable kiddos.
Chi turned 30 at the Eiffel Tower, won Best Birthday Trip.
Nina trekked all the way to Kauai to learn her native tongue really comes in handy!

Thank you all for sticking around while I was away, and for checking in on these amazing stories. I have tons of stories and photographs of my own to share with you, starting tomorrow and continuing next Monday. I’m home, you guys!

19 thoughts on “Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Tina of Colourliving

  1. Tina, I love the way you parsed out the different types of vacations, although unless it’s with my own sweet family, family vacations aren’t very relaxing. And even with them it can sometimes be less than rejuvenating! But the idea of relaxation vs. inspiration is so true. I tend to be inspired by cities, and exhilarated when I’m there, but I do not come home rested at all. Give me a beach and a bag of books for that!

  2. I just love your interpretation, Tina! Inspiration vacation – what a superb idea! As designers it’s pretty much in our job description, n’est pas? ;)

    Despite the late nights and early starts of our weekend, I feel refreshed, recharged and full of ideas so I guess you could say that ours was an inspiration vacation of sorts.

    You photography is absolutely stunning, too, by the way. x

    P.S. @ Erin: So glad you’re back, kiddo! I’ve missed you so much!!!
    Thanks again for having me. :D xoxo

  3. Hi Erin :) I’m new over here. Hope you are resting properly after a fun vacation. Nice blog!

    Great post Tina. I have to admit, my favourite kinds of vacations are rest and relaxation. P and I are in serious need of one, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be rewarded anytime soon ;) I guess we’ll just have to keep up with our daily r&r moments until then.

    Love your pics!!

  4. Great photos Tina. Is that Milan, the first one? No idea where the others are! Edinburgh?! We could have a sweepstake. Oh and I think you forgot one, activity/adventure holidays! I think all holidays should be inspiration ones, on some level. Family holiday for me this summer, my first with the kiddies.

    Welcome back lovely Erin I’ve missed you soooo much! I’m going to Paris next weekend. What a shame we couldn’t sort that out better, not for want of trying of course.

    So glad you had a wonderful time, can’t wait to read all about it! xx

  5. Welcome back Erin lovely. That jetlag is a bummer hey. I always find it worse coming back than going forward. That spongey feeling is quite cool though, just like going under when having an operation. Shame you and Annie did not get to meet and do romantic girly stuff together. Annie I’m well Jel for your trip.

    Anyway, I digress…. Tina, fab shots lovely, but I’m sorry I only know the Edinburgh photos (well and the Paris one), but I’m amazed you managed to get Edinburgh when the sun was shining. Did you book that specially?!

    I can see why you have split out the vacations, although in truth, mine don’t seem to happen like that, they are all three rolled into one.

    See you later x

  6. Welcome back Erin!

    Love the way you have split the types of holiday Tina, I’m a total sucker for inspiring city breaks :)

    I’ve spotted Milan, Rome, Edinburgh and Paris, not sure about the Marina, but it looks gorgeous x

    1. Oh, very good. Erin forgot to load one photo, which would have been another give away… the Marina is harder to guess… well done Kelly x

      1. Woops! Don’t know how that one didn’t make it in. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out! Clearly my brain hasn’t recovered from the jet-lag xo

  7. Tina, great post and photos. Great idea to show us a handful of your favorite holiday spots. I love looking at each photo and imagining you there. Inspirational, indeed!

    Welcome home, Erin!! We’ve missed you so. Thanks for letting each of us have a turn at taking over your blog. We took real good care of her. I still can’t believe you sneaked in commenting during your trip and a tweet! I cannot wait for you to do your own holiday post now.


  8. Tina, I love your photos! I’m guessing that the marina is in Spain but just because you already included Italy with the picture of St. Peter’s Basilica. After everybody’s vacation stories I want to pack my bags and hop on the next flight and go on vacation.

    Erin, Welcome back! Looking forward to your vacation stories!

  9. Whatever type of vacation it has to be an inspiration!

    Thanks for the interesting post Tina & for the brilliant photos as usual and thanks for introducing me to Erin’s blog, look forward to reading more of it. Love the header!

  10. Wonderful interpretation of different vacations Tina & lovely photos! Thank you also for introducing me to Erin (Hi Erin!) I look forward to popping back and seeing more of this lovely blog x

    1. Right… reveal of pics..

      Pic 1&2 Milan
      Pic 3&4 Rome
      Pic 5&6 Amsterdam
      Pic 7&8 The South of France (Villefranche and Antibes)
      Pic 9&10 Edinburgh
      Pic 11&12 Paris (which really has been superseded by Berlin these days)

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