Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Theresa of InspirationCooperative

Bruges is a lot like Ghent, only bigger and not everyone speaks Flemish. It’s a lot more tourist-filled, as well. Today’s agenda includes a canal boat tour, where I’ll be trying not to turn green. We’re hoping to take advantage of the full kitchen in our rental and cook dinner at home tonight, we’ll see! I’m happy to have Theresa of InspirationCooperative here filling in for me today to kick off the weekend. Here we go…

Before we had children, my favorite holiday was the one my husband and I (and two of our good friends) took to Europe. We landed in London, then traveled by train to Paris, Venice, Florence, and, finally, Rome. As soon as (and I do mean “as soon as”) the kids are old enough, I really want to return to Europe, adding a few new cities. I think it would be such a great adventure with the kids. Plus, I can’t wait to embark on city-exploring vacations again.

Now that we have children, my favorite holiday is our annual trip to Hawaii. We stay at a resort in Oahu and basically never leave. The first day we arrive, we make our one trip to the grocery store and then settle in for a week of pure relaxation, or as relaxing as it can be with children. My favorite part of this holiday is the fact that we have no agenda, no schedule other than to get up each morning, slather on sunscreen, go down to the pool/beach, order a shaved ice, and simply enjoy life…Slow style. One thing you will quickly notice in Hawaii is that the culture’s motto is the slow life. In fact, if you’re ever running late, we often joke that you must be on Hawaii time. [smile]

The one exception we make to the “no schedule” holiday is the one day excursion we take outside of the resort. We usually trek into the city (Waikiki) for a little shopping and Waiola’s shaved ice. Note: Not a snow cone, but shaved ice. Imagine eating freshly fallen snow with flavors such as pina colada, melona (melon), and banana. We have also taken the kids to the zoo and traveled in the opposite direction to the North Shore where you can watch surfers tackle epic waves (30 feet or higher!). Out on the North Shore, we keep our eye open for a little ramble shack across the street that makes the best acai bowls consisting of generous layers of vanilla yogurt, granola, honey, and acai berries (widely known for their amazing antioxidants). Surfers flock to this shack after a day of surfing and it’s easy to understand why.

I could certainly go on about the amazingness that is Hawaii, but I’ll stop there. If you ever get the chance to go, I can’t recommend it enough. Prepare to let all your stress wash away.

Well, Erin, thank you so much for having me here today. I enjoyed sharing my favorite vacation with everyone. Speaking of which, I am thinking about you on your own vacation, hoping you’re having the most amazing time in Europe and can’t wait to hear all about it when you return.

Who’s ready for an island vacation? After this trip, no agenda and no schedule sound super relaxing! Aren’t Theresa’s kids the cutest? Thank you, Theresa! Have a great weekend everyone, but be sure to check back on Monday for another guest-post!

10 thoughts on “Guest Post! My Favorite Vacation: Theresa of InspirationCooperative

  1. I can’t get enough of Eames! She really is the cutest thing ever. I just want to jump on a plane to SoCal just to give her a squeese :)

    I’ve been to Hawaii and I absolutely loved it, you’re so right. We stayed at the north shore for a couple of days and then hopped over to Kauai which is just the most beautiful place. And all the hotels are totally stuck in the 1960s but in a really nice way. All bamboo and Tiki and mexican food everywhere. And oh, cocktails! I think Hawaii is a really special place. I love the Japanese temple there.

    I really want to go there now! :(

  2. You have two gorgeous children and hey we can see a little piccie of you too… lovely!

    Wow, you go there every year?! I’ve never been to Hawaii but it is on my list of places to go, the last time it came to mind was when I saw the rather weak but visually satisfying Forgetting Sarah Marshall starring the lovely Russell Brand. The Island looked fabulous too I might add!

    Thanks for sharing your holiday story and photos Theresa and have a nice weekend x

  3. Thanks everyone, and Erin for having me!

    @ANNIE Thanks, Annie! Sometimes I want to squeeze her too, but for other reasons. ;) See what she did there? I asked her to smile nicely and she closed her eyes and made a funny face. #terribletwos!

    @TERI It really is the best vacation. Thanks, T!

    @SAM Ah, Forgetting Sarah Marshall…They filmed that movie at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, which is an ah-mazing resort. It’s near those epic waves I mention above.

  4. Sounds lovely Theresa! Love the pics! You all look so relaxed. Never been to Hawaii but it’s def. on my must-see list. Oh, and that description of shaved ice literally has my mouth watering, thanks for that :)

  5. Oh, wonderful vacation. My very favorite kind! It reminds me of the kinds of vacations I had growing up. We always traveled to the southeast coast (Hi, Charleston!!), stayed in a hotel with a kitchenette, and spent long lazy days at the beach. Each trip we’d take one day (or so) and head into the city, but always head back in time for a afternoon swim in the Atlantic. It’s SO different now. Neel’s such not a beachy guy, but Cal and I head out a couple times a week all summer, just the two of us (or he brings a friend). Same but different. Your trip took me right back, T! What wonderful memories you’re making for your kids!

  6. Hello from Berlin. We are exhausted but happy and we ‘re staying in a glorious apartment within an amazing hotel. The roof terrace on the 6 th floor is like out of a movie and my bed matress is inset into the floor. Funky or what?

    Back to Hawaii and those delightfully gorgeous kids of yours. It sounds idyllic and I’m sure that after totally looking after small children, a holiday like that is high on the agenda. You know how much I’m into slow living….

    I don’t do it enough these days but used to rent villas in Tuscany or Nice or St.Tropez and just literally stock up on food. We would then stay in the villa with swimming pool for an entire week and only leave to go on some short walks.

    You look lovely in that photograph, all gracious and elegant in your posture.
    Your kids are officially the cutest!,,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely yearly ritual. Can’t wait for you to come to Europe….

  7. Oh, I love Hawaii! I’ve been to Oahu, Maui and Kauai so far and would love to go back as soon as possible. Too bad it’s so far away from the East Coast. You guys from California are better off because you can get there much faster…

  8. Gosh, I am embarrassingly late to the party but better late, as they say ………. ;)

    I have always, ALWAYS wanted to go to Hawaii! In fact, we very nearly chose it as our honeymoon destination. I think hurricane season was the deal breaker for us … :(

    You family holiday sounds absolutely blissful – what an evocate post! I could almost feel the waves lapping at my feet. :)

    Oh, and your kids just broke the cute – o – meter.
    Again. :D xoxo

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